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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-27

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-27

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WAMBACH January ii, 1996 
SCULIMBRENE WMF01S Liaison Office the White House 

The General Accounting Office completed report, PASS AND 
PRESIDENT, ated October 19. 1995. knowledge, this the 
first time any outside agency has investigated the process 
which this squad participates. The report short, and would 
recommend reading overview. 

Office space the OEOB has been provided the FBI the 
Executive Office since the Johnson Administration (1964) 
primarily for the purpose conducting background investigations White House staff. 

FBI-HQ was also given access this office, practice, 
this policy was continued until FBI-HQ dissolved the OLIA office 
shortly after the current Director took over. 

GEORGE SAUNDERS and ROBERT CRONIN both retired, nd myself have represented the Washington Field 
Off ice the enior agent. The selection the senior agent 
the approval the SAC. The selection others assigned this office historically utilized the input the senior agent. This practice has more less been abandoned. 
Periodically,. this office has been utilized for important non
applicant work,including criminal and intelligence efforts for 
:both the field and FBI-HQ. this very moment, the operation this office; its duties and obligations both the White House and the.FI may become object congressional inquiry relating the firing and trial BILLY DALE. 

This Agent has requested nwnerous times, that formal guidelines provided this off ice establishing lines authority and procedure. Although such guidelines have been promised, none have ever been provided. 
When became the Senior Agent 1986, determined the following Under Executive Order 10450, which established basic security standards for the Executive Office the President well other Federal Agencies, the President was not obligated have the FBI conduct those investigations. The basis for the FBI conducting these investigations was based the original request from President JOHNSON then Director HOOVER. was able obtain copy the formal agreement between the REAGAN 
administration, well the agreement between the BUSH administration. far can determine, such agreement made the current administration. course, not 
position know, and one may exist. 
Based the copies the agreement that provided the A-1 supervi-sor 1988, these agreements are very brief and general. The FBI agrees conduct the investigations, and basically the standards interviews, questions asked and deadlines are the discretion the FBI. would make the following observation this point. speaking, have not heard any serious complaints about the work product from anyone the White House, from any administration. completely different view comes from FBI-HQ.however. For example, during 1993, the first year the CINTON Administration, c.ould prove that our complet:ed cases sat White House waiting for adjudication. Pass and:Identification the White House Secret Service could verify_this, well recently completed GAO report this subject. Furthermore, one the reasons cites reason for the FBI'$ delay was the fact that the SF-86's were not completed correctly timely manner. The burden for correcting the SF-86's fell the Field. page the GAO report, the FBI-HQ claimed that extended its own deadline from completing report from days because 11i:r:icreased overall caseload and reduced resources." submit that more accurate representation would haye been follows: "The SF-86's received from the CLINTON administration were routinely not completed correctly, and many obviously required additional information." not believe that numbers would support the FBI's statement that the casoad increased substantially from 
previous transition years. page this report, additional reasons are provided for 
the failure the FBI met its deadline goals. They sight 
limited investigative resources. this true, then FBI-HQ 
should not have faulted A-1 and its supervisor during the last 
inspection since allocation resources headquarters 

During 1993, Squad A-1, and the White House agents particular were singled out root cause delinquencies the SIU. However this report confirms that FBI-HQ told the GAO that SF86 that were not properly completed submitted time. Why did FBI-HQ accept incomplete SF-B61s and then pass them the field correct? submit that FBI-HQ failed its responsibility and tried shove some the blame the Field during the inspection. And resources are limited, then more 

expeditious use .those resources must utilized. Examples the poor use field agent time can provided. page 21, note the time that the Clinton Administration took. approve permanent pass. 1993, was average 356 days from the date the person entered duty until permanent pass was issued. Clearly, 1993, the current administration was not any hurry for the completion these backgrounds. 
When SUI states "The White House wants this, wants now, was clearly fabrication the real circumstance. submit that FBI-HQ does what want, when wants, and uses 
the field excuse for its own fumbles. Until Management 
system place where all the accountability placed the 
field, and none SIU, the process will remain flawed. FBI-HQ 
uses field manpower with accountability, and for years, the 
Field managers has allowed this process continue because the 
applicant program the bastard child the Bureau. the squad where the weak, the lame and infirmed are systematically assigned.  

Since the passage Public Law 103-329, the situation has improved White House which requires the timely and correct submission the SF-86. FBI-HQ should have provided the leadership the new administration regarding this function rather than passive acceptance the SF-86's they were originally completed. least one occasion FBI-HQ attempted withdraw from this. 
obligation, and place the burden Secret Service OPM. That 
effort failed, and since that time have witnessed: the demand 
for background investigations increase include all the members the Executive Office, includng non-government contractors, GSA employees and volunteers. The backgrounds were also conducted 
...-onall OMB employees, USTR, ONDCP, CEA and OSTP employees. 

CURRENT STATUS you requested 1/5/96, attempted learn whether the 
current administration has formal agreement with the FBI 
regarding background investigations According GEORGE SAUNDERS 
and HUGHES who orks the White House Security Office, there none. recall that during the beginning this 
administration, asked WILLIAM KENNEDY who was the Associate 
Counsel who handled the investigation review. said that the 
administration was continuing the agreement established the 

administration said wouldn't want change this area, least anyone conclude that were not security the BUSH administration.
ntly all work submitted the FBI for the purposes --d/o-"h-.-k----...:i .:-as.... .:--""'o-t"L..--ug""' .... "he 
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.44 .lLl 
White House Personnel Security Office currently headed CRAIG LIVINGSTONE. LIVINGSTONE political appointee. His mother and MRS. CLINTON are personal friends. has two other employees this off ice, and also uses the services GEORGE SA;DERS contract basis. The SF-8 are submitted the appointees and others this off ice, and are then picked daily basis courier from FBI-HQ. This office has the responsibility ensure that the SF86 filled out correctly and timely basis. 
The White House Personnel Security Office also deals with other administrative/security officers, and acts conduit for the submission the SF-B6's. The other primary personnel security office run CHARLES EASLEY, who cree employee EASLEY and subordinate handle the submission SF-86 '.s for all the cither offices within the Executive Office the .'President, including the Office Administration, the Off Management and Budget, the Office Science and Technology Policy, the Council Economic Advisors the United States Trade Representative, the Office National Drug Policy, The White House Fellowship Office, and the various contractors including Planing Research Corporation which the prime contractor for computer services used the entire complex 

The National Security Council has career employee; YORI