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Date Created:April 24, 2011

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 APO 09360

JTF-GTMO-CDR March 2008 
MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, United States Southern Command, 3511 9lst Avenue, Miami, 33172   
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9YM-000031DP (S)    

JTF-GTMO Detainee Assessment (S) Personal Information:   
JDIMS/NDRC Reference Name:  Mahmud al-Mujahid 

Current/True Name and Aliases:  Mahmoud Abd al-Aziz Abd 
al-Mujahid, Mahmud al-Taizi, Abu Dawud, Dawoud al-Taizi, 
Mahmoudnabdul Aziz Abdul Wali al-Mujahed, Majid Mahmud, 
Maqmood Rayhad, Bahrer

Place Birth: Taiz, Yemen (YM) 

Date Birth: August 1980 

Citizenship:  Yemen 

Internment Serial Number (ISN):  US9YM-000031DP 
(U//FOUO) Health: Detainee good health. 
(U) JTF-GTMO Assessment:   

a.(S) Recommendation:   JTF-GTMO recommends this detainee for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD). JTF-GTMO previously recommended detainee for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) August 2007. (S//NF) Executive Summary:  Detainee member al-Qaida who served bodyguard for Usama Bin Laden (UBL) for one year.  Detainee also has familial ties al-Qaida members including other UBL bodyguards and JTF-GTMO detainees.  Detainee traveled Afghanistan (AF) late 1999 early 2000 for jihad, and received militant training the al-Qaida al-Faruq Training Camp.  Detainee was present during hostilities against and Coalition forces Tora Bora and reportedly has knowledge planned 

terrorist attacks.  Detainee listed several al-Qaida documents and was captured with group referred the Dirty which included UBL bodyguards and 20th September 2001 hijacker while escaping hostilities during Operation Enduring Freedom.  Detainee committed jihadist who received theological training from, and was recruited by, radical Yemeni shaykhs who continue recruit Yemeni youth participate hostilities against and coalition forces.  Detainees assessed commitment jihadis supported his discussions with another JTF-GTMO detainee methods conduct suicide during detention.  
 HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests, and allies 

 MEDIUM threat from detention perspective 

 HIGH intelligence value (S//NF) Summary Changes:  The following outlines changes detainees assessment since the last JTF-GTMO recommendation.  (Changes this assessment will annotated  next the footnote.) 
Updated detainees prior history, recruitment and travel 

Added detainees familial ties al-Qaida members and other JTF-GTMO detainees 

Added detainees discussion the methods conducting suicide within JTF-GTMO 

Removed assessment that Shaykh Mufeed the Marib Institute was identifiable with Shaykh Husayn Umar Mahfud due lack corroborating information (U) Detainees Account Events:   
The following section based, unless otherwise indicated, detainees own account.  These statements are included without consideration veracity, accuracy, reliability. 
(S//NF) Prior History: Despite failing grades numerous times, detainee obtained his high school diploma age 22.  While attending school, detainee also attended religious instruction the evening the Ashrufia mosque.  Other than three-month period diaper factory Taiz, detainee was unable find employment, and instead began focus studying Islam. continued study the Ashrufia mosque the afternoons, and the evenings taught the Koran children. was not paid for this work and had official title the mosque.1 
(S//NF) Recruitment and Travel:  Detainee studied for three months under Shaykh Abdallah al-Ahdal the Islamic Institute Hadramaut, YM, and for nine days under Shaykh Abdallah al-Shaghdari the Islamic Institute Marib, YM.  Detainee was forced leave both institutes due his radical jihadist behavior.  Mufeed, assistant Shaykh Abdallah al-Shaghdari, suggested detainee travel Afghanistan teach the Koran.  Mufeed introduced detainee Mukhtar al-Qadassi who, July 2001, assisted detainee with the purchase airline ticket Afghanistan.2 
(S//NF) Training and Activities:  Detainee traveled from Sanaa, Kandahar, via Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AE), Quetta, PK, and Spin Boldak, AF.  After one month teaching the Majid Omar Mosque, located village near Kandahar, detainee traveled Kabul, and taught local mosque for approximately five ten days before returning the Majid Omar Mosque September 2001.  Detainee learned the September 2001 attacks shortly after returning the Majid Omar Mosque. November 2001, detainee went teach the Mouawiah Mosque near Khowst, AF.  Detainee taught the mosque for approximately days before deciding was time return Yemen.  Detainee departed for Pakistan foot.3 000031 FM40 08-APR-2005, 000031 302 21-MAR-2002, IIR 034 0314 02, 000031 ARB3 TRANSCRIPT FINAL 30-NOV-2007; Analyst Note:  Detainee separately stated that worked for about year the diaper (U) Capture Information: (S//NF) Detainee was captured Pakistani forces December 2001 while attempting cross the Afghanistan-Pakistan border near Parachinar, PK, after fleeing from hostilities UBLs Tora Bora mountain complex.  Detainee was captured with group other Arab al-Qaida fighters referred intelligence reporting the Dirty 30, most whom are assessed UBL bodyguards and members UBLs security detail.4 Pakistani authorities transferred the group prison facility Peshawar, PK, where they were held for days.5  Detainee was transferred custody December 2001 and sent the Kandahar Detention Facility.6 (S) Property Held: 
 $100 US7 
(S) Transferred JTF-GTMO: January 2002 
(S//NF) Reasons for Transfer JTF-GTMO: provide information the 

