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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-09

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-09

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-09

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Date Created:August 16, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

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JUNE 26, 1996 


JUNE 26, 1996 

Printed far the use the Committee Government Reform and Ovemght 
For s;tlc !he U.S. Government !' Office Supc:rinc.cndcnt Documcn[J.. Cangz=1on2! Salt$ Office. Washlngron. :!0402 ISBN 0160536294 
Mr. SraoMAN. und.etanding that. not d.epoirition corci11tent  pursuant Res. 369; th8!. you lui testimon:,'-the witnesti here Ya; unarily and i:s going give 11, sworn .!taLemenc.. thAt correct1
:Ms. OLSON. That's precisely hel"!l ju!!t give .sworn st.atement andstate what knows. just going a.!k him who is, where lives and what:. hu.
other re!!.l qutioa. why did decide d.o thla, 
Mr. STRoMAN. Okay. 
Quation.. you could give your full name? 
A.Illwer. full name Dennis Micha.el Carey, C-A.-S-E-Y.
Quution. And Cll.Il you just tell u!! what you cia for living?
Answer. Ye:s. own public relations firm and function also a.5 political con. 
aulta.nt and political analyst.
Qtu:stion. Arid where public relations firm locac.ed? 
Amwer. Pitt:iburg-h,
Quetttian. And when you function 9.! p:ilitical analyst, i.s that out your fum1
Answer. Yes. it'is one the services through the firm.
Qzu:stian. thi.5 time, would just you, you have statement make? 
Answer.Quution.'{es, do. Would you ples.e g:ive that statement? 
Answer. Yes, ma'am. 19, wa.s hired ru!!ist the Primll.l"Y Election eJTort farmer United. Sl:a.f:etl Senator Gary Hart Pennsylvania. Specifically, s.ssist.ed .scheduling th11 =did.ate and d.iting' the political acti ities western Pennsy[v!lllia.. The cam don' mee.n interrupt you, but you need. little slower. Ob.y, 
Answer. The c.B.tnc11.ign used privat..6 office 1502 E11:1t Carson Street chaSouth Side Pittsbunsh, and ollice also exi:ited the Westin William Penn Hotel downtown ?ittsburgh. )t!y oriice was ror statewide staff and the hotel offior: was for national staff membel"l!. first came contact with Craig the William Penn Hotel. meeting was held au!.11 concern hat and State labor leadcr:i and !!Orne prollli 
nent public officials were strongly allied behind the Mondale. Mr. Livingstone had legal pad with him and began report some the 
peccadilloes and vulnerabilities the:ie hooe:i either neutrali.1:ing them their rupport switched from H'.art. d.o not recall the a.8.llle:i this time, but recall numher them were from the Beaver County ares. which Mr. was ative. ould note. :oo, that's strong labor section and heavy voter registration area. WB.11 greatly upset with Mr. Llvingscone. viewed the matters We.! ing IL! personal matters that woul adveely affect the lives and families people. told him that wanted such work done this area. and thac felt the 
mere g'l!.thering this information could harm the etrorts Senator Hart and thAt any 11ttemp u:se the information would caure the labor leader.i support the 
even more adamantly, Livin8'8tone disagreed. and. d.irection hirn that type work. He, recall, left the room angrily. 
That; evening met Mr. Marceca.. who under.itand Wa.5 member the H'.art national saitr assigned seemed like affable mLll when grop were having' cooling-out session Mario's Ra:staurant, adjacent then office talked about the Worth Mr. Livingstone'! information. and recall ted. was time for the Hart campaign play "'hardballn with the dirt Mr. Livingi!tone had gathered. stated would have part a.nd that Wall not how viewed the political
The next morning, came and WB.ll informed that Mr. arceca hs:i been office prior arrival and had removed money rrom r.he petty eaCI box. the drawer and $200 was missing. tracked him down telephone caU and whatnot, and apologi:i:ed. buthe said that needed the urgently gee handbill! printed and. distributed. COl:la!rninB' upcoming visit the Senator the South Side. said abo the money pay community children urchill.ll distribuce the fliers doorto-door. 
The oeXt day, children began t.o show the office as.king for their tried reach Mr. buL WI!.! unable Clo so. them from 
th.i.nX $10 each, a..s recall. tried Mr. Marceca., but
get bad:: 	touch with rne. 
theres.lier, Lhe woman who owned shop down the street s.p. B.lld asked paid for the fliers. paid her. again a.Lt.empted 
Mr. Marc:ecs.. call WB..S not returned. 

