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Judicial Watch • Maxine M Chesney Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Maxine M Chesney Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Maxine M Chesney Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Page 1: Maxine M Chesney Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:January 5, 2006

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:MAXINE, chesney, Maxine M Chesney, mutual, stock, 2004, Market, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Report Required _by the Ethics 
A0-10 Government Act 1978
Rev. tn004 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2004 U.S.C. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (Last name, First n3me, Middle initial) ... Court Organization Date Report  
qIBsNEY, MAXINE  U.S. District CtJNo.Dist.Cal  4125/2005 Title (Article Judges indicate active senior status; ReportType (check appropriate type) Reporting Period  
magistrate judges indicate full-or part-time} Nomination. Date  11112004  
Active -U.S. District Judge Initial @Annual Frnal 12/3112004 Chambers Office Address the basis the information contained this Report and any  
U.S. District Court  modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  
450 Golden Gate Avenue  
San Francisco, 94102  Reviewing Officer  

IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this fonn must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have reportable information. Sign last page. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual only; sec pp. 9-13 offiling instructions) 
 NONE -(No reportable positions.) 
JI. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 14-16 filing instructions} NONE -(No reportable agreements;) 
02126193 	With SFCity Cty. Employees' Retirement System for pension payable monthly until death, based former employment with SFDist.Atty. Currently $966/mo. 
o:r orting period not exeiqit fu>m disclosun: (3) (4) (S) Date: Value Gain Identity Month Code2 Code buyer/sellerDay (J-P) (if private traosaclion)  
37.  Bond -Montclair Redev Agy Utterest  
38.  Mutual Fund -Nuvecn Dvd Adv Muni Dividend  
39.  Money Market Fund -Alliance Capital Reserve httcrest  Closed  10/13 41.  Money Market Fund -M.L Stem Tax Free Bond -Golden State Redcv Agy htterest htterest  
42.  Bond -Cudahy Redcv Agy htterest  ..... ,,  
43.  Bond -Kem Healthcard Dist Interest  
44.  Bond -Bell Comnty Redev Agy Tax Interest  
45.  Bond -Muroc UnifSch Dist Interest  
46.  Common Stock -Abbot i..abs Dividend  Buy  1/9  
47.  Common Stock -Horne Depot Dividend  
48. 49. so. 51. 52. 53. 54.  Common Stock -Microsoft Bond -CA Edi Faes Bond -Woodland Commty Faes Bond -Yuba City Redev Agy Common Stock -Autozone Common Stock -Reading Int'! Money Market Fund -Hoefer Arnett -General MnyMkt Dividend Interest None Interest None None Dividend  Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Open  5/10 10/12 8/17 10/26 12131 10/15 lucome/Gain Codes: Sl,000 less   $1,001-$2,SOO $2,SOl-SS.000  =SS,001-$15,000 $15,001-SSO,OOO  
(See Colun_ms a11d 04) SS0,001-$100,000 $100,001-Sl,OOO,OOO $1,000,001-$5,000,000 More than $5,000,000 Value Codes:  =SIS,000 less   =$1S,001-$SO,OOO SS0,001-$100,000 S100,001-S2SO,OOO  
(See Co!W1111S and 03) S2SO,OOO-$S00,000 $500,001-$1,000,000  =$1,000,001-SS,000,000 SS,000,001-$25,000,000 S2S,000,001-$SO,OOO,OOO SMore than $50,000,000 Value Method Codes  =Appraisal  =Cost (Real Estate Only) Assessment Casb1Market  
(See Colwnn C2)  =Book Value  =Other  =Estimated  

FlNANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page  Name Person Reporting CHESNEY, MAXINE  Date Report 412S/2005  

Vll. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income. va1ue. transcations cmc1udes those the spouse arut dependent children. See pp. 34-s1 filing instructions.> 
Income during Gross value end 
Transactions during reporting period 
Description Assets 
reporting period (mcluding uust assets) Ifnot exempt ftom 
(1) (2) (1) (2) 
Place "(X)" after each asset exempt fiom prior disclosure 
SS. Common Stock -Washington Mutual 
U.S. Treasury Securities 
IDcome!Gain Codes: Sl,000 less 
(See ColllIIDIS and D4) =SS0,001-$100,000 
Value Codes: =SlS,000 orless 

(See ColllIIDIS and DJ) $2SO,OOO-SS00,000 S2S,000,001-$50,000,000 
Value Melhod Codes =Appraisal 
(See ColUDDI C2) Book Value $1,001-$2,500 $100,001-$1.000,000 $15,001-$50,000 SS00,001-$1,000,000 Cost (Real Estate Only) =Other 
Type (e.g. buy, sell,  Date: Month- Value Code2  
merger, redcrqition)  Day  (1-P)  
Buy  119  
Buy  12128 =SS,001-$15,000 Gain Identity Codcl buyer/seller (A-H) (if private 
transaction) =SIS,001-SSO,OOO 
Codel (A-H) 
Type (e.g. 
div. rent int.) 
Value Code2 (1-P)  Value Method Code3 (Q-W) =$2,SOl-SS,000 $1,000,001-SS,000,000 More than SS,000,000 SS0,001-$100,000 $100,001-$250,000  =$!,000,001-$5,000,000 =SS,000,001-$2S,000,000 SMore than SS0,000,000  =Assessment Casb/M:uket  =Estimated 'ANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT  NameofPersonReporting  Date Report  
CHESNEY, MAXINE  412512005  

,.i certify that all information given al:!ove (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief: and that any information not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory provisions permitting non-disclosure.