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Judicial Watch • Mateen FOIA request

Mateen FOIA request

Mateen FOIA request

Page 1: Mateen FOIA request


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:June 13, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 22, 2016

Tags:ymdtccosmf, ykmdn, wuwmrmre, wgmnng, uppmz, unmecmdin, ummvmmcau, ummiy, Mateen, request, FOIA

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Judicial Watch
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FDAL sub-agenda, A113 and all mom ummvmmcau hem 1111511131101 FDACS
Hangman 1nd mam chnl Bureau 1311511111.
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211119 :1: lax-mm 11m. 11.- K1- 121 mam: ;1, 4051mm, 11-11215, unmecmdin zmd procu wuwmrmre:
10m charackcn-sws mam-r1:1:! hams? the 1mn:4.1: 121101
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recs, 1:13 pm. immcc win ,.}agcrtcy 11911111121
rim: ems, 111: Flor prouumc reads 1mm
and Jclckc 11K: recmd the
,458 2:111:75 1075 11214) HIS (WX 1g11 111: gnaw
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