 Recruitment young Muslim men Yemen factions within Afghanistan (S//NF) Evaluation Detainees Account:  Detainee very deceptive. admitted lying his interrogators, yet has provided only vague details regarding his activities Afghanistan.8 Prior this admission lying, detainee used common cover story teaching the Koran hide his true activities. Detainee was taken into Pakistani custody with group Arabs who had escaped together from UBLs Tora Bora Mountain Complex, including Muhammad Yahya Muhsin al-Zaylai, ISN US9SA-000055DP (SA-055), and Majid Mahmud Abdu Ahmad, ISN US9YM-000041DP (YM-041). According SA-055, the Pakistani warden the prison informed the group that the best thing they could tell forces when they were interrogated was they were Afghanistan teach the Koran and for religious studies,9 similar detainees cover story. YM-041 added that the Koran-teaching cover story was false.10 Other sources identified both detainee and his brother, Riyadh Abd al-Aziz Abd al-Wali al-Mujahid, UBL bodyguards, contradicting detainees claimed activities.11  Mohamedou Ould Salahi, ISN US9MR-000760DP, also reported hearing detainees religious teaching activities Afghanistan

was cover story. (U) Detainee Threat:   
a.(S) Assessment: Detainee assessed HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests, and allies. (S//NF) Reasons for Continued Detention:  Detainee member al-Qaida and UBL bodyguard who was present during hostilities against and Coalition forces Tora 
Bora. Detainee reportedly has knowledge planned terrorist attacks and listed al-Qaida documents.  Detainee received basic militant training the al-Qaida al-Faruq Training Camp.  Detainee committed jihadist who received theological training and was recruited radical Islamic clerics who continue recruit and train Yemeni extremists fight forces. Detainee has familial ties al-Qaida members and JTF-GTMO detainees.  Detainee was overheard discussing methods how conduct suicide within the camp. 
 (S//NF) Detainee member al-Qaida and UBL bodyguard who was present during hostilities against and Coalition forces Tora Bora.  Detainee reportedly has knowledge planned terrorist attacks and listed al-Qaida documents. 

Detainees name and alias are included al-Qaida affiliated document listing names and aliases along with their trust accounts.  The document was found during raids against al-Qaida associated safe houses Pakistan.  The document identified the contents detainees trust account Yemeni passport, card, and address book.13 

 (S//NF) Analyst Note: Such lists are indicative individuals residence within al-Qaida, Taliban, and other extremist guesthouses, often for the purpose training coordination prior travel the front lines abroad.  Trust accounts, also referred safety boxes safety deposit boxes, were simply storage compartments, such envelopes folders, which guesthouse administrators used secure the individuals personal valuables, such passports and plane tickets.  These items were entrusted the guesthouse until completion training other activity.) 

