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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-20

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-20

Page 1: OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-20

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Date Created:August 16, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:reasons, longer, vault, knowledge, visitors, visit, related, worked, srere, Investigations, specific, schanzer, hirshland, recall, individuals, Marceca, witness, Update, officials, question, Livingstone, access, files, Craig, project, personnel, people, kennedy, review, security, White House, FBI, EPA, IRS, ICE, CIA

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Ml.l.!11 Pl90ftTJHG CO., IHC:. CS=i.N.E. Wuh.inrton. P.C. :lOOOl was lso involved reviewing the'BI Project Update individuals. Yes. Was --for new employees only, question is, was involved any part of.the proces that your office was engaged in? stated before, Tony did not review the new background investigations that came in. Now, whether Craig directed Tony something the investigations, not know, nor have recollection that. Who took over Project date--.. Lisa Wetzl. --when Tony left? you recall having any discussions the office about who was going take over? believe had always--when had sa,1:. down., and Craig had sat down and talked about Tony leaving, that could not--because Craig tried extendTony's aetail, 
and when that was not going happen, sat down and aid 
well, who are going get that because, at that 
time, could not because was still concentrating 
getting permanent passes done for.the whole White House, and decided that Lisa would the one take over that 
project and that would take some her. other work. 013207 
r- you know why Mr. Marceca's detail was not 
extended? understanding was that the Department Defense Criminal Investigations could longer afford because their case work and the amount case work that they had--could longer afford have Tony detailed the White House you.know anyoe from the White House ever instructed anyone the Office Personnel Security order FBI les former administration officials who longer had access specific directive order? No. Any knowledge some.thingthan a specific
less directive, maybe suggestion a-15 None whatsoever all. you have any eason believe that anyone from the White House ever instructed suggest that anyone looked through the files prio; administration officials who longer had access No, none. MR. SRERE: .Let him finish the question-22 THE WITNESS: I'm sorry. MR. SCHANZER: --so. looks nice the record. MR. HIRSHLAND: you hve any reason believe that Mr. 
 CO., IMC. CSam, N.E. Wubicc-.. D.C. 20002 
____, ,,,, 
Livingstone Mr. Maraeca ordered FBI files prior administ ration officials who longer had access the ot'her White House. for any reason than complete Project 

Update? No. Did individuals ever visit Mr. Livingstone Mr. Marceca the Office Personnel Security? Innumerable times. .Could you define what you mean visit? 

.l. Well, come the office t"o see them MR. SRERE: Are there specific individuals you 
 want talk about? 
1.3 	MR. HIRSHLAND: No. 
1.4 MR. SRERE: Did people come into their office?. MR. HIRSHLAND: It's open question and- MR. SRERE: pople come into the office? THE WITNESS: lot people came into the office. MR. HIRSHLAND: you ever recall people other. than individuals from the--do you remember indiviauals from outside the office going into the vault? 
.23 No. 
.24 Can you estimate how often Mr. Livingstone had 

visitors the office that you would consider 013  CSam, N.E. 
liflJ..!!I CO., IHC. 507 St. N.E. o.c. 20002 
-- -,,,,,,,,, 
non-work-related basis?' I'm sorry. have ask you define vis itor Anyone that would show the office say-
MR. SCHANZER: Right Does Mr. Livingstone--he wants know Mr. Livingstone friends come the office and Mr. Livingstone
MR. SCHANZER: --invited them into the vault look people files. mean, that what rea wants know. 
THE WITNESS: Well-.. MR. HIRSHLAND: Well, no, no. That was the prior question. This question is-
THE WITNESS: Friends different--I mean, when you say visitors, had lot people that cam into the office who were from, you now, Office Presidential Personnel who had come the office and talk Craig for various reasons, interns who had come into the office and Craig for :rarious reasons.
So, when you say visitors, took mean anybody who came into the office who was not-BY MR. HIRSRLAND: Right. the office --staff Yes. And you did 'so fairly, and you indicated 013210- that lots people did. Yes. And next question is--I'll narrow little bit. Did people who were visiting either Mr. Livingstone 

Mr. Marceca for other than Office Personnel Security-related reasons? There were few visits like that, yes. Can you teil roughly how often? Was daily? Was five day? Was maybe once every week two, 

some sense? 
11. Once month, maybe. Okay. But mean, that's completely estimate. Sure. mean, was not a-16 you recall any particular individual, such individuals? Again we're narrowing people, non-work-related basis, who would repeatedly come. His brother came once twice. Other people who 
worked out of--they didn't specifically work with the White House, but they worked conjunction with the White House. Like his best friend, Michael Jones, whenever happened the OEOB would stop _to say hey. Jim Denbo, who was working with the Office Vice Presdent, their advance 
team, when came into the White House, would stop 'to 
l'IEJ'OlllTlHG CO., IHC. 013 211 
7CS=.N.E. W:uhinricn. D.C. 20001 say hi. 
MR. SCHANZER: All right Did either these two people that you just mentioned--were they ever allowed the vault? 
THE WITNESS: Not myrecollection. 
MR. SCHANZER: Were they ever allowed review anyone FBI file? THE WITNESS: Absolutely not MR. HIRSHLAND: you know who Betsy Wright is? Yes. you know whether she ever visited either Mr. Livings tone or. Mr. Marceca the Office Personnel Security? Not knowledge recollection. Okay. Could youclarify something for me? Earlier on, you said some point that occasionally Mr. Livingstone himself would take files out the office, for .-example, Mr. Kennedy, and that would not indicated 
the log that discussed Uh-huh. you know any record would have been kept knowledge, the only time did take iles 
out the office were either Mr. Kennedy.or Lloyd 
lll.l.!:1' CO., IHC. 0132 I,07 CS=;N.E.. Wuh.iziitca, 20002 

- ,,,.,,