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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-06

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-06

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the event the manner that the Clintons would want done.1os his resume, wrote that the "Mission statement" his job, was "[pJrotect the integrity the Office the President." 107 also stated that was responsible for securing the PIC computer 
cellular phones, obtain position 
through 30, 1993.110 
meeting, Livingstone 
Clinton's new Cabinet 
known one 

Varney could not recall whether Livingstone mentioned the job the Security Office her whether she mentioned him.112 Ms. Varney did state that although she was unclear whether she told Livingstone about the position, she believes unlikely that she approached Livingstone about the position because she would not have known about that time.113 
According Associate White House Counsel Cheryl Mills, the end January beginning February, Deputy Counsel Vince Foster told Mills that was planning speaking with Livingstone about one the lower-level adniinistrative positions the Security Office.114 Mr. Foster also spoke with Varney about the position for Livingstone. described the work Varney as, "an administrative paper-pushing kind job, [for] someone who knew most the new Clinton emploiees, sit them make sure they got their paperwork done.' 115 Based Foster's description, Varney told Foster that Craig Livingstone would appropriate for 
ioe Livingstone deposition, March 22, 1996, 21. 
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18-20. (See Livingstone deposition. Livingstone, however, stated that was Varney 
about the position the Security office.) 
llDeposition ofChetyl Mills, August 1996, 15. 
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117Milla deposition, 16. 

failed recall any contact whatsoever with Mr. Foster when testified under oath his deposition.120 The Security Office position for which Livingstone interviewed with Foster and Mills was relatively low-paying and not challenging position Living
stone wanted.121 
According White House records, Livingstone began working the Security Office February 1993.122 that date, wrote memo Cheryl Mills reviewing the duties and personnel the Security Offi.ce.12a Mr. Livingstone states the memo that "reviewed the White House Security Office requested." 124 stat that Jane Dannenhauer and Nancy Gemmell would staying Livingstone. also 
IRS and FBI for briefings ingstone 
Deputy Counsel directing Dannenhauer notify her staff that effective February 1993 Craig Livingstone would serve the Director the White House Security Office with Dannenhauer serving his "advisor" until March 1993, "whereupon, expected. she will submit her resignation. 125 
According Cheryl Mills' testimony, Livingstone was assistant the office and more senior person was hired 
replace Jane Dannenhauer. When asked whether she recalls learn

had become the Director the office, she testified: don't ever recall learning that fact, but 
sure there became point time later the year when must have been self-evident. But don't recall learning that fact." contrast, the February 1993 memo, with her handwritten notes the margin, clearly and explicitly shows that Livingstone himself informed her that was the Director the Security Office. Associate Counsel William Kennedy, who eventually was assigned the responsibility oversight the Security office, was not hired until February 10, 1993, days after the memo was written.121 
Livingstone testified his first committee deposition that Christine Varney introduced him people the Counsel's Office, one whom was Cheryl Mills.128 Mr. Livingstone stated that had brief discussion with Mills about the position the Security Office, which she described largely administrative.129 Ms. Mills explained him that she would not overseeing the office, however ing that 

pp. 22-23. 16. 
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document CGE 053841. 
i2asecurity FBI Files heari June 26, 1996, 215. 


someone would soon appointed. Shortly thereafter, William Ken
nedy was appointed Assistant Counsel the President and took
control oversight the Security Offi.ce.13
Former White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum recalled yet another version the hiring Craig Livingstone. stated, "at the time arrived the White House January 20, 1993, shortly thereafter, Craig Livingstone was acting already the Office Personnel Security. That's when Mr. Foster and arrived .... [h]e was the White House, believe, when got there." 131
Former Assistant Counsel the President Kennedy testified that Livingstone was already working the Security Office. arrived the first week February and went the payroll February the 10th, bel eve. When arr ved, Cra was Acting Director the Office White House 
Security. was informed Mr. Foster that was the position was under consideration for.
don't know who told Mr. Foster that what basis.1
Mr. Livingstone himself stated that was working the office when Kennedy arrived the White House. Mr. Livingstone was not payroll the time, and stated that still considered him
self "advance person." 133 Mr. Livingstone did not the pay stone had probationary period while waiting for his FBI background investigation completed.1
His FBI background investigation was initiated February 18, 1993 and completed March 13, 1993,135 the course Livingstone's background investigation FBI Agent Dennis Sculimbrene conducted nterviews March 1-3, 1993, Livingstone's supervisors the White House, including Bernard Nussbaum and Bill Kennedy. Agent Sculimbrene took contemporaneous notes the meeting where Nussbaum mentioned that although had only known Livingstone for the period time since had been employed the new Clinton administration, 

understood that Craig 
"had come recommended him HILLARY 
added that Mrs. Clinton "has known his mother for longer period time." Mr. Kennedy told Agent Sculimbrene that ''he did not hire
Craig Livingstone and was aware that Livingstone "may not stay his current position." 
Another FBI agent who was assigned the White House, Gary Aldrich, recalled conversation with Assistant Counsel and Rose Law Firm partner Bill Kennedy.Mr. Kennedy asked the agent what type person should the position Director the Security Office. Agent Aldrich answered that should "somebody 
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