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Judicial Watch • Newsletter 2005 JW-June-05-news

Newsletter 2005 JW-June-05-news

Newsletter 2005 JW-June-05-news

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JUNE 2005 

Judicial Watch recently lodged formal complaint with the U.S. Senate Select Committee Ethics against New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. continues investigate Mrs. Clintons participation the campaign finance scheme that led the indictment her former National Finance Director, David Rosen, March 2005. Thanks large part JW, Rosen now faces federal criminal charges caused false campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and could forced serve years prison and pay $1,000,000 fines found guilty the criminal counts against him. 
Senator Clinton and her campaign...have failed comply with federal campaign finance laws and requirements, and Senator Clinton has engaged conduct that reflects unfavorably the Senate whole," Judicial Watch argued its complaint. "Accordingly, Judicial Watch respectfully requests that the U.S. Senate Select Committee Ethics conduct thorough investigation into the matters... and take all appropriate disciplinary action against Mrs. Clinton." This new Senate ethics complaint opens another front the battle make sure Hillary Clinton held the rule law. 
The Judicial Watch ethics complaint relates million contribution made Hillary Clintons 2000 Senate campaign former Judicial Watch client Peter Paul the form "Hollywood Tribute William Jefferson Clinton." Contrary promises made Mrs. Clintons campaign, Mr. Pauls contribution was never properly reported the Federal Election Commission. Judicial Watch, working with Peter Paul, cooperated with the Justice 
continued page 

The Judicial Watch ethics complaint another opportunity hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her role the campaign finance scandal. 
 Tom Fitton, President Judicial Watch 
Photo: Senator Hillary Clinton 

Judicial Watch Educates Public, Press 
About Dangers Judicial Activism 


Samuel "Sandy" Berger, who served Bill Clintons National Security Advisor and was top advisor Senator John Kerrys presidential campaign, pled guilty April misdemeanor for stealing classified documents from the National Archives and Records Administration preparation for his testimony before the 9/11 Commission. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, Director Litigation Paul Orfanedes and Director Investigations Chris Farrell were attendance the U.S. District Court for the District Columbia personally monitor the proceedings. 
Berger set officially sentenced July 2005. However, according press reports, Berger struck sweetheart deal with the government and will serve prison sentence. Instead, expected forfeit his security clearance for three years and pay paltry $10,000 fine. (The plea deal structured allow Berger the possibility obtaining top security clearance before the "next" Clinton administration 2008.) Were Berger average citizen, legal experts believe would face multiple felony counts and minimum sentence ten years prison, along with hefty fine. 
"This just another sad instance the current administration giving pass the Clinton gang," said President Tom Fitton. "Judicial Watch will everything its power see that Berger receives the lawful punishment deserves." 

Judicial Watch has already lodged official complaint with the District Columbia Board Professional Responsibility, requesting that the office promptly investigate and seek disciplinary 
action against Mr. Berger. 
Judicial Watch also plans file sentencing 
recommendation with the 
U.S. District Court presiding over the case asking that Berger punished the full extent the law for his admitted serious breach national 
security. three separate 
occasions between July 
and October 2003, 
Berger visited the National Archives order prepare for testimony before the congressional commission investigating the terrorist attacks September 11. Archive employees became suspicious Berger when they noticed documents reviewed the former Clinton official were missing. After persuading National Archive research room, Berger stuffed documents his monitors leave him alone pants and smuggled 40-50 pages handwritten notes direct 
continued next page. 

violation policy which was well aware. might have gotten away with the theft, too, had Archive employees not staged informal "sting operation," coding documents reviewed Berger see whether not took them. 
When caught red-handed, Berger claimed first that the theft the documents was "inadvertent." However, this claim became impossible believe when Berger was forced admit that had destroyed several copies the highly classified documents, shredding them with scissors. 
According Justice Department official interviewed The Wall Street Journal, among the documents destroyed Berger was memorandum highly critical the Clinton administrations handling potential terrorist attacks leading the millennium celebration. 
"It appears Berger was attempting conceal the truth from Congress and the American people about the failure the Clinton administration address the serious threat terrorism," continued Fitton. "Once again, Clinton official put their political interests ahead our national security." our aim see that Sandy Berger pays the appropriate legal price for his wrongdoing. 

