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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-18-16

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-18-16

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-18-16

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Jon Pifer 
Elizabeth Shapiro (possibly) 
Deputy General Counsel, FBI. The interview took place FBI Headquarters. Present were: 
Thomas Kelley Jon Pifer Elizabeth Shapiro James Gilligan David Anderson 
fonner General Counsel, FBI. The interview took place 
Jon Pifer 
David Anderson 
Chief, Field Infonnation Support Section, FBI. The 
Jon Pifer 
James Gilligan 
Other persons potentially having knowiedge relevant the FBI files matter who came DOJ1s attention during the scope-of-employment inquiry include (i) those individuals identified 

(ii) the individuals whose testimony before the House Representatives and/or the Senate (whether before committee, deposition) DOI reviewed list below), and (iii) any other individuals identified that testimony. 
Gary Grindler, then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Federal Programs Branch, also conferred with David Kenqall, counsel for Mrs. Clinton. 

-Cra.igLivingstone(6/14/96, 6/17/96, 9/24/96) (1004751-4800; 1004801-4830; 004831-4990) 
-Anthony Marceca (6/18/96) 005119-5199) 
-Bernard Nussbaum l/96) 
-Lisa Wetzl (6/17/96) 003937-3999) 

-William Kei:medy (6/18/96) 004093-4130) -James Bourke (6/17/96) 000516-75) -Gary Aldrich (7/18/96) 005312-5356) -Sherry Carner /24/6) (2 000494-515) -Dennis Casey (6/20/96) {l004594-97)

-Thomas Kelly (7/30/96) 000336-84) -Peggy Larson /24/96) 000282-316) -JohnLibonati (7/10/96) (1004547-4551) -George Saunders (7/16/96) 004690-4718) 

-Dennis Sculiinbrene (7/15/96) 003129-3777) 

-Jane Sherburne (7/23/96) 003378-3883) -JeffUndercoffer (7/10/96) 004552-4578) -Kathleen Walker (7/30/96) 000607-17) -Cecelia Woods (7/10/96) 000576-634) 
Other Statement! and Testimony Before the House 

-Statement ofLisa Wetzl (6/26/96) 003930-3936) -Statement ofWilliam Clinger (7/25/96) 020533-38) 
-Interim Report the House Oversight Committee 015843-912) 
-Transcript Hearings (Jane Dannenhauer, Richard Hauser, Arthur Culvahouse, Nancy Gemmell) (6/19/96) 015787-88; 015801-08; 004369-4443) 
-Transcript Hearings (Bernard Nussbaum, Craig Livingstone, Anthony Marceca, 
William Kennedy, Lisa Wetz!) (6/26/96) 005569-5827) 
-Trscript efHearings (Libonati, Undercoffer, ColeX7/17/96) 020643-842) 

-Transcript fHearings (8/1/96) 007028-7214) 
-Deposition Mari Anderson (10/1/96) 013093-13277) -Statement ofLisa Wetz! (6/28/96) 013303-09) 
-Interview Edward Hughes and Jonathan Denbo (6/26/96) 004444-4500)  
-Interview ... (Mary Kate Carroll, Graven Winslo: -=-;ia;;":tlru, 
..-/ .....
..... ........,. ___ 

------ 005357-5510) 006163'-6246)-__. 

-Pickup and Receipt White House Cartons 159, 214, and 215 (6/10/96) 
(FBI 000318) 
-Interview Peggy Larson 
and Sherry Carner (6/10/96) (FBI 000305-17) 
-Interview Vernon Thornton (6/10/96) (FBI 000303-04) 
-Interview David Kitchen (6/10/96) (FBI 000302) 
-Interview Barbara King (6/10/96) (FBI 000300-01) 

-Transfer White House Envelope from Howard Shapiro, ofletter from Jane 
Sherburne, and Dreylinger and Brasseux folders with letter (6/10/96) (FBI 000277-79) 
-Interview with USSS liaison FBI (6/10/%) (FBI 000153-54) 

-Interview Janice George (6/11/96) (FBI 000275-76) 
-Interview Jane Sherburne and transfer "Project Update11 folder with list (6/11/96) 
(FBI 000273w 74) 

-Telephonic interview San Antonio Special Agent Robert Zane (6/1 1/96) (FBI 000269-70) 
-Review and summary "White House Instruction Folders" (6/11/96) (FBI 000202268) 
-Telephonic interview Supervisory Senior Resident Agent David Malarney 
(6/12/96) (FBI 000200-201) 
-Interview Joseph Sawyer (6/12/96) (FBI 000198-99) 
-Transfer of71 folders from White House Special Associate Counsel Sally Paxton with 

list (6/1 3/96) (FBI 000194-197) 
-Telephonic interview John Graham (6/13/96) (FBI 000193) 

-Fallo!" interview Peggy Larson and Sherry Carner (6/13/96) (FBI 000192) 
-Interview Peggy Larson (6/14/96) (FBI 000172-73) 
-Interview Janice George (6/14/96) (FBI 0001 66-1 
-Follow interyiew with Joseph Sawyer (6/17/96) (FBI 000165) 
-Follow iI.Jterview with Janice George (6/1 8/96) (FBI 00015664) 

-Inerview ofDennis Sculimbrene (FBI 0001 43-150) 

-Report ofthe General Counsel, FBI, and attachments (6/14/96) 011271-11331) 
-Copy form request for previous background investigation report David Lee Black (FBI 003191) 
-Copy form request for previous background investigation report Patrick Adam Beers (FBI 003184) 
-Copy form request for previous background investigation report Marjorie Anne Bridgman (FBI 003209) 

Cate (FBI 006463)  
-Copy form request for previous background investigation report Cara Leslie Alexander (FBI 003484) 

-Inventory Names and documents entitled 11White House Personp.el Security Files 
Staff Prior 01/20/93" (FBI 000284-290) 

-Letter dated June 13, 1996 Howard Shapiro, FBI General Counsel, from Jane Sherburne, Special Counsel the President, with 1ttached receipt and lists (FBI 000476

-Letter dated June 25, 1996 John Bates, Deputy Independent Counsel, from Howard Shapiro, with attached list (FBI 004473-83) 
-one-page, unsigned, undated interview report Bernard Nussbaum and others for the apparent purpose Craig Livingstone's background investigation report (FBI 0004335) (the "Sculimbrene insert") 
-First Lady Discussion with Traveling Press (7/10/96) 006431)
-Declaration Anthony Marceca 6/9/96) 015 828-31) 

-Update Project 1-94 Marceca 00707-981) 
-generally, documents produced White House the House Government Reform Committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and OIC concerning the FBI files matter were reviewed; none were found which called into question DOJ1s determination that Nussbaum, Livingstone and Marceca acted within the scope their employment; all these documents that are non-privileged and responsive plaintiffs' document requests 
have been produced.