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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-11

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-11

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-11

Category:Obtained Document

Number of Pages:1

Date Created:August 16, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:stone, HOURS, meetings, Entry, Whitewater, Livingstone, wright, files, SECRET, staff, meeting, ATF, president, clinton, White House, FBI, IRS, ICE, CIA

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Secret POHCe in overdriV8 infOnriatiori hints another 1993 Whitewater coVSrlrp
. .;  :......
.. .coincidentally,LiVingstone als1

1993, Bruce Linds.ay told his  President Bill q_ljnton,. .-,. met Tucker Foreman, the gov 
 emor!s. sister, several hours after .he artment was. about make.Arkan-=. 
,.tl},.e;plos1ve news: 'rb. J,ustice De-, ,....  1:i;   
':.;.What.. :wsC raig. Livmgstone doini
a,ps.e RRIS  .meeting..with Foreman hours-after tht 
,.'C4noP..:Tt!-ckr.cY,at? There 
.explanatio;q.. Perhaps the ..:"M" 
brothermet withthe'President.


over the co
SaVings roi., Lo'S.D.. 
6,. lmton and Tucker met for 
.my in. Fore ,.... n0;eent 
 tlielr firsfWhite House rendezvous:onhe the " these meetings. She wouIO: man-Livmgstone meeti.Ii.g involved. her .S'dmimstrfion. ';J:'he next day, ! fi.a4' no.j)r.otessiqn:a.1 reason .m. tpp:leve}ob. But 'i( so,
secret police appear have swung .:with Livings one. B,ut Betsey was them-.. wa_s only_ ti:rne W).iite 'Hoe logs
'"='.   stitutional Diemory"of'the Clintons' Ar-fleet .ft: direct encounter between a high ....available Secret Service"Iogs 'ka:risas yeais.. Sheliad'been Gov. Clin- lev'el jop applicant andLiving;itQne. show. that:on Oct. and).4, 1993:top-.  on's-cliief staff, campaign manager These WlriteHouse entrY lQgs; o'Qtainee
.1Qton .damage-c?ntrol specialist. Betsey uniier  su?na :..e -..cnseryltiv
any Arka.nsas:.: Wght held, White House summit meet-_, cns1si was contact her group Judicral sliew clear neec Lvihgstone -:-:.the kper. tolearn .what might.come out;   for further.questioning ofLiwiigstoae.
 ..tiftbe.FBUiles.  ..-,. .,., .: .... pattern the au.bsequent Wright-: 'Until now,"Livingstone "has tefuseq a,! QJ:!nton .e!?nl!.tj,  that the   aB.wer congr.ssionS;l: inq1:llrle, citing c4,ec ot;. Fift4D;lendinent rrghts:ags women and state troopei;J3 .ass1gnzp.ents .f'Or Wnght. How c.mmmation, Dan Burton, chairmanofthE>.nHet op.. e18"-tci e1ru.n House ntry '.Houe. Goveent qperations ommit. t'oz: Oct. Ji PI'!'S ecll;-St
embarrssmg inform that et- tee,
 tose witnsse II?-f