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Judicial Watch • Linda R Reade Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Linda R Reade Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Linda R Reade Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Page 1: Linda R Reade Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:26

Date Created:October 30, 2008

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Linda R Reade, Reade, Linda, 2007, INVESTMENTS, EPA, transactions, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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AMENDMiW,Required the EthicJ Government Act of19'18 
f?ev. 112008 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2007 U.S.C. app.  10/.1/ rer!ott l!eportln11 (last name, first. middle initial) Court Ori:anlzatlon Date Report Rcadi:, Linr >'U!u!; Report Type (check i!ppropritc type) Reporting Period 
magi5tratc judges indicate f11ll po.1Nirnc) Nominmion, Dole Ol/Ol/2007
U.S. District Judge -Active
lnithJ Aununl Finni 12131/2007 Sb. Amended Rc;port Chambers Office Address the bob the lnforllllllion eonblned !hii Report and lY modlflctlon pcrlaininJl lhcn:lo, 111, ill Illy opinion, compllance wllh ppllcb!o lw und CJlulutluns.
U.S. Courthou:;c )01 St. Ste. 304 Ce porl/0110/t/11 roporting Y""' cmrtplct thu section.
(Dnllar amo1ml no/ required c.tccpl for lto1torar/t1.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 

Bradshaw Fowler Proctor Fuirgrnv1;, PC wages  ColumM nd DJ) 50.001 -$500,0)()  0-$0or fulin1lial  

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -irtCORIC, ""'"' twuactloNS (lnc/ud,$ thnu o/>pollU dlpndcnf c!iildrcn; >Upp. 3Mi0 offiliftg inxtuction>:.) NONE (No reportable income. assets, transactions) II. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -/llW/111!, va/iu, lransactimu (lm:IMd' tluW! 9po1m aml depcrrdent drildrui; pp. J 
rqx1rting period 
f'ncludina; truJ; :.S!lCt Code 
huy, Cl!, 
div., runt.. Code 
exempt from prior disclosure 
Day int.) 
103. Fi1nn Adair Co,

104.  -Fmm Adair Co,  Rent  
105.  Farm Adair Co,  
106.  -Farm Adums Co,  Rent  
107.  form Adams Co,  Rent  
108.  -Funn Adams Co,  Rent 13.  Royalty lntcrc6t, Bowman County, North  Royalty  
114.  Liberty 811nshnrcs lnc(Appruisal Z/3 /07)  S-corp inc
115. Dividend 

116. Interest 
117.  Ben Con Properties LLC  None  
ll8.  Twnc View AparuncnLS, LTD  Distribution  
119.  Interest frx:;ffi G1tin CodtJ; SJ ,000 0l (Soo Column C2) Dook Voluo  
Income durin.11  Gro:s> Vl11uc cud  Tranocllani Jlll'irtg reporting period  
rcporring period  rcporllng p.lriod  
(I)  [2)  (I)  (2)  (I)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  
Amount  Type (e.g.,  V:Juc  Value  Type (e.g.,  J)tc  Value  Gain  ldt;-of  
Code  div. rcn  Code  Method  buy, sell,  Month  Code  Code  buyer/seller  
(AH)  orinq  (J.P)  Code  redemption)  Dny  (J-r)  (AH)  (if privntc  
(Q-W)  tmns11etion) 
lnt./Div. Sl,001 .500 SI00,0-01 -Sl,000,000 1 >,001 -S50,000 -100.001  ,000,000 =W6t (RI !Ale 01!Y) OlhcT 
dbsolvcd Sl,501  SMOO S 1,000,001 -SS,000,0W LSS!l,OOl SIUU,000 Sl,000,001  Sl,uuu,ooo 'p4 'DMOr'C trum SU,000,000 a/;1!