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Judicial Watch • March 6 1017 Grassley letter FBI Steele

March 6 1017 Grassley letter FBI Steele

March 6 1017 Grassley letter FBI Steele

Page 1: March 6 1017 Grassley letter FBI Steele


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Date Created:March 6, 2017

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March 2017
The Honorable James Comey, Jr.
Federal Bureau Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, 20535
Dear Director Comey: February 28, 2017, the Washington Post reported that the FBI reached agreement few
weeks before the Presidential election pay the author the unsubstantiated dossier alleging
conspiracy between President Trump and the Russians, Christopher Steele, continue investigating
Mr. Trump.1 The article claimed that the FBI was aware Mr. Steele was creating these memos part work for opposition research firm connected Hillary Clinton. The idea that the FBI and
associates the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele investigate the Republican nominee for
President the run-up the election raises further questions about the FBI independence from
politics, well the Obama administration use law enforcement and intelligence agencies for
political ends. additionally troubling that the FBI reportedly agreed such arrangement given
that, January 2017, then-Director Clapper issued statement stating that the has not made any
judgment that the information this document reliable, and did not rely upon any way for
our conclusions. According the Washington Post, the FBI arrangement with Mr. Steele fell
through when the media published his dossier and revealed his identity.
The Committee requires additional information evaluate this situation. Please provide the
following information and respond these questions March 20, 2017. Please also schedule
briefing that date FBI personnel with knowledge these issues. All FBI records relating the agreement with Mr. Steele regarding his investigation
President Trump and his associates, including the agreement itself, all drafts, all internal FBI
Tom Hamburger and Rosalind Helderman, FBI Once Planned Pay Former British Spy Who Authored Controversial
Trump Dossier, THE WASHINGTON POST (Feb. 28, 2017).
Director Comey
March 2017
communications about the agreement, all FBI communications with Mr. Steele about the
agreement, all FBI requests for authorization for the agreement, and all records documenting
the approval the agreement. All records, including 302s, any FBI meetings interviews with Mr. Steele. All FBI policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable when the FBI seeks fund
investigator associated with political opposition research firm connected political
candidate, with any outside entity. All FBI records relating agreements and payments made Mr. Steele connection with
any other investigations, including the reported agreements relating his investigation
FIFA. Were any other government officials outside the FBI involved discussing authorizing
the agreement with Mr. Steele, including anyone from the Department Justice the Obama
White House? so, please explain who was involved and provide all related records. How did the FBI first obtain Mr. Steele Trump investigation memos? Has the FBI obtained
additional memos from this same source that were not published Buzzfeed? so, please
provide copies. Has the FBI created, contributed the creation of, any documents based otherwise
referencing these memos the information the memos? so, please provide copies all
such documents and, where necessary, clarify which portions are based related the
memos. Has the FBI verified corroborated any the allegations made the memos? Were any
allegations other information from the memo included any documents created the FBI, which the FBI helped create, without having been independently verified corroborated the FBI beforehand? so, why? Has the FBI relied otherwise referenced the memos any information the memos
seeking FISA warrant, other search warrant, any other judicial process? Did the FBI rely otherwise reference the memos relation any National Security Letters? so, please
include copies all relevant applications and other documents.
10. Who decided include the memos the briefings received Presidents Obama and Trump?
What was the basis for that decision?
11. Did the agreement with Mr. Steele ever enter into force? so, for how long? did not, why
12. You have previously stated that you will not comment pending investigations, including
confirming denying whether they exist. You have also acknowledged that statements about
closed investigations are separate matter, sometimes warranting disclosures public
Director Comey
March 2017
comment. Given the inflammatory nature the allegations Mr. Steele dossier, the FBI undertaking has undertaken any investigation the claims, will you please inform the
Committee the conclusion any such investigations what information the
investigations discovered and what conclusions the FBI reached? Simply put, when allegations
like these are put into the public domain prior any FBI assessment their reliability, then
subsequent FBI investigation the allegations finds them false, unsupported, unreliable, the
FBI should make those rebuttals public. anticipate that your responses these questions may contain both classified and unclassified
information. Please send all unclassified material directly the Committee. keeping with the
requirements Executive Order 13526, any the responsive documents contain classified
information, please segregate all unclassified material within the classified documents, provide all
unclassified information directly the Committee, and provide classified addendum the Office
Senate Security. Although the Committee complies with all laws and regulations governing the
handling classified information, not bound, absent its prior agreement, any handling
restrictions instructions unclassified information unilaterally asserted the Executive Branch.
Thank you for your prompt attention this important matter. you have any questions,
please contact Patrick Davis Committee staff (202) 224-5225.
Charles Grassley
Committee the Judiciary
The Honorable Diane Feinstein
Ranking Member
Senate Committee the Judiciary