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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-24

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-24

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middot; Gary Aldrich, wish make the following statement: twenty-five (/..5) year veteran Special Agent the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI). For the last five years FBI career (1990 1995) was assigned the
White House where performed background checks White Hou.!le personnel. have personal knowledge the matters attested herein. August 11, 1993, Craig Livingstone requested that meet him the White House Office Pctsonnel Security (OPS). Livingstone ordered the staff the office and took into the office st::curlty vai1lt, whc:re hl:l closed the door insure absolute privacy. discussed the tragic dcnth Deputy White House CotlllSel Vince Foster and the existing persotmel security vulnerabilitic:is, shortcomings and backlogs, among other topics. Livingstone complained that 

lnc::ked credibility and authority trying institute serious, legitimate security program within Whit,., House. )ffeI"ecl speak witl1 White House Counsel Bernard Nl.lssbeu,lffi holp improve security, Livingstone looked incredulous the mention ofNussbaum1 and dismissed the notion speaking with hirn. Livingstone then stated that should talk ''Hillary." was 
flabbergasted his suggestion, and worried I.bat might. joparclizing FBI career discussing such matters with Mrs. Clinton. Livingstone assured that "Hillaey" was the one talk about securitY matters. Living.stone sald that would speaking with HUlary Clinton 

that evening aboard Air Force One. stnted that JvUs. Clinton would understand the risk 

........ -  ... .....  -------

would taking, but that should not worry because thought she would not anything 'to Livingstone claimed know Mrs. Clinton well enough able assure mi: 
that she would interested obsflrvatlons and recommendations concerning security. Livingstone stated mat Mrs. Clinton was the only one who could oha.nge thh'!.gs. reluctantly ag.reed Livingstone's proposal. Livingstone never mentioned his planned meeting with Mrs. Clinton ever again. late February early March 1993, offered drive Associate Wl1ite House Counsel William Kennedy III National Airport for airline flight the way, Kennedy asked whra.t kind pe:r:;ion would suitable for takin the positkm that Jane Danncnhauer hnd m:cupied. Keruledy wanted know what kind person t11e FBI would want see the Director Security. told him that the Director OPS should squeaky clean, meticulous, careful, discreet, mature and someone with depth t1nderstanding security issues. Mr. 

Kennedy asked hypothetically ifa fellow like Craig Livingstone would acceptable had character issues. explained thnt the FBI would probably most comfortabk with .someone that had squeaky clean baokgraund and security experience. Mr. Kennedy made clear that Livingstone did not have the backriround, education. skills, training experience for the position. Mr. Kennedy told that Livingstone's job assignment was moot point btcuusc, "HilJary wants him [Livingstone for that slot." Mr. Livingstone told was party meetin where was decided that membtrs the Ttavel Office staff were fired and their oases referred the FBI for criminal 

investigation. Mr. Livingstone involved himself issues outside personnel security tlme when Clinton staffers and volunteers without seclrity cleaxances :routinely roamed the White House. Mr. Livingstone was frequently absent from the OPS office. Based rny considerable experience FBI agent, trained security matters, and experience the White HouH, OPS was operated way that resulted personnel clearance paperwo:rk and investigative backlogs, simultaneously contributing security vulnerabilities the White House. declare under penOf}'.lerju:ry that the foregoing t.nie and correct. 
Executed thls Lday August, 1999. 
Gary Aldrich