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Judicial Watch • Matthew F Kennelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Matthew F Kennelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Matthew F Kennelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Matthew F Kennelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:ofthe, Matthew F Kennelly, gifts, provisions, Appraisal, 2003, EPA, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, Judge

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Calendar Year 2003 (Su.s.c. app. lOt-111) Date ofltq>ort 
1tmoelly, Mdblnr Pcnon RqJorting (Liil mme. Pintmanc, Midclle ini1ial) 
3/31/l004 Title (AttiaJc mJudga iodic:$--ar-... mms; R.epartTypc c:boc:k lppopiiatetype) RqiortiDgPeriod 
magilllmtejllllp indicate fiall.. Cll"plllt-time) 

Date NomiDllitao. 
Uaad-DilllriJuclp lnitil1 QFiml 
12f.UJ2i003 Olllmbcn QI" omoe Addrea On1he bail ofthe informatioll c:oalaimd tis Report 11111 moclifiCllioas pertaining thenlto, is, opinion, cmiptiancc 
United s.... Dilllrillt C.aart 
with mpplicable laws and regulatioaa. 
219 South Dllltlam 

CliclF. Illbm '604 
IMPOllTANTNOTEI: Tlllimltiii6utbiabnnat be"8owed. CaqilllD .Upn. dmiagthe NONEbodr-=b.pmt -..ymhaw uonpamble 1111JMIJ1181. POSmONS. (Repartingoaty.-pp. 9-13 arfiliug> NONE'. -(No:.....-> 
.1. Lawym aub afaiiclgo  .,.. 

II. AGREEMENTS. (RapartingiDdividmlcmiy.-pp. 1+16 affilins imlrudians) 
l!tJ NONE -(Nonpartalie ........-.>


ID. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME.(Reponing individual midspoute; aee pp. i1-24 filiagins1ructiam> Filer's Non-llnieltment lncom NONE -(Noreportablenan-Dnalmmtincome.) 
(yoin,aat ....... Spoue'1 Non-i.natment Jncom6f)'UU 'tlla'e manied during mypmtiao oftbe niporting ,_-, p1ew comp1ate this IOClion. c1ou.r amDUa1 not requind Clllellt for honlnria) NONE -(Nonpmta111e......miilllM4iacame.) 2003 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS-tnmlportltion, food. 
(Jnclads1blllCto lpOlllC midclepcadad c:Dildrm. Soepp. 2S-27 fl) NONE -(Nosudlreportable reiniJurlmms.> 	GIFTS. {1Dcludesbto1pou11nndc:hildrai. Secpp.28-31 ofimlructions.) (No IUCh nportable gifts.) NONE 
DESCRIP11QN Haaanrymwulalbip(.ftldiad .... $715 

VI. IJABILITIES. (Im:ludcsa..e arlpOW wt..,......., cbiJchn. Seepp. 32-34 otinmudiuia.) li1 NONE -