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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-03

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-03

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-03

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Date Created:August 16, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:tenure, spent, sense, Oversee, interns, zoooz, spend, significant, spending, tracking, Updated, projects, started, network, computer, HOURS, responsibility, Gemmell, internet, direct, understand, wanted, worked, activities, hughes, recall, Livingstone, access, Craig, working, personnel, Nancy, security, IRS, ICE

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Hmm-hmm. you recall, was that while you were still 
working there? Yes. you recall roughly when that would have been? No. Because we, had fight for it. Okay. some point, did you receive computer? Yes. Did your computer have the capability send
mails? Yes. :1.2 Did you have the capacity send E-mails outside 
1.3 the White 	House? 
1.4 Everybody had that capacity. You.just had the Internet. Okay. And recall who else had computer while you were employed the Office .Personnel Security? Lisa Wetzl, and then Tony brought computer, 

1.9 little laptop. you know whether had E-mail? was not the network Okay. Which was the only way you could get the E-mail the Internet. 

And recollection, eventually ...we had another 
... 	. 
111LL.EJ11 !tEJIOfmijc; 1HC. 	--==-. 
)07 Ser=. N..E. 01310 5 computer that Ed, can't remember Ed's last name-Q Hughes? Hughes. Okay. Did Mr. have "his own computer? 
Livings.tone No. refused use computers. Are you familiar.with something called the secur ity tracking system? that the one the 1970 Wang? .My understanding that least initially 
where was kept. Yep. Did you, through your personal computer, have  access  the  security  tracking  system?  No,  you  could  not get--when  finally  got  
computer was network computer and you  could  not  access  that data  base from the  nework  computer.  Okay.  So, you.had  personally  access  the Wang? Wait minute. Yes, did have that, I'm sorry. frgot But, yes, did have that the network but 
had have code get that. Okay. you know whether Mr. Marceca had access the security tracking system? was not the network  So, therefore,  would not  have  had access?  Nmm-nmm.  
 l'IEPofroHQ lf!C;, '07 CS=. N..  013106   
ashinrran. o.c.  zoooz 
11111..1..El'! CCI., IMC. 
'07 N.E. 'WuhtaCl'la. 0.C. 10001 

,,,, Can you describe yor responsibilities 
the Office Personnel Security? Basically see the day-to-day functions, oversee 
that. help funnel the massive amounts of paperwork 
through. To, geez, that pretty much about covers 
everything. Were you basically Mr. Livingstone's- Assistant. --direct assistant? Yes. And that would have been the case from when you 
started until when you completed your tenure? Hmm-hmm. Did ;your responsib.ilities change during the ver 
course your tenur'at the Office Personnel Security significant way? No. .-okay. assume y9u, did you report Mr. -Lv:ingstone? ..... :;: .... . 
.-. Everybody reported Craig. Did anybody repor you? They were responsiJ;:>e. to. keep updated. When you say, tJ:?-y, can you tell who you are 
referring to? Lisa Wetzel, Hughes, Tony Marcea, and the 
'I). 013107  interns, whichever interns happened the office  that time. Okay, I'm sorry, interrupted You said they  were responsible to? Keep updated and, far as, the interns was direct them what their duties were going be. Okay. With respect Lisa, and Tony, did you  direct them what their activities were be?  would advise them what Craig said their-  what their projects were be.  
11. Okay. So, would accurate say that Mr.  
.12  Livingstone would tell you what their activities were  and you would kind oversee them? No.  
:r.s Okay. Correct how -sta ted it. would appropriate for Craig tell these-.  are the proj ects that wanted Lisa work on, that  wanted work on, that wanted the interns work on,  and then responsibility would say, this where  they are those proj ect"s. would your responsibility update Mr.  Livingstone- Hmm-hmm. --as to where they were? 

...... ,,..," 12 
lilLL.SI l'IE:POimHG. CO.., INC:. Stt=. N.E. Wuhinrtan. 0.C. ZOOOZ But you would say was not your responsibility oversee their completion activities completing those products, projects? Yes, and no. was responsibility see what their progress was and then report that back Craig and that was not satisfactory then was responsibility back and say you need move on. 	Okay. 	You need get cracking. Did you provide written memorandum Craig Livingstone? 	Not when was just across the office, no. Okay. When you first, the early months the Office' Personnel Security understand Ms. Nancy Gemmell remained employee? Hmm-hmm Did you spend significant amount time with 

Ms. 	Gemmell discussing the office? Periods There was lot intricacies that you 
had learn that when you first come you are inundated with you need learn how you get name check, how you this, how you that, that was still groping with. .And then so, wasn't spending directly, like hours and hours and hours with Nancy. Towards the end- The end her-1 0131.0 ...-.:J"' 
. . 
ltJ..U l'lPOfmH