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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-07

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-07

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Date Created:August 16, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:hired, husband, investigator, wanted, campaign, press, years, wright, hillary, FBI, IRS, ICE

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aiting downstairs when down the hall. "You you were standing ioorning voice, which .ider. After couple 
Ut crying." )use, the undercurrent stopped one day ing with his one-year1 the kitchen. Chelsea her-only with '.>rce," sang, want 
Bill had sought solace 1at longer had ?Osal, was forced nt, Dolly Kyle tried .iging exactly what could have perfect 
his favorite articles 
 would have breakfast 'Chelsea." she would have an1al instincts, Mrs. ClinShe idolizes him,'' said 
"Sure, sometimes she pin, and who could irl side her that few >re Hillary, adores Bill. their husbands. With her desire "part lot with charismatic illing overlook even part history. Hillary 
lf, and like Jackie,
cretly hoped she could fill the emotional void that propelled him from one adulterous affair another. 
Neither woman, course, succeeded. time when the press conspired keep the secret JFK's rampant womanizing, Jackie Kennedy was allowed suffer dignified silence. Not Hillary, who knew that Bill's fevered bed-hopping could trigger scandal that would cost them everything. they were going get Bill's career back track, Hillary had know what weapons-if any-Bill had handed the opposition. Bill's affairs wounded her personally, but they would also have practical political consequences. early 1982, Hillary hired former FBI agent and private investigator named Ivan Duda investigate her husband. "She wanted get the dirt Bill," Duda said, "to find out who was fooling around with. But her purpose having find out about those women was not she could confront Bill with the hurt attitude 'How could you this me?' Instead, was damage control, pure and simple." 
Duda's dossier Bill. focused those women the governor was seeing with some degree frequency. came with eight women," the investigator said. Gennifer Flowers was the top the list, but that was not the name that Hillary found most upsetting. "What really ticked her off," Duda said, "was that one them was employee the Rose Law Firm ... 
Duda claimed his report "enabled Hillary Bill and work out arrangements for keeping those women quiet-by offering them jobs, promotions, contracts better positions, whatever took keep everything hush-hush. 
"Hillary's main job wife," Duda added, "is protect Bill from himself-to pretend, playact, deny, lie, and cover his rear end." 
Whatever the tensions between them, Bill and Hillary pulled together for the 1982 gubernatorial campaign. This time, they heeded Morris's advice and kicked off the campaign with thirty-second televised apology for hiking car license fees during his first term. 
"When was boy growing up," Clinton said into the camera, "my daddy never had whip twice for the same thing." The 

sey Wright had talked her husband out running that year, she accused the governor's chief staff overstepping her bounds. The two women quarreled bitterly over whether Bill should enter the race; one occasion, passersby watched amazement Hillary stood screaming Wright parking lot. Another time, Wright stormed out the Governor's Mansion with enraged Hillary hot pursuit. 
Out ofloyalty Bill-and genuine desire not hurt HillaryWright did not reveal all she knew. But when became evident that Hillary was the verge convincing him ahead with his plans run, Wright told her that "the same thing that happened Hart will happen Bill runs." 
Hillary continued press her for details, but Wright would only say that Bill had fact been "seeing" other women-lots other women. "Hillary," she said, "he admitted it." 
But what Wright did not know was that five years earlier Hillary had hired private investigator Ivan Duda trail her husband. Back then, the eve ofBill's r982 comeback election governor, Duda had come with list eight women had been sneaking away meet all hours the day and night. Hillary ignored most the names; she did not believe Duda had come with enough hard evidence prove that Bill had had affairs with six the women. the eight, she accepted the fact that Bill was probably sleeping with Dolly Kyle Browning and Gennifer Flowers. 
"You'd hardly describe either Hillary Betsey naive," another Clinto str observed. "Of course Betsey f?r granted that Hillary knew about Bill's cheating. But she wasnl.'sure how much she knew, how she would react." 
Wright could not, fact, have anticipated Hillary's response. Rather than expressing anger her husband, she looked Wright and asked, "Who going find out? These women are all trash. Nobody going believe them." 
But Wright stood her ground, insisting that the risk was too great the wake the Gary Hart Monkey Business scandal. his own conduct, Bill had simply made himself too vulnerable. "Now not the time," Wright said. "The climate all wrong. Bush too strong. Bill has got wait until next time ... ri 
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