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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-21-02

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-21-02

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day, John McCain, Republican, accepted the challenge. just want the 
vice president accept the challenge. 
MR. RUSSERT: But the vice president's people went say this about your soft-money proposal, and they got rather specific: "In election after election, Bill Bradley took money from the Democratic Party. Now, would leave the party and every Democratic candidate, from school 
board U.S. senator, fend off for themselves, while George Bush 
and the Republican money machine try buy the election and take 
America backwards issues like education, gun control, environment 
and Social Security.,, the Democrats said soft money and the Republicans took it, 
they would outspend Democratic candidates across the country 
overwhelmingly. Would you unilaterally disarm? 
MR. BRADLEY: No, wouldn't unilaterally disarm. think takes 
two farsighted leaders. That's why did this this time. laid this out 
now far before the soft money being raised that people could begin focus this and, hopefully, that members ofthe press could begin ask Republican Democrat candidates, "Why not this?" This 
the public's interest. Everybody knows it's the public interest. 
have been country where have one person, one vote, but everybody 
knows that the people with the big bucks, particularly soft money, 
have bigger cloud the process. think they're fed up, and think that 
ifl said, John McCain, were the nominees our party, there 
would more soft money. 

MR. RUSSERT: You have talked repeatedly the campaign about the issue oftrust, And many your critics have pointed issue called ethanol, subsidy for ethanol production, which hugely popular Iowa. Let show you what you said five years ago the Senate 
floor about ethanol. "My attitude towards ethanol mandate well
known. does nothing positive for the environment. It's irrelevant with 
respect energy security issues. will cost taxpayers and the industry fortune. The ethanol mandate highway robbery." 
Bill Bradley now goes Iowa and says, "I'm all for ethanol." 
MR. BRADLEY: Right. You know, when was the Senate, 
represented state, New Jersey. This was not good for New Jersey. 

would have meant New Jersey taxpayers and consumers pay higher 
prices for their gasoline. would've been more difficult for meet 
our clean air standards. And also didn't like the fact that two-thirds 
the subsidy went one company. 
But now I'm running for president. have see the whole country. 
can'tjust see state. And I've spent the last seven months the road America. I've spent lot that Iowa. I've talked lots ofiowa 
farmers, and these are people who work seven days week. These are 

people that are salt the Earth. They're hard-working. They play the rules. They look out for their neighbors. 
And I've sat down with Iowa farmers who've shown their balance sheets and shown that world where corn prices are under bushel, that the ethanol stream ofrevenue one the things that keeps them afloat. think that this was occasion where decided listen the people, but not the policy wonks. And understand the sentiment behind this question and ... 
MR. RUSSERT: People would say, "!fit's against the environment, Senator, and it's highway robbery and it's not good for the taxpayers, you're flipping because you're pandering the farmers oflowa." 
MR. BRADLEY: Well, that's because don't think that they have sat and talked the farmers Iowa. don't think that they also understand the depth the farm crisis out there the Midwest. didn't until was out there. The farm crisis isn't New Jersey, it's the Midwest. But understand the sentiment. And, you know, the sentiment makes think the Peanuts cartoon where Lucy says Linus, "Do you think anyone ever changes?" And Linus says, changed lot last year." And Lucy says, "No, mean for the better." 
MR. RUSSERT: The AFL-CIO withholding its endorsement 
Gore because they say they want allow you opportunity continue speak out. You have been strong proponent free trade, strong proponent ofNAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement. Will you 
shave those positions all order secure labor's endorsement? 
MR. BRADLEY: No, was strong backer ofNAFTA. think it's created more positive results than negative. Some people have been hurt it. Those people ought helped. But think that, overall, it's benefit the country. also was major backer the WTO. worked the program for 12, years from the conceptual phase back 1983 and '84 when served panel worldwide seven people begin conceptualize what the round through the negotiating process over three administrations and through the passage the negotiated agreement the floor the Senate. think that the answer lot our economic problems more trade, more fairly shared worldwide. 
MR. RUSSERT: Chinese espionage: How serious problem you think is? And you believe the Clinton/Gore administration acted quickly and forcefully enough? 
MR. BRADLEY: think that the espionage Los Alamos serious. think that the administration's admitted that didn't act quickly enough. And think that those who are guilty need punished. think the same time, have have little perspective here and then have recognize that espionage talces place the world. Even we, from time time, commit espionage. think that the key thing here the 

security lapse, not the fact that espionage takes place. 
MR. RUSSERT: Who should punished? How high up? 
MR. BRADLEY: Well, think that ultimately that's got judgment made the commander chief, because he's the one responsible for the security the country. I've always thought that the key thing was make changes that will make something that not good better. those changes are made, then it's the president decide whose head rolls. 
MR. RUSSERT: the People's Republic China invaded Taiwan, what would Bill Bradley president? 
MR. BRADLEY: Well, Bill Bradley would have stepped back few moves before that and been very clear that the United States should say the Taiwanese government that they take steps toward independence, that they cannot count forany help. the same time, should clear the People's Republic that if, the absence those steps toward independence, they take actions that would military nature toward Taiwan, that would there. The one nation, one China important policy reaffirmed. It's long-you have have the long view here, and think did, that wouldn't have this problem. And regret what President Lee said last... 