AS, thi.t paint, appros.c:hed codirect.or. Dan Calegari, who will deviate from 
the 1t;at!ment for moment, from Hill, New 11.:1 rccAll. was !en frall1 New Hampshire t.a Pitt.sburg'h. And told about this apparent theft. called 11. man whe name recall was the Washington Ha.rt 
cillios. who wa.s charge national st.a[!', told Mr. Reese that 
'{fl!/ opinion, Mr. MarCecs. had committed the.fl. and that would not permitted

bdc offia!. 
Th next. day, Mr. Marceca telephoned state that had been reamed out Mr. Reese, and remember the quote-iL stayed mind all these yiia.n
you guys gt>t good. Iig-ht between the eyes. and. slammed down the phone that. 

That nigh!., Gary Ha.rt confidante, Billy Shore, who was member the Sen 
.1.tor's pel"ona.1 Senate st.aff, arrived P1tLsburgh. meeting the William Penn 
Hot.el. with Dan Calegari attends.nee, a.ired concerns abou the campaign 
ta.ctie5 the men and sr..a.r.ed. that uniess they were distanced from the cam 
paign, would te:ii. 

Billy called Wasn ington. don't know who spoke with down here. and the 
bcl!t lcnawledge, both men were not seen around the Pennsylvania. campaign
again. the.L was of. naver hes.rd these until read newspaper accounLs the FBI mes 
tnatUr. the se.w clip Mr. Living!ltQne s.nd triggered mem. 

ory the event!!. And that's really whs.t know about. the11e genticmen. 
Qut.stian. the your memory, the statement which you have given 

trul:hful statement? 
Answer. Oh, yes, ma'am:.
Qu.cstion. Can you just tell us, your awn wards, why you are here today? 
Answer. It's B"?ing take minute. I've been the political consulting business 

for years and the last several years, have seen whal. regard thug eie 
ment. the business, 1994. did congre:55ions.l campaign for gen
tleman named Klink Pennsylvania. 

His apnent that. hired dete!:tive research the adoption
tecard:i Mr. Klink'!! and research child who that worked Washin gton. Let rephrase that. oldest daughter who worked . Wll!!hlngtan. was revul.sed t.hat, and firmly believe have obligation the oeople,
the percent the people this industry who work issues, who work honestly get people elected, make sure that. this sort. thing doesn't happen. And liappcns the White House. and stress, happens the White House, it:'. has at.op. also realize putting myself great deal penal and. professional risk doing thi:s. went church before called t.he reflt what and. decided that. this was the right do. and C11.nnat judge inno-'I' cence guilt these men anything like that. only know this period time what happened. and that's why here today.M,,, 0LS01'. you have anything, Mr. Stroman? 
Question. you have any specific knowledge the me.tter!I involved the 
Whi!.e Houu file cant.roveniy?' 

Answer. No, sir. Na, sir. None whatsoever. 
Ms. OLSON. questions? 

Mr. STI!.oMAN.
Ma. OLSON. Ms. Caro.stock.  .. 
Ma. COMSTOCK. don't, either. 
The record dawn. 
The Wl'nl'ESS. Thank you.
(Casey Exhibit No. was marked for identification.) 
(When:upon, 3:35 p.m., the deposition was concluded..) 

,_.... ...