FBI Protects Osama bin Ladens "Right 
Privacy" Document Release! 

Judicial Watch recently obtained shocking documents through the Freedom Information Act (FOIA) which the Federal Bureau Investigations (FBI) invoked privacy right protections behalf Qaeda terror leader Osama bin Laden. September 24, 2003 declassified "Secret" FBI report obtained Judicial Watch, the FBI invoked Exemption 6 under FOIA law behalf bin Laden, which permits the government withhold all information about U.S. persons "personnel and medical files and similar files" when the disclosure such information "would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy." 
The documents were released Judicial Watch under the provisions the FOIA and through ongoing litigation (Judicial Watch Department Homeland Security Federal Bureau Investigation, No. 04-1643 (RWR)). 

"It dumbfounding and outrageous that the United States government has placed higher priority the supposed privacy rights Osama bin Laden than the publics right know what what happened the days following the September terrorist attacks," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  "It difficult for imagine greater insult the American people, especially those whose loved ones were murdered bin Laden that day."   
Before invoking privacy protections for Osama bin Laden under Exemption the FBI should have conducted balancing "test" the public's right disclosure against the individual's right privacy. Many the references the redacted documents cite publicly available news articles from sources such The Washington Post and Associated Press. Based its analysis the news stories cited the FBI report, Judicial Watch was able determine that bin Ladens name was redacted from the document, including newspaper headlines the footnoted citations. 
"Perhaps the FBI did not plan any organization doing the legwork find out the truth behind the redactions, but lawyers got right the task," continued Fitton. 
Judicial Watch originally filed FOIA request with the Department Homeland Security October 2003. When the agency refused turn over documents, Judicial Watch filed suit.  Judicial Watch was the first organization the country uncover the existence commercial flights spiriting Saudi nationals, including bin Laden relatives, out the country Note 

the days after the terrorist attacks 9/11. Multiple media reports had previously documented series private jets chartered for the same purpose. 
The FBI originally claimed that had thoroughly vetted all Saudi nationals prior their departure. However, obtained documents that revealed these individuals were subjected cursory, pro forma questioning. Experienced investigators suggest detailed counterterrorism interviews would have taken minimum two hours per passenger. There evidence offered that any such efforts were made the FBI. fact, according 
the FBIs own internal documents, one the charter flights interviews were conducted all. 
Moreover, while the U.S. was still reeling from the terrorist attacks, one FBI agent even provided personal security escort for Saudi national who feared for his life. 
More come June 2004, provided the 9/11 Commission with previously unreported documents from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection showing that 160 Saudis were allowed leave commercial flights from airports around the country between September and September 15, 2001. 
While the FBI claims thoroughly screened all Saudi nationals prior their departure, least Saudi nationals fled the United States commercial flights within hours the terrorist attacks time when our national airspace was virtually shut down. 
Documents obtained Judicial Watch from the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) show that Bin Laden family members and Saudi royals were subject only cursory, pro forma questioning the FBI prior fleeing from the United States the hours and days following 9/11. Experienced investigators suggest detailed counterterrorism interviews would have taken minimum two hours per passenger.  There evidence offered that any such efforts were made the FBI. FORCES GOVERNMENT PROMISE 

