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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-08

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eral positions several different agencies.201 His plans came 
halt when the White House received his FBI background file and 
informed him that there were problems his background which 
would prevent his detail from being renewed and prevent him from receiving Presidential appointment.202 Mr. Marceca continued working the Office Personnel Security until his original 6-month detail ended February 1994.
hard pass and had full access the White House, his investigation was not completed until December 1993 was never cleared the Secret Service for permanent pass. Along the way, his daughter also joined the White 
House, apparently assisting the Office Presidential Person
ne1.2oa His son, Nathan, obtained White House job "gift analyst" the winter 1995.204 After leaving the White House, Marceca remained contact with both Livingstone and the White House. volunteered
swer phone calls from the "comments line" following the President's 
addresses the Nation. Mr. Marceca retained White House volunteer pass until May 1995 and remained volunteer access list until June 21, 1996, several weeks after the discovery the FBI files and Marceca's role became known.205 According phones message left for Livingstone, Marceca also appears have worked several Presidential and Cabinet level advance trips between 1994 and 1996.206 
Anthony Marceca far from the low-level clerk the White House has claimed. and Craig Livingstone worked together politi
cal "team" since 1984 and continued their partnership the present. Given the backgrounds both Livingstone and Marceca, astonishing that the Clinton administration would put these two individuals the sensitive office Personnel Security with access the FBI file any person who has ever had background investigation. MARCECA PARLAYS HIS POLITICAL BACKGROUND WITH CRAIG 
Anthony Marceca testified that met Craig Livingstone while 
they were both doing advance work for the Gary Hart campaign 1984.201 
The two had become friends and discovered that they 
Marceca document (unnumbered} calendar Anthony Marceca dated December 27, 1993; January 1994; January 14, 1994; ruary 1994; February 25, 1994; and,
202Kennedy deposition, June 18, 1996, 41; deposition, June 14, 1996, 60. 
Marceca dated January 20, 1994: 
"Andrea's first day Presidential Personnel." not clear what his daughter was doing for 
the office. There was FBI name check run her; however, she did not have White House 
204 Committee interview Jonathan Denbo, September 1996, 17. Mr. Denbo explained that met Nathan Marceca when came OPS fill out his new employee paperwork. Mr. Livingstone told Denbo that Nathan was Tony Marceca's 
205 Easley deposition, 57. Mr. Easley, who replaced 
stated, learned 
that Mr. Marceca had temporary volunteer ass that was May 1995, and since 
then has been the volunteer access list. Mr. Easley removed Marceca's name from the 
access list June 21, 1996, after the Secret Service notified him the name. 
206White House documents CGE 054248-54275. (The committee did not receive any notice 

the contact between the White House and Marceca until document production the September 1996. The White House documents had been subpoenaed the committee 
were over weeks late being produced.) 
201 Marceca deposition, 24. 

worked well together.208 Messrs. Livingstone and Marceca formed "advance team" where Livingstone would handle the public relations end the advance work and Marceca would handle the logistics end.209 Dennis Casey, political consultant from Pennsylvania, who worked for the Hart campaign 1984, remembered Livingstone and Marceca.21 Casey testified that, during campaign meeting, Livingstone was present and reported "peccadilloes and 
vulnerabilities labor leaders and prominent public officials hopes neutralizing them getting their support switched from Mondale Hart." 211 Mr. Casey testified that informed Livingstone that felt the gathering such information could hurt the 
campaign and directed him stop that type work.212 Mr. Liv
ingstone disagreed with Casey and angrily left the room.21a 
Mr. Casey recalled that met Marceca that time well. Mr. Marceca spoke with Casey about the information Livingstone gathered and told Casey that was time "play hardball with the dirt Mr. Livingstone had gathered."214 After incident which Marceca took $200 from the campaign petty cash, Casey called the 
Washington campaign office Gary Hart and notified the office 

that Marceca should not allowed back.215 Livingstone and Marceca worked several other 
After the Hart campaign 1984, they both moved 
Mondale campaign. Mr. Marceca stated that the manage
ment the Mondale campaign knew both him and Livingstone and 
kept them together team.216 1986 the two were asked 
work advance for the Hart for President announcement Colo
rado.217 Both Marceca and Livingstone accepted the invitation and worked advance with the campaign until Hart dropped out the race.218 1987, Livingstone asked Marceca work with him Gore's announcement.219 Mr. Marceca agreed and worked 
several advance trips with Livingstone for the Gore Campaign.220 
Mr. Livingstone contacted Marceca election night 1992. Now that Clinton had won the election, Livingstone was attempting get the position Director Security for the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC).221 Mr. Livingstone contacted Marceca approximately week later and asked him stop the Old Navy Yard, which was PIG Headquarters. When Marceca arrived the Navy Yard, Livingstone told him that had gotten the job Director Security for PIO and asked Marceca work PIG the 
210See, committee deposition Dennis Casey, June 20, 1996.
21sId., pp. 7-8. Mr. Casey 
that Marceca had entered his office and taken the $200. 
When Casey approached him day, Marceca plained that needed the cash get 
handbills prlntea and distributed. Mr. Marceca also explained that needed the money "pay 
community children urchins distribute the fliers door-to-door." After Casey called the 
Washington office inform them Marceca's actions, Marceca contacted Casey and said, "you 
guys got good, right between the 
21sMarceca deposition, June 18, pp. 25-26.
211Id., 27.
2LBid., 29.
219Id., 30.

