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Judicial Watch • Maurice S Hicks Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Maurice S Hicks Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Maurice S Hicks Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Maurice S Hicks Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Maurice S Hicks Jr, professional, Dividends, hicks, Maurice, stock, 2003, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Hcport Requnred the Ethics Government Act 1978Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C.  101-111) 
Hicks, Jr., Maurice 	Title (Article Ill Judges indicate :ctive senior status; m:igistrntejudgcs indicate full-or part-time) 
U.S. District Judge -Active Chambers Office Address 
U.S. Comthouse 300 Fannin St., Suite 5101 Shreveport, JOI 
U.S. District -Vestern La. 
9/10/2004 RcportType (check 0,001-Sl,OOll,OOO Sl,000.00!-SS,OOll,OOf. More than S,000,LIOU 
(See C:ilunms auJ D3l uov less $15,00-$50.000  $50,flOJ-SHIG,00(1  $100,00l-$25l:.00(! $2.SC,OUO-SS',;.1,orm S50iJ,8lll -'.i.! ,000,000 
p.; SMore 1han $50, IJOO, [)[)(1 Coe: IRerrl Es:me Oaly1 -/aiue ::.::Omer of3 
Hicks, Jr., Maurice 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transcMions (includes !hose the spouse ancf  .;'.:.:. 
...  ..... 
-.,-, -- 1  
Name Person Reporting 
Oat: Report 
Hicks, Jr., Maurice 
III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting individual and spouse; see pp. 17-24 filing instructions) File1r's Non-Investment Inii.ome NONE -(No reportable mm-investment income.) 
{yours,  spouse's) 2003 Business Income -S. Maurice Hicks, Jr. Professional Law Corporafon 198970 Spouse's Non-Investment -(lfyou were married rgan Keegan Brokelmg,eAa::t
Hibei nia National Bank Stock 
Youtllstrcam Media Stock 
RenuLIProperty #1, Ruston. 
lRAjHJiibemia Corp Stock 
lRAj DGAGX Mutual Flllld
lRAj FMAGX Mutual Fund
lRAj Hibernia Cash Reserve Fiund
lRAl2 C.D. 
IRA; C.D. Interest 
None  Dividend  Interest  sell  var  Interest  Interest  

16.  Law1Corp Profit Sharing Pl111  lnterest  ROLLO R-IRA  12101  
1.1.  Sun!.fie rosystems Stock  None  
I.  BEA ,stems StockSy  None lncome/Gain Codes:  =SJ ,000 les. s1,001-s::,soo $2,501-SS,000 $5.00J-S!5,00D $15,00l-$5u,liW  
(Sc Coiumns ;uul D4) $50,00l-S !Of!,000 $1()(1,00J-Sl,000,00() ,00(1,ll0l S5J100,000 =More tlmn $5,000,0:iO Yalu C'odes: S:15,00C1 less  .:: S15.DOl-S50iOOC1 $50,00J-$100,000 $100,00i-S:25l',OGO  
(See Coiutmus  nnd D3) S25U.1[13( .$50.>,U'.)(l  .::::. S50U,(l(l 1-$1 OtWJHiO $1.000.00JS5,000,(l00 =$5.0U0,001-$25,000,00[1  
F?. S25,%'.J,0Dl-$50_00G.ODO  1'4  =$More tium $:50,000,000  .1ppraist.I  

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, 'lllue, trantcnlions (includes thllse the spouse and dependent cluldn:n. See pp. 34.57 offiling iustn1Clio11s.) 
Income during Gross wlue end Tmnsactious during reporting period 

IDesc:ription Assets 
fincluding trust assets) reponing period reporting period not exempt disclosure
(1) (2) (I) (2) (1) 
(2) (3) (5)
F'laa: "(X)" after each asset exeimpt Amount Type Value Value Type (e.g. Date:
(e.g. Value 
rom prior disc!OSUR 
.div. rent. 
Gain Identity Code2 Method buy, sell, MonthCode Code2 Code buyer/seller 
(A-H) int) {JP) Code3 merger, Day (if private (J-P)
redemption) transaction) 
19.  Primedia Inc. Stock  None  (Q-W)  
20.  Relia1,t Resources Stock  Dividend  
21.  Nichc1las Applegate Fund  None  
22.  First'.rru1;t Value Line Div Fund  Dividend  

VAC Federal Credit Union Interest buy 09/08 
24.  AcceriS Inte rated Technologies  Dividends  buy  11/13  
25.  Barks dal1e Federal Credit Union  Interest  
26.  RedF'.. ivc:r Syndicate  Dividends  
27.  IRAi11 Energys:>uth Inc. Commo  Dividends  Buy  09/09  

IRAt11 Nextel Communications C'ommon Dividends Buy 10/03 

IRA11 :Seagate Teclnology crn1mon Dividends Buy 10129 

30.  IRA#II Hank America Comn:10n  Dividends  Buy  11/03  
31.  IRA#11 Capital Automotive REliT Common  Dividends  Buy  11103 

32.  IRAI Coach Inc. Common  Dividends  Buy  11/03  
33.  IRAjH Hnergymuth Common  Dividends  Buy  11113  
34.  IRAIH Martin Midstream Partn,CI 'SLID  Dividend  Buy  12104  

35. IRAIH Powe Integrations Comm ,on Dividend Buy 12116 'Jannc:y, Montganeiy Scott Account Interest l11come/Gain Codes: Sl,OOD 1lr l.s.:; S!,OOl-S2,SOD  S:!,501-$5,0:lO  =15,0:lJ-SlS,000 5,00i-$50,000  
(See Columns and D4) $50Jl0!-$HJ0,00tl SJOO,OClJ-$1,000,0(10 S:1.000,001-S5,000,000 lvlore than $5,000,00G Vulu Cod-s: Sl5_,0DC ks: S,OfJJ-S50,000   S5LOU!-S10il,OOO  =IOO,Ofl-$250_00tl  
(See CoiW1111s a:id D3)  ;;;:: S25G.ODO-S50:!00   500,00l-$UJ0[!,00(  "Sl.OOiJ.llOJ-S5,000.000  "2-5,000,00i-$5,0ll!l,OOi Slvior" tlim1 S5c[l(lv,0U(J  

VII. INVESTlIBNTS and TRUSTS -income, -alue, tnmscalions (includes those the spouse and dependent d1ildrcn. See pp. 34-57 Iilingi11stmctions.) Income during Gross "alue end 
Transactions during repoJting period Description Assets 
reponiog pcriOd reporting period (incllllding trust assets) not exempt from disclosure 
(I) (2) (I)