After stonewalling for more than year, the Department Homeland Security (DHS) finally committed writing release documents related Border Patrol survey designed determine the impact President Bushs self-described "guest worker" program illegal immigration. Judicial Watch filed lawsuit June 2004 against the DHS for records related the report after the department refused respond Judicial Watchs February 27, 2004 Freedom Information Act request (Judicial Watch, Inc. U.S. Department Homeland Security (Civil Action No. 04-0907 (RBW)). According the agreement, which was entered the United States District Court, documents must released May 2005. 
"This important victory for Judicial Watch and for anyone who concerned about the national security threat posed mass infusion illegal immigrants," said President Tom Fitton. "Judicial Watch will get the truth with respect this survey. will conduct thorough analysis the documents released and inform the public our findings. course, the government continues stonewall fails produce all relevant documents, will pursue the matter court." 
According multiple press reports, Border Patrol officials Washington initiated survey January 2004 assess the impact President Bushs proposed "guest worker" illegal immigration program. The highly controversial Bush proposal would have effectively granted amnesty millions illegal immigrants who are already the United States, allowing them work and live without any legal repercussions for their actions. The survey was shut down the Bush administration once its existence was reported the press. Moreover, Border Patrol agents reported that they were ordered not talk the media about amnesty increases apprehensions. 

While the results the cancelled survey have not yet been publicly disclosed, according The Washington Times, confidential Border Patrol report provided the U.S. Senate 2004 indicated that nearly 35% the illegal aliens captured trying enter the United States the days after President Bush proposed his "guest worker" program said they were trying take advantage what they saw amnesty. 
The Border Patrol report 
also states that 66,472 illegal aliens were caught trying cross the border January, 11% increase over last years totals. San Diego alone, the Bush proposal helped spark threefold spike crossings illegals, many whom said they had come the U.S. seeking amnesty. significant portion those apprehended were OTM, "Other Than Mexican," including individuals from nations that support terrorism. 
"If there evidence that President Bushs proposed amnesty program prompting masses aliens enter the country, particularly time increased terrorist threats, ought know about it," said President Tom Fitton." 

ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION Staff Stands Shoulder-to-Shoulder with 
Minutemen the Arizona-Mexico Border 

Judicial Watch staff members Chris Farrell and Brandon Millett recently returned from their work with the Minuteman Project along the Arizona  Mexico border.  Farrell, who JWs Director Investigations and Millett, JWs Public Relations Director, experienced first-hand the detailed training and orientation given Minuteman Project volunteers, then served eight-hour shift border observation post the "Naco line," just outside Tombstone, Arizona. Judicial Watch initiated investigation Border Patrol and Homeland Security practices based their observations. 
"The Minuteman Project proves false the government claim that nothing can done protect our borders," said Millett. "In just two weeks, group committed American citizens has completely shut down the Naco Sector, which was once super highway for illegal immigrants. Imagine what could accomplish nation our elected officials applied the same resolve. was proud there Arizona behalf Judicial Watch and all its supporters." 
effort group concerned citizens what our government has failed repeatedly  protect our nations borders. After years writing letters and sending faxes government agencies and Congress, Minutemen volunteers decided assemble peacefully and provide round-the-clock monitoring the border between Arizona and Mexico, documenting and reporting instances illegal crossings. Chris Simcox, co-founder the Minuteman Project accurately states literature given volunteers, "The human flood breaching our Homeland Defense not necessarily the enemy per se; drug dealers, criminals and potential terrorists are." 
Minuteman Project volunteers, who patrolled the 20-mile border along Mexico and Naco, Arizona hours per day, seven days per week, operated observation posts and have reported more than 500 illegal immigrants the Border Patrol their first few weeks service. While bureaucrats charge border patrol, embarrassed the success the 

The Minuteman Project organized continued next page. 
"The foremost threat the security our nation the federal governments continuing failure secure our borders. The Minuteman Project demonstrates that can secure the border.  
 Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch Director Investigations 

Photo: Chris Farrell the Minuteman Border Patrol Naco, Arizona 

SOUTHEASTERN REGIONAL CELEBRATION April 6th, 2005, Judicial Watch held its 10th Anniversary Southeastern Regional Celebration Atlanta, Georgia. The event was hosted Judicial Watch supporter Dante Stephensen his restaurant Dantes Down the Hatch and featured former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr guest speaker. Judicial Watch supporters who wish organize similar 10th Anniversary celebration their own communities may contact Greg Mills 202-646-5182. 
Top photo, left right: President Tom Fitton, former Congressman Bob Barr, and event host and supporter Dante Stephensen. Bottom photo: Judicial Watch supporters converse with Rick Ventura, JWs Vice President for Development. 


