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OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 36-05

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 36-05

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the Senate that had done report, and that was the feeling 
those who had been involved the report that Mr. Livingstone's 
credentials were not sufficient hold such important office the 
White House. 
Did you ever have discussions your office about concerns that you had about Mr. Livingstone's credentials his job the Personnel Security Office? No. 
Ms. Comstock. the course the pass process, there were numerous extensions throughout the process temporary passes. have few here. will make these part the record. This December 13th memo for the Secret Service from White House security; subject, extension passes. understand you were not there that time, but this two-page list individuals who needed have their passes extended. Most them were 90-day extensions. CGE 47029 through 30. Make this Exhibit 
[Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. 
was marked for identification.] MS. COMSTOCK: 
-------------- This list appears extending the temporary passes. There are number new White House staffers. Mr. Stephanopoulos included here, Mr. Eggleston, Ira Magaziner, many individuals who had been the White House from January 2oth forward. 
Did you ever have any discussions about why these temporary passes 
continued extended, you know, month after month? Yes. Did there come time when you had meetings -could you describe 
those discussions? The discussions, knew that these lists were processed over some period time, and when list like this would come in, the administrative personnel would have into the E-PASS system and extend the pass; that because they didn't have permanent passes. knew that they didn't have permanent passes because background investigations and requests for permanent passes had yet submitted the administration. fact, when you started '94, not too many files had probably come through the office, had they? No. of36 7/28/9911:31 
...__t"_ ..... _____ ---------------- '93, whoever was there, there weren't too many files going through them; that correct? couldn't say. can only tell you what did. Did you discuss this with your supervisor, these extensions, while you were there? Well, there not lot discuss, really. These are individuals that worked the White House and needed access the White House. would honor the administration's request extend the passes. know that certain point time, though, there were some concerns because the amount time, the number extensions they were given where didn't have chance review the backgrounds, and again from protective concern that, you know don't know 
because the meetings that went address this issue really went level above me. The GAO report, White House passes, which issued October 
1995, page the report --I have copy the report here. Directing 
your attention page 16, towards the bottom right above step sorry -the middle paragraph the page. After satisfactory Yes. Towards the end that paragraph says, the case extension, the Executive Office the President requests the Secret Service extend the temporary pass. After one extension the Secret Service contacts the requesting office provide rationale for additional extension, according Service officials. 
Were you aware the Secret Service contacting the Counsel's Office about these additional extensions get rationale for them? There were lot discussions and meetings, but again that was not held myself. That was level above me. 
Ms. Comstock. will make page the GAO report Exhibit 
[Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. 
was marked for identification.] MS. COMSTOCK: any time did anyone bring your attention that Craig Livingstone 
had had criminal complaint brought against him November 1993 
regarding threats neighbor? wasn't aware that. 
-.... 1"' ........... ----_....-... ------------ has recently been made public the newspaper that had threatened "beat your face in," had threatened neighbor "beat your face in" because her dog barking. Would that have been the type material general that would have been concern you reviewed file, that kind information had been file, someone making threats against neighbor? Yes, would have. Would that have been the kind thing that you would have raised with supervisor, that somebody had made that kind threat? depends upon the assessment that the FBI wrote the summary. don't take -because somebody has lodged police complaint against somebody, don't take that and itself- Why don't --I talking generally, but the person had 
acknowledged that they said this, would that have been concern 
was recent event? depends the explanation. These things are very exploratory. Again, are looking the whole person and trying make assessment the person, obviously doing little snapshots time. But incident like this, yes, would flag concern, but you would have look more the person. Would you have concerns about individual who had made such threat, what their judgment would terms judging other people's suitability the White House? don't think very related. 1994, was there large number volunteers coming into the White House, your knowledge? Yes, there were. Did that have impact the system terms the E-PASS and the WAVES, that there were large volumes people? Not 1994. wasn't until 1995. There were large number 
volunteers that were the access list, and they would show 
gate, identify themselves, provide driver's license, some other form 
identification, and issued temporary pass good for one day. They 
would turn the pass when they left. There were, however, some 
volunteers that were issued permanent passes. far having pronounced effect the system, no, the system was 
able deal with it. 
That and itself --there were many cumulative things over time 
where did have pronounced effect the system, the number 
Depusition Ji::tt unu.:rcotter 1'T'' ,.11'-'"4' ... "b'"' ,,._.,.., .,.,.,....---1;r- 

