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Judicial Watch • Myron H Thompson Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Myron H Thompson Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Myron H Thompson Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Page 1: Myron H Thompson Financial Disclosure Report for 2007

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:18

Date Created:November 13, 2008

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Myron H Thompson, Myron, Thompson, 2007, INVESTMENTS, EPA, transactions, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Required the Ethics 
Government Act 1978
Rev. 112008 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2007 U.S.C. app. JOI-I Person Reporting (last name, first, middle initial) Thompson, Myron Court Organization Date Report USO/MD/Alabama 05/08/2008 (Article If! judges ind1co.te acuve senior status. magistrate judges indicate ful 1-or part-time District Judge -actie Chambers Office Address One Church Street I'. Box 235 lontgorncry, 36101  Sa. Report Type (check appropriate type) Reporting Period Nomination. Date 01/01/2007 Initial Annual Final 12/31/2007 Sb. Amended Report the basis the information contained this Report and any modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance with applicable la"s and regulations. RcvieYing Officer Date  

1111 PORT ANT NOTES: Tire in.1trucrions acc11111pa11yi11 t!tisfor11111111st followed. Complete all parts, c!tecki11g rite NONE hoxj(ir each par/ ll'!tere you Itave 110 reportable i11formatio11. Sig11 011 /ast page. SIT NS. lfrporling i11t!i1itfuul 011/r: .l'l' !'fl. 9-/ ojjifi11g i11str11ctio11.,,J NONE (.Vo nporroblc posirw11.1.J 
Jud1cicil Advisory Board the George Mason Law Economics Center 
(') ;.u 
l-:) ::: 1G REEl ENl'S. tRepor1i11g indilitfuu/ 011r: .l'l' l'I' /../-/6 ojjiling i11structio11s.) 
s:;-: (") 
NONE !No reporrahlc agree111e1111 
[2J 	rr1 '.:: oJ.> 
,.,, Filer's Non-lnYestment Income '.100: I.Vo reporrohlL' no11-i1n:esrment income.) 
[ZJ E.'TS --/Jpouse and dependefll children; see pp. 34-60 filing instructions.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
De:--cnpl1011 .-:-.:--els Income during Gross value end Transactions during reporting period 
(11H.::lud1ng trust as::.cb) reporting period reporting period 

(I) (2) ii) 	(2) (3) (4) (5) 
Place"()" c1rter c1cl1 ;1:-:-.c! 	Amount Type (e.g Value alue Type (e.g Date Value Gain Identity Code
C.Clllrt frurn prior d1;-....:lo"ure div rent. Code 1ethod buy. sell. Month -Code Code buyer/seller (A-H) int.) (J-P) Code redemption) Day (1-P) (A-H) (if private (Q-W) transaction) -- ------------- louse "tc .ti Daill. t:l111orc County.  None  
!organ S1.1nkv Dean 111,1 IR.-' kr)  Interest  
L1qu1d ,"ct FunJ illi;1nh Inc 11111.1 Yuclw ln1'I  Dividend Dividend  Dividend  sell  

ChL'L"'>L' c1kc !-ictllJ 	None 'ell 
-..J;I llJ(l l.JL' Dividend ,,;JI 111 ::'h 1111cd 11c-,i111i Dividend 
,1"11.1 l'l  Dirnknd  
Ill ll11p:111:  Di1dend  buy )1l L'r 1>1"11  None  buv  I:'  
'"'  1,1i,11c' ISli l"i/I l.1llc'i l11c  lone Div1Jend  bU' bll  :>;  
kDc11Lild' Curp  None  buy .2S )1