Judicial Watch: How did you get involved this issue general, and with the Minutemen particular? 
Gray Deacon, Minuteman Organizer: came here because saw what was happening little community Northwest Washington. saw first-hand the negative impact illegal immigration the health care system, the education system, and the welfare system. Almost every facet our community getting clobbered and wanted come down and take look the root the problem the people crossing into America illegally, across the Arizona border. 
JW: you came all the way from Washington state?  Would you say this typical for the Minutemen? Are people coming from all over the country participate the protection our borders? 
Deacon: Yes, did come all the way from Washington. 2,070 miles from home here. have people from every state the union and the guy from Hawaii supposed getting the April 25th. 
JW: you know, Chris Farrell, JWs Director Investigations, and Brandon Millett, JWs Director Public Relations joined your effort few weeks ago. While they were working eight-hour shift, they were visited one Border Patrol Agent who said, "Now that supervisor not here, can tell you guys this. support the Minuteman Project one hundred percent. They've shut down this sector and reduced illegal crossings 600 percent." this the response youve been receiving from the Border Patrol? course, this refers the foot-soldiers, and not the bureaucrats. 
Deacon: Well, the foot soldiers' response real point blank and you can find that the U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544, Tucson, Arizona, website. They write: "We want make clear that have not had one single complaint from rank and file agent the sector about the Minutemen. The Minutemen have succeeded shifting the bulk the illegal alien traffic out the NACO corridor. only President Bush were supportive the rank and file agents." 
JW: Given the positive response you have received from Border Patrol and volunteers from all over the country, who against this program? the middle management level Border Patrol? does all the way the White House? 
Deacon: starts right the White House. The White House absolutely does not want control over this southern border and they've even gone far call nasty names, which isn't appropriate. 
JW: Like "vigilante," for example. 
Deacon: Right. And, you know this because you have been here, nothing could further from the truth. 

continued next page. appreciate everything [Judicial Watch is] doing help the cause. really need for you what you best. Help obtain government documents might not have the resources obtain. 
 Gray Deacon, Minuteman Organizer 
Photo: Steve Fisher (left) Heber and Jack Treese Simi Valley, CA, 
watch the Mexican border between Bisbee and Douglas part their 
Minuteman Project shift. Photo Breuer. 

JW: What found was organization committed, patriotic individuals who were fed with the governments continuing failure protect our borders. That not exactly what the media has portrayed, however.  What you think the untold story? How the media getting wrong? 
Deacon: Well, the untold story the fact that have stopped the drugs coming across. Usually, tons drugs cross the border each night minimum. this point, have shut the trafficking illegal drugs down. have cut back from 3,000 people night coming across our borders, less than 300. Normally, 20-day period like this, you're looking 60,000 individuals who would have entered the United States illegally and found their way into the interior the United States. 
JW: And who say where these 60,000 individuals are from? They are certainly not all Mexican nationals. Some them are coming across from terrorist-sponsoring nations. 
Deacon: Right now know from the catch ratio that the Border Patrol generates, the percentage illegal aliens from other nations between percent. Our catch ratio for potential terrorists must pretty good. 
JW: How many folks have participated the Minuteman Project experience? 
Deacon: There are exactly 777 people who have come through this office. 
JW: Two them right here Judicial Watch. 
Deacon: That right and youve gone through the training. You know that the vetting process thorough. First you through extensive interview and then you have orientation and training program. During this entire process, make clear that are out here document and report. contact allowed. will not even allow you wave illegal immigrant. you wave, you will dismissed from the project. It's that simple. only spot, observe, report and direct. spot somebody, call the Border Patrol. When the Border Patrol arrives, direct them the place where last saw the individual group. 
JW: Even the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) folks have admit there just hasn't been any incident. You've got people out there looking for problems they can put you out business and they cannot find anything. The ACLU then camped out right behind JWs observation post during JWs shift. 
Deacon: That correct. However, since you left, the ACLU has changed its tactics significantly.  While you were here, they were simply going behind and standing the hillside and watching. few days ago, three our gentleman spotted group nine illegal aliens, called the Border Patrol, and directed them the location the illegals. The Border Patrol arrived along with two sheriff's deputies. they were taking the illegals into custody car came screeching into the parking area, throwing dust and rocks all over the place. person from the ACLU jumped out the car and started across the road towards our group three men, shining bright camera light into their eyes. then shoved one volunteer, who his seventies, and started screaming, "I'm being attacked, I'm being attacked! They're attacking me! Come help me, I'm being attacked!" 