Abd al-Rahman Ahmed Said Abdihi, ISN US9YM-000441DP (YM441), claimed detainee was knowledgeable about future operations and identified detainee UBL bodyguard who always accompanied UBL.  YM-441 saw detainee with UBL Kabul, Kandahar, and Farouq, and detainee traveled with UBL Tora Bora. YM-441 described detainee good fighter who always carried AK47 assault rifle, and stated that detainee knows about future operations.14 (Analyst Note: Future operations assessed reference future terrorist operations.  Detainee could obtain such information through his constant proximity UBL.15) 

Senior al-Qaida facilitator Sharqawi Abdu Ali al-Hajj, aka (Riyadh the Facilitator), ISN PK9YM-001457DP (YM-1457), photo-identified detainee UBL bodyguard Dawoud al-Taizi. YM-1457 noted detainee joined the UBL guard force TD-314/40693-02, Number 258; AFGP-2002-905527, Number 258 000441 302 06-FEB-2003, Analyst Note:  For related reporting see TD-315/21305-03. Bodyguard Profile INTSUM 23-OCT-2006 
shortly after the October 2000 USS COLE bombing.  Detainee remained UBL guard until moving UBLs Tora Bora Mountain complex December 2001.16 

(S//NF)  Yasin Muhammad Salih Mazeeb Basardah, ISN US9YM-000252DP (YM-252), reported detainee was bodyguard for UBL. YM-252 saw detainee with UBL three occasions Kandahar, al-Faruq Training Camp and UBLs Tora Bora Mountain Complex.  YM-252 believed detainee was one UBL's closest bodyguards because every time saw UBL, detainee was close by.17 

Muhammad Mani Ahmad al-Shalan al-Qahtani, ISN US9SA-000063DP (SA-063), confirmed detainee was UBL bodyguard.  SA-063 reported seeing detainee Kandahar guesthouse and UBLs Tora Bora Mountain Complex, and noted always saw detainee with UBL.18 SA-063 stated escaped Tora Bora Pakistan with the group with which detainee was captured, the Dirty 30.19 According SA-063, last saw UBL December 2001 during the bombing campaign Tora Bora when UBL told his men was leaving.20 After UBL left Tora Bora, the Dirty was the first organized group escape Tora Bora for Pakistan.21 

 (S//NF) SA-063 and some UBLs bodyguards hid trenches avoid the bombs and then fled the bombing crossing into Pakistan where and others were subsequently apprehended.22 (Analyst Note: SA-063 has been identified committed hijacker who was unable gain entry into the for the September 2001 attacks.)23 

Salim Ahmed Salim Hamdan, ISN US9YM-000149DP (YM-149), photo-identified detainee UBL bodyguard.  YM-149 saw detainee numerous times with UBL October and November 2001 Kabul, Khowst, and Jalalabad.24 

Sanad Ali Yislam al-Kazimi, ISN US9YM-001453DP (YM-1453) heard detainee was bodyguard.25 

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, ISN US9TZ-010012DP (TZ-10012), stated detainee was the emir (leader) guesthouse the airport village Kandahar.26 (Analyst Note: This probably the Mall Six compound Kandahar, which was located near the airport.  This compound housed UBL, his multiple wives and IIR 034 0059 05, IIR 105 0013 000252 302 17-MAR-2003, 000252 SIR 16-MAR-2005 IIR 034 0847 IIR 034 0847 03, 000063 SIR 14-APR-2003 yIIR 034 1131 03, 000063 SIR 14-APR-2003 000063 SIR 14-APR-2003, IIR 034 0847 TD-314/50461-03 Analyst Note: ISN YM-252 reported if you were Tora Bora, you were not innocent, you were there fight. See: 000252 SIR 31-DEC-2004. IIR 201 3840 05, IIR 034 0453 IIR 034 0124 TD-314/55241-05 
families, other high-ranking al-Qaida members, and UBLs security personnel and their families.) 
(S//NF) Detainee received basic militant training the al-Qaida al-Faruq Training Camp. 

Detainees alias, Daoud al-Tazzi, was found roster students the al-Qaida basic course, with graduation date September 2000.27 Detainees name and alias were also found application for training recovered forces during raid Kandahar. 

Supporting the above documents, other JTF-GTMO detainees have placed detainee Afghanistan and the al-Faruq Training Camp during 2000, over year earlier than detainee admitted traveling. 