Security Coordinator.222 Mr. Marceca accepted the offer and took the position volunteer basis, taking time off from his .Army CID position. According Marceca, worked directly under Livingstone planning the security aspect access Inaugural events.22s Mr. Marceca spent the day the Inaugural the "command post," the Navy building, "coordinating movements." 224 After the Inauguration was over, Marceca went back his job .Army CID. 
Craig Livingstone did not have such clear recall his work with Anthony Marceca. Although Livingstone stated that did meet Marceca 1984 while working advance the Hart campaign, his recollection was that worked with Marceca only "on occasion."225 When asked deposition whether knew any other campaigns Marceca worked on, Livingstone stated that knew that Marceca had worked the Hill and had ''vague recollection" that Marceca may have assisted the Inaugural.226 There direct conflict between Livingstone and Marceca's testimony. Clearly, Marceca testified that Livingstone asked Marceca work with him PIC, yet has recollection it. The two worked closely together. Marceca explained that worked PIC for least days and including the day the Inaugural.221 Marceca's quest for detail the White House 
Livingstone took position with the White House Office Personnel Security February 1993. Sometime after Livingstone began working the White House, Marceca contacted Livingstone inquire about the possibility detail the National Security Council the White House.22s Mr. Livingstone checked the National Security Council detail and reported back Marceca that did not think was possible.22s According Marceca, Livingstone explained that there was possibility opening for clerical type position his office, OPS.230 March 1993, Livingstone contacted Marceca and told Marceca that had gotten permission bring someone assist the office. described the position clerical-type position, "going over people's background reports and making files and collating information, and did not involve investigations."231 Livingstone asked Marceca send him resume that time. deposition before the committee, Livingstone recalled that Marceca had told Livingstone that wanted work the White House. Messrs. Livingstone and Marceca discussed general ways that Marceca might available assist the Office Personnel Security.232 
222[d., 35. 
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221 Marceca deposition, June 18, 1996, 36. 
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232Livingstone deposition, June 14, 1996, pp. 24-6. The White House requests Marceca 
Mr. Livingstone presented the idea Marceca's detail Associate White House Counsel William Kennedy.233 Mr. Marceca had interviews scheduled with Kennedy March and 24, 1993.234 After interviewing Marceca, Kennedy wrote Secretary Defense Les Aspin April 1993 request the detailing Anthony Marceca. The detail was non-reimbursable basis, OPS, beginning April 12, 1993.235 Mr. Kennedy stated the letter, have learned Agent Marceca's unique investigative abilities and background and would greatly appreciate his full-time assist
ance here." 236 The following day Kennedy received from David Allen, the Director Marceca's unit the Army Mr. Allen recommended Marceca for the detail, stating, ''Mr. Marceca always the master every situation," and "[he] sound and logical thinker, capable handling any number critical and sensitive missions one time." 238 his letter Kennedy, Allen warned Kennedy not dissuaded the military leadership CID objected the detail Anthony Marceca. further stated his readiness "to discuss, great detail, the high regard have for Mr. Marceca both professionally and personally." 239 the same day, April 1993, Kennedy called Marceca.240 
The letter which was sent Secretary Defense Les Aspin April 1993 requesting the detail Marceca was then re-sent April 13, 1993. The text the l.etter the same, however the date had been changed.241 The next correspondence the attempt get Marceca detailed was June 22, 1993. that letter Kennedy wrote Colonel Michael Sheffield, Executive Secretary the Secretary Defense.242 this letter states that Craig Livingstone 
had requested that Special Marceca detailed the Office Personnel Security 
Mr. Kennedy also notes that Marceca's experience reviewing and screening potential candidates would invaluable OPS completing its ongoing review military personnel assigned the White House, well providing personnel services related security for the staff the Executive Office the President. 244 
Mr. Marceca's detail was ultimately approved August 1993, Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense, Lieutenant General Robert Alexander memorandum William Kennedy.245 August 1993 Marceca went the White House and received his hard pass giving him access the White House, although did not begin his detail the White House until August 18, 1993.246 
233Id., 25. 
234Antliony Marceca document (unnumbered). Calendar Anthony Marceca, dated March 18, 

1993; March 24, 1993. 
235White House document CGE 043823. 
237White House document CGE 043821.