JW: the ACLU getting aggressive and trying blame the Minutemen for incidents they are instigating? 
Deacon: They started observers, but now they have crossed the line. They have even gone far honk their horns and try warn people hiding the bushes that Minutemen are nearby.  They are assisting those who are breaking our laws. 
JW: This shows their level desperation. Obviously they were hoping down there and get story and, instead, what they found legitimate and peaceful effort protect our borders. They invested resources being site, and they wanted get bang for their buck. 
Deacon: Im sure this true, but their behavior disappointing. can disagree philosophically, but when you attack old men and when you out your way actually take the side criminals, you have gone way too far.  
JW: Gray, JWs staff were very grateful for the opportunity participate the Minuteman Project volunteers, but what else can Judicial Watch and its members help the Minutemen achieve their objective safe and secure border? 
everything [Judicial Watch is] doing help the cause. really need for you what you best. Help obtain government documents might not have the resources obtain. The government lying and need the information prove it. For example, the day before started, convoys Border Patrol vehicles came our way, running under full lights. Border Patrol claims that every single agent that you saw and every piece equipment that down here has been here all along. 
JW: So, other words, Border Patrol saying that there was response the Minuteman Project  that all those resources were already line. 
Deacon: Yes, and know this wrong. Today, you cannot look feet either direction without seeing Border Patrol agent. This was not the case prior our arrival. these resources were already here, would not have had illegals crossing. 
JW: Judicial Watch has already filed Freedom Information Act request with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office obtain documents describing the Border Patrols allocation resources before and after the arrival the Minutemen. Anything else? 
Deacon: Perhaps, too, you can pass your readers the importance pressuring the President and members Congress understand the border patrol problem and address it. must all work together force the government its job. 
JW: Well, Gray, want thank you for all your hard work. You are providing valuable service for the country, not only terms reducing illegal immigration, but also terms educating the public and pressuring politicians. President Bush showed the same resolve the Minutemen, imagine what could accomplish nation with respect the illegal immigration problem. 
Deacon: First all, appreciate 

Judicial Watch Pushes Congress 
Broaden Access Government Docs 

Judicial Watch continues actively push for openness and transparency government. President Tom Fitton recently appealed Senator John Cornyn, the author the Open Government Act 2005, broaden much possible the publics access information about government activity. the same time, Fitton, behalf JW, cautioned generally against implementing policies that could mire open records requests bureaucratic red tape. Senator Cornyn also considering creating the Office Government Information Services, yet another government agency. 
"The Freedom Information Act (FOIA) laws, however abused compromised, remain important bulwark the American publics ability learn about the operations their government and hold officials accountable," wrote Fitton. "Rather than inventing another bureaucratic layer and adding already bloated system, however, why not require government officials follow existing law?" 
Fitton went point out that government officials have issued policy memos that instruct employees eviscerate the FOIA laws, and that government agencies should unilaterally adopt and abide existing codes conduct with respect the open records process. 
"Harmonizing the various agencies Code Federal Regulation procedures for FOIA would major step forward," noted Fitton. other organization appreciates the need for government transparency more than Judicial Watch.  Since its inception, has filed more than 400 Freedom Information Act requests, leading the release millions pages documents. However, many agencies have stonewalled the release information, forcing Judicial Watch pursue expensive litigation. Moreover, when documents are finally released, often important information redacted, rendering the documents useless, longer timely. 
For example, Judicial Watch recently received 915 blacked-out pages documents from the Bush Justice Department response court order demanding that the government turn over information pertaining Bill Clintons last minute controversial pardons. These pardons took place more than four years ago. 
"Rarely newsworthy controversial FOIA request responded substantively agencies the federal government unless Judicial Watch seeks remedy filing lawsuit the U.S. District Court for the District Columbia. Even then, executive departments and agencies have defied court orders," continued Fitton. 
While noting significant problems with the current system, and registering objections any policies that would interfere with open records requests, Judicial Watch did express gratitude Senator Cornyn for his effort "reforming broken process." 