(S//NF) YM-1453 acknowledged saw detainee al-Faruq Training Camp May June 2000.28 

(S//NF) YM-1457 stated detainee traveled Afghanistan late 1999 early 2000 and attended the al-Faruq Training Camp.  YM-1457 also noted detainee was friends with UBL bodyguard Uthman Abd al-Rahim Muhammad Uthman, ISN US9YM-000027DP (YM-027).29 

(S//NF) YM-441 believed detainee arrived Afghanistan year and half prior YM-441 and stated detainee fought the Bagram front lines prior being selected for UBLs security detail.30 (Analyst Note: YM-441 claimed have arrived Afghanistan June 2001, putting detainees arrival Afghanistan early 2000.) 

(S//NF) Detainee committed jihadist who received theological training and was recruited radical Islamic clerics who continue recruit and train Yemeni extremists fight forces.   

(FOUO//LES)  Detainee stated many clerics Yemen supported UBLs jihad against the and, despite not having detailed knowledge the Koran, detainee was able initiate understanding and belief jihad.31 

(S//NF)  Detainee stated studied for three months under Shaykh Abdallah al-Ahdal the Islamic Institute Hadramout.32 
 (S//NF) Shaykh Abdallah al-Ahdal assessed Shaykh Abdullah Faysal al-Ahdal, who was one Yemeni Muslim scholars who 2004 signed document urging youth support the resistance Iraq.33 July 2005, Shaykh IIR 739 3014 02, Analyst Note: variant Dawoud al-Taizi Daoud al-Tazzi. IIR 034 0124 IIR 034 0059 05, IIR 105 0013 000441 302 06-FEB-2003 Y000031 FM40 25-APR-2005 IIR 034 0314 02, TD-314/50610-01 TD-314/02710-05, TD-314/01942-05, TD-314/71519-04 
al-Ahdal was involved the recruitment and training Yemeni youths fight against forces Iraq.  Prior being sent Iraq, the youths were indoctrinated into the radical Salafi sect Islam, instilled with profound hatred toward the West, and trained martial arts remote villages north al-Mukalla, the Hadramout region Yemen.34 
 (S//NF) October and November 2006, YM-441 wrote letters Shaykh al-Ahdal discussing fatwa (religious edict) that al-Ahdal had previously issued regarding the detainees relationships with lawyers while detention JTFGTMO.35 

(S//NF)  Detainee admitted studied the Islamic Institute Marib, which assessed the al-Huda Center operated Shaykh Abdullah al-Shaghdari, radical Islamic cleric who suspected having ties al-Qaida.36 
(S//NF) Detainee has familial ties al-Qaida members and JTF-GTMO detainees. 

YM-1457 stated detainees brother, veteran UBL bodyguard Riyadh Abdul Aziz aka (Riyadh al-Mujahid), aka (Mussad Abdullah), brought detainee into the UBL guard force.37   YM-1453 also identified detainees brother bodyguard.

Detainee related Muhammad Ahmad Said al-Adahi, ISN US9YM000033DP (YM-033), and Abdul Muhammad Ahmad Nassir al-Muhajari, ISN US9YM-000728DP (YM-728), marriage.  YM-033 admitted his sister, Amani, married detainees brother, Riyadh.39  YM-033 also admitted his other sister, Hala, married YM-728.40  The Yemeni Political Security Organization (PSO) reported YM-033s sisters were the spouses al-Qaida members.41 