visitors, the number --the number visitors and appointments and work tradesmen that came increased dramatically. The volunteers was another pass type; interns was another pass type. there were --l have stated previously that the system, the load the system, increased initially 100 percent. But spread over wide --many categories. When the issue the whole FBI files and all these 400 some, and now there are more files have learned about, first came public awareness, did Craig Livingstone ever contact you anyone else Me, no. Are you aware him calling anyone home others the Secret 
Service contact them about this matter? home, no. Are you aware him contacting individuals? think are both aware, there was Agent Cole's testimony 
what Mr. Livingstone told him the 7th the 12th. not sure the 
dates. That the only thing aware of. No. you know him contacting any the secretaries women who worked the WAVES office? Not that know of. 
Ms. Comstock. Did you want ask some questions? 
Mr. Goldberg. Yes. MR. GOLDBERG: Mr. Undercoffer, exactly, you remember, when did you start the 
White House? January 1994. What precisely are your responsibilities? 
 Okay. Again, pecial agent for the Secret Service assigned the White House Division. review background investigations, any investigations conducted the complex, any investigations that needed conducting the complex, investigations that would conduct, were responsible for doing. Issues like the access control one our responsibilities. The issues are varied that --and responsibilities 

W.199 ll'.H 
....... r ---o---------  

varied --anything that comes up. Let ask you about the background investigations. How many 
you think you would given month? You weren't there the start the administration, the numbers probably tailed off some degree '94; that accurate? There was point '94 lot background investigations, but then they died down. that because the backlog from '93 had been publicly identified you have explanation for it? can only speak things came into our office. There were lot background investigations that came all once, and would them. Once the numbers got down normal, what the average per month that you would look at? would probably month. When you look file, are you only looking the FBI summary, you have your own Secret Service data bases that would have exclusive information you would also run name against? There two types backgrounds that are done. One for pass requests, and that the FBI summaries. will military, and they contain DIS investigations. And the other backgrounds that ourselves for tradesmen that come in. They will -if there problem with individual, they will include police reports and information from our own data bases. That last clause, "and information from our own databases," that 
means for all three the previous categories? No. Only for background investigations that do. for hard pass you would not tap into your own data base see you had information that the Bureau had not uncovered that would relevant? not sure where the procedure done, but records check individual's name run. Before somebody first brought into the system, when they are given temporary pass, run their name our system. some point everybody who you have reviewed has been run through your own data base? Yes. of36 712819911:31 That has nothing with anything. was curious about that. 
What are your responsibilities for the data base systems? Which- The E-PASS and the WAVES? administratively oversee them. some technical components 

them. there changes that need done for putting --for doing 

add-ons going expand the system, will help design the system. You said you started January 1994. Did you know Nancy Gemmell all? No. Tony Marceca? No. No, didn't. you don't have direct knowledge any event '93. You are here 

more expert witness than fact witness? Yes. How about Lisa Wetz!; did you deal with her? Yes, did. Was she the person who would bring your attention any problems 

with names? Lisa had brought names attention, did Craig. you recall how often that might have happened? estimate over the whole time period from when first became 

aware the problem until had resolved was about names. This for everybody the system. want ask you about the audit you did, because you relied July 
8th, 1993 looking the dates there --'83 list that, correct wrong, somebody found desk drawer some point? No, was our file drawer. Are you able from either WAVES the E-PASS recreate lists that 
were provided the Office Personnel Security '93? cannot from WAVES.