240Anthony Marceca document (unnumbered). Calendar Anthony Marceca, dated April 

241 White House document CGE 043816. 
242White House document CGE 043819.


2'5White House document CGE 043822. 
246White House document CGE 043818. Detail authorization form for Anthony Marceca. Marceca has access the White House before his detail 
According White House records, Marceca was placed "access lists" Livingstone beginning early March 24, 1993.247 White House Access lists allow individual enter the White House without appointment for the period time that they are the list.24B Individuals who enter via access list, simply check any entry post, produce positive identification and are granted pass enter the complex.24s Mr. Marceca was placed access lists Craig Livingstone and granted continuous access the White House complex from March through July 31, 1993.250 
The Secret Service places individuals access list based request from the Office Personnel Security.251 Because Marceca was access list, could have entered and exited the White House any time throughout the month period before his detail began and there would record it.252 
The White House's attempts get Marceca detailed the Office Personnel Security lasted months and involved several attempts. Mr. Kennedy testified that was told Livingstone that the office could use Marceca's expertise dealing with the numerous members the military that have access the White House. 253 Despite all Kennedy's efforts, has vague recollection the complications obtaining Marceca even the outstanding qualifications that Marceca ostensibly possessed.254 Mr. Marceca, however, spent the majority his time sifting through SF-86's for errors and working the Update Project. appears that great amount time was spent getting friend Livingstone's detailed the Army's expense. Why was important detail Tony Marceca the White House? MARCECA'S INTRODUCTION THE WHITE HOUSE OFFICE 
The Clinton administration had problems getting through the paperwork necessary obtain permanent White House passes for its staffers during the first year and half the administration.255 One the problems was backlog the processing the SF-86 forms, which had been filled out new White House staff members. The SF-86 questionnaire which calls for sensitive and personal information from the appointee. Former White House Counsel A.B. Culvahouse described the form "designed affirmatively encourage the furnishing adverse derogatory information." 256 Each SF-86 was reviewed for errors and completeness. previous administrations, only the Counsel the President, his 
247White House document CGE 047382-3. White House access list. 
24BSecurity ofFBI Files hearings, July 17, 1996, 148. 
249Id., 147.
250White House document CGE 047382-047631.
251 Cer deposition, August 12, 1996 41. 
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2ss FBI Fil June 26, 1996, 129. 
June 1996, pp. 38-44. 255 See GAO report "Personnel Secur ty: Pass Security Clearance Data for the Executive Office the President," October 1995.2sssecurity FBI Files hearing, June 19, 1996, 32. 

deputy and the director the Security Office would review the SF86's.257 
Once checked, the SF-86 would sent the FBI begin the process background investigation. Anthony Marceca, temporary detailee, took responsibility for this project when began working OPS. Mr. Marceca testified that the first day began work OPS, the backlog SF-86 forms was piled his desk stack 2112 feet high.258
Although Marceca began working the White House August 18, 1993, prior that, August 9th, went the White House get his pass and discuss what his duties would be.259 According Marceca, met with Nancy Gemmell, Lisa Wetzl and Craig Livingstone.260 Mr. Marceca stated that that meeting Nancy Gemmell explained him the procedures follow for the duties would performing while working with OPS.2s1 Ms. Gemmell was holdover employee who had worked OPS since 1981, the beginning the Reagan administration.262 
During that meeting Marceca took notes what was told.263 Mr. Marceca stated that Nancy Gemmell showed him the procedures should follow completing the "Update Project" well other duties was expected perform.264 However when 
asked whether she personally gave Marceca the Secret Service list continue the Update Project, Gemmell stated, "[N]o sir; had idea who would assuming that responsibility." 2es Ms. Gemmell did leave behind written sheet instructions which would 
able refer after she left.266 Discrepancies Marceca's testimony stark contrast his testimony before the committee that 
thought everyone the "update list" was need access the 
White House complex, his handwritten notes make clear that 
was aware that OPS was responsible for taking former White 
House employees off the lists. wrote: ''De-activate (sic) former 
staff ... 267 Mr. Livingstone, Marceca's supervisor, also was 
aware that was the White House's responsibility inform the 
Secret Service who take off their lists active pass holders. March 1993 memorandum Associate Counsel Bill Kennedy, 
Livingstone wrote: 
Please note that there are many Bush Administration 
employees that still have active badges. USSS [U.S. Secret 
Service] informs that WHS [White House Staff]
sponsibility deactivate badges. working with 
257 Id., 46. 
2sa Marceca deposit on, 83. 

259Id., 60. 
2aoId., 153. 
2a2security FBI Files hear ng, June 19, 1996, pp. 38-39. Mrs. Gemmell stayed the 
Clinton adni atrat unt August 13, 1993 assist train the new staff. 

253 Anthony Marceca document (unnumbered). Handwritten notes Anthony Marceca dated 61. Files hearing, June 19, 1996 90. 
2B7Marceca document production (unnumbered). Handwritten notes dated August 1993.