(S//NF) Ali Abdul Motalib Awayd Hassan al-Tayeea, ISN US9IZ-000111DP overheard detainee discussing methods conducting suicide detention JTF-GTMO.  Such methods included having several detainees cause distraction such covering their windows. This prompts reaction from the guard force which required investigate and correct such activities the detainees.  This distraction would give another detainee enough time successfully hang himself.42  (Analyst Note:  Detainees IIR 399 8023 05, TD-314/64973-04 IIR 034 0145 07, IIR 034 0327 TD-314/05668-05, IIR 034 0314 IIR 034 0059 05, IIR 105 0013 IIR 034 0124 Y000033 SIR 16-AUG-2005, 000033 302 16-AUG-2002, 000033 302 08-SEP-2002, 000033 SIR 15-JAN-2006, Analyst Note: variant Mahmud Riyadh Maqmood Rayhad. Y000033 SIR 21-FEB-2005, 000033 SIR 05-AUG-2005, 000033 SIR 16-AUG-2005, Analyst Note: variant Muhajiri Muhajry. YTD-314/50575-01 Y000111 SIR 06-JUN-2007 
comments indicate views his detention continuance jihad against forces, and suicide detainee would therefore justifiable under the guise martyrdom.) (S//NF) Detainees Conduct: Detainee assessed MEDIUM threat from detention perspective. His overall behavior has been compliant and rarely hostile the guard force and staff. currently has Reports Disciplinary Infraction listed DIMS with the most recent occurring October 2007, when urinated the recreation yard. has eight Reports Disciplinary Infraction for assault with the most recent occurring March 2007, when spit guard. Other incidents for which has been disciplined include failure follow guard instructions/camp rules, inappropriate use bodily fluids, damage government property, attempted assaults, assaults, and possession food and non-weapon type contraband. 2007, had total eight Reports Disciplinary Infraction and none far 2008. (U) Detainee Intelligence Value Assessment: 
(S) Assessment:  Detainee assessed HIGH intelligence value.  Detainees most recent interrogation session occurred January 2008. 
(S//NF) Placement and Access:  Multiple individuals have identified detainee UBL bodyguard and have placed detainee with UBL several al-Qaida associated locations Afghanistan. During the year that detainee was UBL bodyguard, detainee had access planning, operations, training, and senior personnel within al-Qaida.  Detainee was also identified being the emir guesthouse Kandahar, which was probably located UBLs Mall Six compound.  Detainee possibly had access additional information through familial ties, detainees brother Riyadh was also UBL bodyguard and had been Afghanistan since 1997. Detainee trained al-Faruq Training Camp and probably fought the frontlines Bagram. 
(S//NF) Intelligence Assessment: Detainee has significant unexploited intelligence about UBL bodyguard tactics, techniques, and procedures.  Detainee can provide information other al-Qaida members and operations.  Detainee should able provide additional information his brothers placement within al-Qaida.  Detainee can provide general information jihadist recruitment Yemen, and specific information Shaykh Abdullah al-Ahdal and Shaykh al-Shaghdari. (S//NF) Areas Potential Exploitation:   
Detainees relationship UBL 

Details other bodyguards, fighters, and al-Qaida members, including those currently detained JTF-GTMO 

Recruitment radical shaykhs Yemen 

Detainee' position emir Kandahar guesthouse 

Terrorist biographical and psychological information (S) Status: Detainee's enemy combatant status was reassessed October 2004, and remains enemy combatant. 
dmiral, Navy anding 

 Definitions for intelligence terms used the assessment can found the Joint Military Intelligence College October 2001 guide Intelligence Warning Terminology. NOFORN 20330312 
factory Taiz manufacturing disposable diapers (see TD-314/50610-01).  Detainee recanted his story his ARB proceeding. 000031 05-FEB-2002, 000031 302 21-MAR-2002 000031 302 21-MAR-2002, 000031 302 23-MAR-2002 000031 302 23-MAR-2002, 000041 302 21-AUG-2002, Bodyguard Profile INTSUM 23-OCT-2006, IIR 034 0034 05, IIR 034 0847 000027 302 18-MAR-2002, 000045 302 19-MAY-2002, IIR 034 0053 05, 000045 MFR 10-APR-2002, IIR 034 0304 TD-314/00845-02 Analyst Note: 000252 302 20-JUN-2003, ISN US9YM-000252DP reported LY-212 gave $100 bills all the Arabs prison near Parachinar, PK. 000031 ARB3 TRANSCRIPT FINAL 30-NOV-2007 IIR 034 0704 000041 302 21-AUG-2002 IIR 105 0013 04, Analyst Note: Detainees brother Riyadh married the sister Muhammad Ahmad Said al-Adahi, ISN US9YM-000033DP (YM-033) (see 000033 SIR 17-JUL-2002). IIR 034 1262