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Judicial Watch • Nora B Fischer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Nora B Fischer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Nora B Fischer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Nora B Fischer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:22

Date Created:November 9, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Nora B Fischer, Fischer, Estate, 2009, INVESTMENTS, EPA, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Government Act of1978
Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app.  101-1 Person Reporting (lut name, first, middle initial) Court Organization Date Report  
Fischer, Nora  District Cowt, Western 51312010 Title (Article judges indicate active senior Status;  Sa. Report Type (check appropriate type) Reporting Period  
magistrate judges indicate full-or pan-time)  
Federal District Court Judge Active Nomination, Date Initial [l] Annual Final 01/01/2009 12/3112009  
sb. Amended Report Cbambcn Office Addreu the bails tbe lnformatlon contalntd this Report and any  
modlflc1tlon1 pemlnlng thereto, la, opinion, compUancc  
Suite 5260, Post Office Cowthousc  with appllc1ble l1w1 and reiulatlons.  
Seventh Avenue Grant Street  
Pittsburgh, 15219  
Reviewing Officer Date 
I!tfPO ANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where yo" have reportable information. Sign lastpage. POSITIONS. (Reporting lndivUlual only; see pp. 9-13 filing insuucdom.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable positions.) 
r--. :-.  :::.... ...... '. .,c.--  
II. AGREEMENTS. (Rponlng lndJvUluaJ only; set pp. U16 jlllng lnsrrucdons.)  r"" ',-, r.  0-.- 11  
[Z]  NONE (No reportable agreements.)  .,., 

Fischer, Nora 
Name Penoo Reporting 
Date ofRrport 
Fischer, Nora 
III. N-INVESTMENT ME. (Reporting individual am/ spouse; see pp. 17-U f/Jlng /nstrllct/ons.) Filer's Non-Investment Income 
[{] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 

(yours, not spouse's) Spouse's Non-Investment Income If101l wen 1t1arried d11Ting111t1portion Dfthereport/ngfttlr, CMrtpktethu don. 
(Dollar amount not required except/or honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 2009 Highmark Inc. -salary 

IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -tranrpartatiDn, lodging, food, entenalnmenl. (Includes those spcuse and dependent children; see pp. 25-27 filing instructions.) NONE (No reportable reimbursements.)  Academy Trial Lawyers  9/30/09 IO/l/09  Farmington,  Activity professional  Transportation, meals, hotel  
Allegheny County  assoc civic organization 

V GIFTS. (Includes t/11m sptJUse and deptndent children; stt pp. 2-11 filing lnslructions.) 
[Z] NONE (No reportable gifts.) 

VI, LJABJLJTJES. (lnc/wlei those spouse arul dependent children; set pp. 32-JJ filing lnslructions.) 
[Z] NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 

Name Person Reportlni: 
Dale Report 
Fischer, Nora 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS income, ra!u tranSact1ons (Includes those a/spouse and upendent childrm; u PP. J4-6o fi11nc 1nm1mn.r.J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.)  
Description Assets  Income during  Gross value s.t end  Transactions during reporting period  
(including trust assets)  reporting period reporting period  

(2) (I) (4) (S) 
Place "(X)" afcr each asset exempt from prior disclosure  Amount Code  Type (e.g., div., rent,  Value Code2  Value Method  Type(e.g., buy, sell,  
(A-H) int)  (JP)  CodeJ  redemption)  

Value  Gain  Identity  
Code2  Code  buyer/seller  
(JP)  (A-If)  (ifprivate  
transaction) PNC Bank accowits  Interest Qualified Plan -American AMCAP Fwid -American Europacific Growth  Dividend Dividend -Dodge Cox Stock  Dividend -Federated Kaufman Small Cap Fund  Dividend  FPA New Income  Dividend  Buy (add1)  91412009 Rowe Price International Bond  Dividend  
10. -Prime Fwid Cap Reserves 11. -Champlain Small Company Fwid Adv  Interest Dividend  Sold (part)  09/01/09  
12. -Chesapeake Core Growth Fwid  Dividend  
13. -Eaton Vance Large-Cap Value  Dividend  
14. -Forward Intemt1 Small Co-Instil shs  Dividend  
15. -Oalcmark Internt'l Small Cap 16. -Pioneer Equity Income  Dividend Dividend  
17. -SouthemSwi Small-cap N/C  Dividend loan $50,000,000 Value Melhod COO..  QApproi$111 Cost (Real Estate Only) =Asseumcnt -Cash Markd  
(5" Column C2l Book Value  V-Otber  WEstimated  

Name Pcnon Reporting 
Date Report 
Flscher, Nora 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -illcome, l'lllue, transactions (lncluda those Spt>USl!tllld dependelfl childw