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Judicial Watch • Lerner email malfunction IRS emails

Lerner email malfunction IRS emails

Lerner email malfunction IRS emails

Page 1: Lerner email malfunction IRS emails

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Date Created:October 29, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 09, 2015

Tags:007091, audits, Chuck, Bloomberg, BABCOCK, evidence, grant, Lerner, IRS

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Lerner Lois
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 8:54
Williams Grant; Kindell Judith
Lemons Terry Eldridge Michelle
Re: Update: Bloomberg and non-c-3 groups computer crashed yesterday and Blackberry doesnt work office just saw this. Unfortunately, tied until least and because Blackberry truncates, cant see bottom email. From what can see --work plan was
made public Dec. always when work plan, built around the resources have and anticipate for the
year. seems think resources are separate from projects. That the point developing work plan --how best
allocate the resources have. So, have staff 100 audits, you wouldnt see increase the audits --we
would divide them out internally according what want look at. Also, often use the ROO initial research
Before starting audits --they dont touch taxpayers, but can look publicly available info about orgs. Hope this useful. need talk when get out here? 1111
Lois Lerner-------------------------Sent from BlackBerry Wireless Handheld
From: Williams Grant
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2011 07:14
To: Lerner Lois Kindell Judith
Cc: Lemons Terry Eldridge Michelle
Subject: Update: Bloomberg and non -c-3 groups everyone,
Chuck Babcock Bloomberg wrote this (Monday) afternoon and said that tomorr may the last chance for respond his questions its the first time hes referred deadline. followed later thanking for sticking
with him through his inquiries.
Below Ill paste the key parts his most recent messa ges (which you havent seen); youll get idea what
focusing what may the end his reporting efforts. Please let know how youd like handle his questions.
One about the date the current ork Plan; believe was released the public December 2010? down below Ill paste -mail message Mr. Babcock which Ive drafted but not yet sent that based the
material that Judy provided the other day. you give final go-ahead, Ill send Mr. Babcock tomorrow
(Tuesday) morning.
Meanwhile, combing through all his questions date see Ive missed anything that should re-bring your
attention. told Mr. Babcock that call him tomorrow touch base and Ill let you know ight away what says.
Thank you,
Grant illiams
IRS National Media Relations
(202) 622-4000
--- progress any newest questions? and
what btw the date the directors 2011 work plan
that mentions are increasing our focus 501c4,5 and
org? asked about manpower for that. more bottom line, what
evidence can you cite show you are doing what the director
said. specifics such audits have increased from
what? Checking back progress queries. Like date the 2011 work plan and evidence the irs focusing more including political activity. Thanks. Any news today? Running out time. Tomorrow [Tuesday the 14th] may last chance. Particularly need answers
evidence you can cite that folks taking closer look 501cs work plan said, and whether any has ever
had exemption revoked for politicial activity. so, would like details course thanks again for sticking with this. DRAFT MESSAGE MR. BABCOCK (that Ill send him when you give the green light): Chuck,
Ill give you call soon today touch base, Chuck.
Grant illiams
IRS National Media Relations
(202) 622-4000