Abortion Pill Linked Death Women 

Access information vital Judicial Watchs campaign eliminate corruption from our government and our legal systems, and the open records Freedom Information Act key tool successfully used Judicial Watch acquire information from the government. The following analysis recent documents obtained Judicial Watch through the Freedom Information Act its investigation RU-486, dangerous drug approved the Clinton Food and Drug Administration for the purpose abortion. 
Background: effort appease radical pro-abortion activists, the Clinton Food and Drug Administration hastily approved the abortion pill, RU-486, September 28, 2000. Judicial Watch immediately filed FOIA request and then battled the government court force the release documents pertaining the decision approve the drug. learned through the 
FOIA documents obtained Judicial Watch. 

document release that the FDA approved RU-486 under the "Accelerated Approval New Drugs for Serious Life-threatening Illnesses," measure intended apply drugs for illnesses such cancer and AIDS. (This, course, was completely inappropriate given the fact that RU-486 does not treat any illness, serious otherwise. designed for the expressed purpose terminating life.) Judicial Watch also uncovered clinical trials that revealed serious health complications resulting from the use the drug, including internal bleeding and the passing large blood clots. Recent press reports linking the deaths two women RU486 prompted once again file open records requests and forced the release government documents relating the matter.  The following medical report obtained from the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research contains the medical history one the women who died after using the drug. (Warning: The following information contains some graphic medical details.) 
continued next page. 

Key Excerpts: Relevance: 
Food and Drug Administration Medical Products Report, June 2002: female patient (age unknown) was treated with misoprostol (dose unknown) mouth [date withheld] for abortion. [date withheld] she was given misoprostol 800 per vagina, plus another drug (possible mifepristone). The patient was also given antibiotics for any possible infection and paracetamol for pain relief. The termination went well and the patient was fine [date withheld.]" 
"In the night, the patient went nightclub. She complained pain her leg, headache and racing heart. She collapsed the nightclub and was hospitalized. The patient died soon after" 
"On [date withheld] autopsy revealed liter blood the patients stomach and two gastric ulcers. The coroner now looking the drugs given for the termination, which could have possibly caused heart problem and thrombotic events." Note 

Despite the best attempts radical pro-abortion activists and the Clinton administration paint RU-486 harmless and effective drug, these documents tell different story. The autopsy the woman who died the 
same day she was treated with the drug reveals pattern symptoms consistent with clinical studies that proved RU-486 dangerous, and potentially lethal, drug for the women who take it. These clinical studies were available the Clinton administration prior its approval RU-486, which begs the question: Did Bill Clinton and his political appointees the Food and Drug Administration put their 
political interests ahead the health and well-being thousands women and unborn children? will continue investigate RU-486 and educate the public about its dangerous and deadly side effects, while also pressuring the Bush administration review the safety and effectiveness the drug. 
Clinton FDA Commissioner Jane Henney admitted that "the agency broke precedence" not publishing the names the experts who reviewed the drug, the name the company that would manufacture the drug. doing, the agency helped protect the manufacturer and those who reviewed the drug from the deluge liability claims that are sure follow. reproduce any portion this publication, you must always acknowledge the source.  Judicial Watch, 501 School Street S.W., Suite 500, Washington D.C., Tel. (202) 646-5172, Fax:  (202) 646-5199, 


Jerry Doyle, Host the Jerry Doyle Show: Joining the program discuss the ethics process Washington and other issues Tom Fitton. the President Judicial Watch.  

