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Judicial Watch • Memorandum of Understanding_Columbus

Memorandum of Understanding_Columbus

Memorandum of Understanding_Columbus

Page 1: Memorandum of Understanding_Columbus


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Date Created:February 14, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:efforts, uaigsf, Requirements, Engage, Coordinator, Coleman, mayors, REGIONAL, award, illegal, local, mayor, Columbus, ICE, CIA

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 	Overview: United Against Illegal Guns Support Fund (UAIGSF) has selected the City Columbus one several cities receive funding hire "Regional Coordinator." This fonding provided recognition Mayor Coleman's commitment combating illegal guns Columbus, the state, the region, and the national level through the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition. The Coordinator will work under the direction the Mayor's office and help advance the Mayor's agenda reduce gw1 crime and gun trafficking. The Coordinator will also serve point contact the national Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition and act liaison local and regional elected officials and other key stakeholders. 
Regional Coordinator responsibilities: part the Mayor's ongoing efforts combat 
illegal guns, the Regional Coordinator will continue play integral role the 
coordination and planning initiatives, events, and media opportunities. Under the terms 
this award, the Regional Coordinator expected focus solely work related public 
safety, illegal guns, and crime reduction. the local level, the Coordinator will continue assist the Mayor and the City Columbus developing and implementing policies combat illegal guns. Such effmts may include the following initiatives: 
Working with Mayor Coleman and Columbus leaders public 
education efforts focused reducing violent crime; 
Implementing local initiatives combat illegal guns; 
Coordinating with local police gather data, educate the public, and 
pursue other efforts reduce gun violence. the state and regional level, the Coordinator will continue working with other cities involved Mayors Against Illegal Guns develop and implement cooperative information-sharing efforts, enforcement strategies, and legislative initiatives. Such efforts may include assisting Mayor Coleman and the City Columbus the following: 
Develop and implement strategy support local jurisdictions' efforts implement policies combat illegal guns; 
Recruit new mayors the region into the coalition; 
Establish pattnerships with local and state law enforcement partners; 
Engage faith leaders and law enforcement officials across the region support efforts promote common-sense measures crack down illegal guns; 
Engage firearms dealers and others the business selling firearms, including online sellers and gun shows, promote retail policies that deter and stop illegal purchases. Encourage sellers become part the coalition's Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership agreement and online sellers implement the recommendations made Point, Click, Fire: Investigation ofIllegal Online Gun Sales. 
Work with advocates and law enforcement officials efforts 
prevent illegal purchases gun shows Ohio, particularly purchases 
made from the private sellers operating these sbows. 	Finally, the national level, the Coordinator will serve regional liaison for the coalition and, under the leadership Mayor Coleman, activate regional mayors for events, collective enforcement efforts, public education, and advocacy. this capacity, the Coordinator will also assist research, education, and advocacy activity related the coalition's legislative agenda. 
What the award will pay for: The one-year award of$75,000 must utilized follows: $60,000 must dedicated substantially covering the salary the Regional Coordinator and $15,000 must used support travel costs, supplies, communication and other related expenses. portion the UAIGSF grant may used for lobbying expenditures, defined Section 4911 the Internal Revenue Code. The Coordinator will keep time and expense records ensure that during the grant period total lobbying expenditures (including salary/benefits, travel, and administrative costs) not exceed the total amount funds provided sources other than UAIGSF pay for the Coordinator's compensation and expenses. The City Columbus, through the Coordinator, will responsible for complying with applicable lobbying registration and disclosure laws, any. Funding will provided the City Columbus immediately upon the renewal the Coordinator position. 
Awardee Requirements: This funding includes matching requirement. The recipient the award funds will required pay for all fringe benefits provided the Regional Coordinator, and any salary paid the Regional Coordinator excess $60,000. The award recipient will also required provide appropriate office space and any additional funds necessary beyond the $15,000 travel support from UAIGSF. The award recipient shall direct the Coordinator attend national Mayors Against Illegal Guns meetings and events regular basis. Should the award recipient wish reallocate any the funding under this award, formal written request must submitted UAIGSF. changes the award allocation can made without written approval UAIGSF. 
Time Period Grant: The grant period will commence January 2012 and end December 31, 2012. 
 	Programmatic Reporting Requirements: The Regional Coordinator will required submit report the conclusion the grant, highlighting the Coordinator's primary activities including both challenges encountered and key accomplishments. The report will include discussion the status the regional gun policy initiatives outlined this memorandum, and will also include copies any print media coverage related the gun policy activities the City and the work the Regional Coordinator. 
Financial Reporting Requirements: All expenses must incurred within the one-year period the award. the awardee requires more time spend funds, official request must submitted UAIGSF least days before the end the award period. terms: 
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