MR. RUSSERT: Taiwan? 
MR. BRADLEY: Taiwan-said short-last week, the week before. think that should have been clear advance make sure that knows that this risk for him take any step toward independence. the same time, the People's Republic, the people there can't surprised outraged talk democracy. there's got meeting the minds both sides there order preserve this situation from becoming highly volatile and perhaps inflammatory. 
MR. RUSSERT: But the Chinese invaded Taiwan, what would do? 
MR. BRADLEY: Well, don't want deal with hypothetical, Tim, without all the facts there. But stands now, the Chinese invaded Taiwan, are committed help Taiwan. 
MR. RUSSERT: What you think the biggest problem confronting American society grow into the next century? 
MR. BRADLEY: thinkthat there are number, Tim. I've always believed that the racial divide inAmerica was our fundamental and deepest challenge. mean, slavery was our original sin, race remains our unresolved dilemma. And the need able see beneath skin color eye shape the individual tremendously important, and thinkthat's 

challenge for all us. think, also, that there something that's going the country that widely felt, and that people searching for some meaning their life that deeper than the material. And think that that profound reaction the materialism our time and the hollowness life you're only interested material things, and think that that also tremendous kind compass that will guide us, the right way, into the 21st century. 
MR. RUSSERT: People have watched Bill Bradley for long time. Let show you when you were MEET THE PRESS years ago. 
MR. BRADLEY: Oh, no. remember this. 
MR. RUSSERT: And here Tom Pettit NBC asking you question: 
(Videotape, February 1982): 
MR. TOM PETTIT (NBC News): Bill Bradley timetable for seeking the presidency the United States? you have master plan. 
MR. BRADLEY: I've said twice life stood courtside while the national anthem being played before the world championship basketball and thought myself, "There's place the world I'd rather and nothing else I'd rather doing." That's exactly how feel about being the United States Senate. 
(End videotape) 
MR. RUSSERT: And now? 
MR. BRADLEY: had lot hairthen, didn't And nowI've decided that ability matches the national moment. This the time put myself forward the leader the country. respect the people this country deeply. That's how I'm running campaign that pays that respect them. They need know what I'm going do. I'm laying that out consistent basis. And ifI'm elected, I'll the best that can for the American people and, think, try deal with the bigger questions rather than the smaller questions. And that's the real philosophy government. 
MR. RUSSERT: The last man from New Jersey president the United States Woodrow Wilson, and this how sized the office, and I'll put the screen for you and our viewers: "Men ordinary physique and discretion cannot presidents live the strain not somehow relieved. shall obliged always picking our chief magistrates from among wise and prudent athletes-a small class." 
MR. BRADLEY: thought Woodrow Wilson was very wise man. 


MR. RUSSERT: You always downplayed your basketball career when you first came the Senate, you made your transition. Now, you seem embrace much more and are rather open saying the American people, "Being pro basketball player has helped prepare for the presidency." Fair? 
MR. BRADLEY: Absolutely, and the reason that's is, guess when came the Senate, wanted make the Senate's terms, wanted workhorse, not show horse, moved away from that. But did spend years life playing professional basketball. said, was the road for years with extraordinary group human beings. saw the world through their eyes. gave chance see the country whole. And made deep friendships those years, and the friendships formed team are extremely deep because you share moments that are unlike any others. mean, when you hear that team has won the world championship, you never forget that team. And also, think made big impression about how important teamwork is. And after was the Senate number years, realized that legislating was not dissimilar. fact, was very similar actually playing team basketball because you had get different people from different backgrounds with different personal agendas come together and work toward common objective. And think that's aspect ofleadership. 
-MR. RUSSERT: Part the ritual baptism being a-presidential candidate stopping talk with friend, Jay Leno, "The Tonight Show," which you did and want share that with our viewers and you and get your last reaction: 
(Videotape, July 1999): 
MR. JAYLENO: I've done few Bill Bradley jokes. 
MR. BRADLEY: Really? What kind? 
MR. LENO: did one about week ago. Oh, said, "Bill Bradley boring, his Secret Service code name Gore." think that was the-yeah, didn't seem get-yeah. Yeah that-yeah. 
MR. BRADLEY: really that bad? 
MR. LENO: Well, probably not that bad. But you have taken speaking, sort of, lessons and haven't you worked with ... 
MR. BRADLEY: sure have. Yeah, went through that whole period life. 
MR. LENO: Yeah. 
MR. BRADLEY: And, you know, you take these coaches-they 

come you and they say, you know, "When you the Jay Leno 
show, look Jay. No, look the camera. No, look Jay. No, look the 
camera. No, keep your chin up. Keep your chin down. Keep your face 
this way. Keep your face-and above all natural." 
(End videotape) 
MR. RUSSERT: Bill Bradley, too wooden, too boring president. 
MR. BRADLEY: Well, this program disproves that, doesn't it? think ... 
MR. RUSSERT: But how you deal with charisma and Jesse Jackson saying neither Gore Bradley are electrifying personalities? How you deal with that issue and put rest? 
MR. BRADLEY: think, Tim, you just don't worry about it. You yourself. you're comfortable with who you are, you're peace with yourself-what found after going through all this manipulation externals the most important thing communicate comes from inside. you know what you believe, what you want do, think you can communicate. think can communicate. 
 --- --MR.-R.USSER1':Bi11Bradley,we-thank you-for joining us. safe the campaign trail. look forward having you back. 
MR. BRADLEY: Thank you, Tim. 
MR. RUSSERT: And our viewers should know have offered the same opportunity Gore appear here MEET THE PRESS. Thus far, the vice president has not accepted our invitation. 

Coming next, you want tax cut, pay down the national debt, spend more money for education, health care, Medicare and more? We'll try settle the issue right here MEET THE PRESS, coming up. 

MR. RUSSERT: What with the budget surplus: We'll try figure out after this very brief station break. 
MR. RUSSERT: And we're back. Senator Moynihan, let start with you. First, you just saw Bill Bradley. You'd like see himas president? 

SEN. MOYNIHAN: I'd like see more those statements says has coming, and like the way understands taxes. worked with