Tom Fitton, President: Hi, Jerry.  How are you? 
Doyle: I'm reading this article about the recent DeLay scandal. this really how out control lobbyists are Washington, D.C.? 
Fitton: Yes, and these are people conservative side the aisle that are talking about here. These folks, who are known for having conservative views, were bilking tens millions dollars from Indian tribes and looks like some the money was being funneled Tom Delay send him trip overseas. recall, Jerry, when the Republicans swept into office 1994, they were screaming about, and rightly so, the Democratic corruption the House Representatives. You had the House bank check-kiting scandal where you had all these representatives writing checks off accounts that did not have money them, and you had few congressmen going the post office and cashing stamps provided them the U.S. taxpayer.  Dan Rostenkowski went jail for that. The Republicans came saying, "We're going clean up."  And now see these scandals which are under FBI investigation. really ugly. 
Doyle: this the strategy right now? Are Democrats trying recreate the image corrupt Republican administration like the Republicans Congress did the Clinton administration 1994, that they can say that they are going sweep white horse and fix all the problems Washington, D.C.? 
Fitton: Well, there has certainly been lot attention paid the way Republicans have been running Congress and the lax ethical standards that are implemented the House Representatives. 
Doyle: The Republicans certainly not have the patent padding their own pockets. They are certainly beating Tom Delay, but then you have Bernie Sanders out Vermont.  His spokesman basically said, "Look, this just what everybody does." The Vermont Republican party chair, Jim Barrack, came out and said, "If it's corruption when Tom Delay does it, then it's corruption when Bernie Sanders does it." However, the fact that they are all doing does not make right. don't know the American people are are even aware just how much money being thrown these elected officials 
continued next page. 

under the guise pursuing the betterment this country when, effect, $100,000 play golf Scotland. 
Fitton: Well, that's right and both parties are involved and does not make right. The question is: how are going police Congress? Congress supposed police itself. The members themselves are supposed enforce its rules and ethics standards. There way that now. When you are talking about ethics rules, you are not talking about conduct covered federal law.  Unfortunately, outside groups cannot ride herd everything. Members must what right even not covered law. 
Doyle: Mr. Fitton, this could appear relatively new phenomenon. Maybe something that has always been taking place, but now the stakes are high and the power grab great. 
Fitton: out control and largely because the size the federal government many respects. When you have government that's taking over trillion dollars year you can't stop it. This why the left fails understand the issue corruption government. Big government means big corruption and the government can make break business, make break industry, you can bet that industry going spend much can make sure that able survive. This what the Indian tribes were doing, the behest these lobbyists. But tell you, Jerry, this real crisis confidence. The Democrats certainly have lot answer for well. Hillary Clinton terribly corrupt. have been investigating severe campaign finance scandal that she was involved in, every bit serious anything that they are talking about with Tom Delay.  But the Republicans run the levers government right now.  They are going held higher standards and cross they must bear.  

Doyle: you had rate corruption the government, regardless what party involved scale 1-10 with being the most corrupt, where would you put that number today? 
Fitton: would put the number arent quite Third World yet, but allow these lapses where those responsible are held lesser standard 
and not held account, before you know it, are not going much better. 
Doyle: How are going able change the system, take the money out and put the principles back in? 
Fitton: Obviously, that big job. The first thing you start throwing people jail when they commit crimes. That would good lesson politicians 
and lobbyists stay within the bounds the law. terms how get the money out, was saying earlier, long the government big is, the money devoted trying influence will always high. there may not way get the money out, but should transparent and legal and ethical about how conduct business. 
Doyle: What are the chances Hillary Clinton someone like that going jail? 
Fitton: That has yet determined. Hillary Clinton was involved campaign finance scandal. Former JWclient Peter Paul gave her million. She never