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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-05

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-05

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-05

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So, our main focus the beginnng was to, before 
2 would allow them in, have NCIC run them that there was least assurance that they did not have anything violent their background that would prohibit them from coming in. Then our next goal was say, okay, this your paperwork, need get in. But that same time, had, don't even know how many people coming that were like, here's your paperwork mean was usually here's your paperwork, here's your paperwork, here's your 
l.l paperwork. Thank you for this information, here's you 
.12 paperwork mean had stacks beyond stacks blue forms .which, I'm sure you all have seen, that had have filled out, that -16 MR. SCHANZER: you referring the SF-86 now? THE WITNESS: No. These are just the initial blue forms that had the initial information MR. HIRSHLAND": From Mr. McLarty's office? From Mr. McLarty's office, from David Watkins off ice, got them-"."' From everywhere? --from everywhere. Right. 

... ... CScr=,N.E. 
'Q:i.shincton. 0.C. 20002 
..... ,., ,c,, 

1.0 .20 :22 
IU.LEJll 1190fmHG CO IHC. 
107 Screcr. N.E. 
il1:uhin(tatr. D.C. 2000.:! And then system was set that had come 
through David Watkins' office and the office 
administration. And the Office Personnel. And had, 
mean literally would have stacks hundred that 
would have process and nine times out ten you could not read the writing you had track this person down and say, excuse me, could you please tell what your Social Security number is, cannot read this. 
MR. SCHANZER: And you needed this information name check-
MR. SCHANZER: --in orde get temporary pass? 
THE WITNESS: This was order get the 

access list. And then, from there, cannot tell you how 
any times where said state birth, people put down county they didn't even put down--like they would put place that was supposed know what State was in. Like they would put Lilburn down and not tell that Lilburn Georgia. And so, I'm sitting there, have idea where this place is, cannot process you 
So, had $tacks that, the the day, would have call and say, need little bit more information, can you tell your name, can you tell your Social Security number, can you tell this, can you tell that. 013118 
.  .-J,,. So, would say from February about Jly that was our main focus was making sure thateverybody came and had gotten everybody taken care that could. MR. HIRSHLAND: And then July, out understanding that there was decision keep log-7 Hmm-hmm. --recording when individuals checked out Bis, background investigations and who they were checked out to? Hmm-hmm. you recall any discussions regarding the 12 establishment this log? The reason established the log was because had many new employees, had many background 
investiga tions coming and had George Saunders who would our interviews our follow-up that realized putting pink card fil which kept putting things the file, tat that pink' card would easily 9st somehow misplaced. 
So, 's'aid, well, weill ust keep log. So, that way had quick, handy reference that could just double-check, well, what who's background George working on? So, could just pull that and was kept three24 ring notebook binder bookshelf that was the office 	when Craig asked that question, whoever was Ml'ORTIH