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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-22

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-22

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126 any duties for the-First Lady Maggie Willias? Not knowledge. Any duties the Vice President? No. And this during your tenure. believe you stated earlier that while you were the Office  Personnel Security Mr. Livingstone did some advance work.   Hmm-hmm. Can you give any indication how often did advance work, how much time spent? think maybe three times did and the longest period .of time was tw6 weeks when went ' Normandy. your understanding that went Normandy toadvance work for the trip? Hmm-hmm. did.the D-Day celebration thing. Right. When first meet Mr. Marceca? think stated previously the Presidential  you  know  when Mr.  Livingstone  first  met'Mr.  Marceca,  did  ever  tell you  when  first  met  Mr.  Marceca?  didn't  tell  specifically  hen  first  met  Mr.  Marceca  but  did  mention  that  met  Marceca  

his previous advance days the Mondale campaign. 
fllLLVI c;. co. IHC. 
Wuhln(ton, O.C. 20002  Did Mr. 'M.arceca ever discuss with you how got know Craig? No. you know individual the name Joseph 
Tarver? Joseph Tarver? T-A-R-V-E-R. Not knowledge Hannah Bond, B-o-n-d? 

1.0 don't know, dent think so. 
1.1. Simon Kahn, K-A-H-N? 1.2 have idea. 
1.3 Mark S-C-H-U-L-H-0-F? No. presume you dont know whether Craig Livingstone knew any those individuls? clue. you recall any convrsati6ns, discussions memos !egarding delays sending Mr. Livingstone's FBI report the Secret Service? Delays that took long get there the Secret Service? Yes. some point w9uld have been returned the White House and then some later point would have 
..... been sent the Secret Service. 
*.I.VI l'DO_lmffa CO., IHC. :S07 Sinct. N.E. "ll'uhlncton, D.C. 20002 013220 


MIL.l..S! llE"Of!Tllla CO., INC. 507 CS=, N.E. '17...i.iaitan., D.C. 20002 The files that wre kept office, far our staff goes, were only Lisa and the interns and Ed. file and Craig's file were kept upstairs, so, had control over our files. you know whther Mr. Livingstone was all involved the 0firings the travel office employees? don't understand how you mean involved. was director security. was told lock the door and escort the individuals off the White House premises. Are you aware any other involvement? No. MR. SRERE: you need preak? SRERE: Are Y.oufinished?
almost HIRSHLAND: think we're pretty close. MR. HIRSHLAND.: Has any request been made you that the White House the Department Justice pay your legal fee9 t.his
matter?  wish  they would,  but,  no.  
MR.  SRERE:  Can  off  the  record  for  just  
(Off  the  record.]  
MR.  SCHANZER:  Before  start  just  want  say  
for  the  record  that  have  kind  standing objection  013221 
the question witnesses qbout their att..orney's fees. don't really believe appropriate angle this inquiry and it's been asked only selectively certain 
witnesses. And just want note for the record that Mr. Dennis Sculirnbrerie--in parte interview before the--ex parte meaning majority only interview with the committee-7 was never asked who was paying his attorney's fees. And 
s matter fact, here how the interview ended. says the transcript and want read this into the record: "Obviously your insights have been 
 extremely helpful us, appreciate you your counsel, wlfe, taking time out o-f your '.3i:::hedules come and share 
-------yov,r thoughts. J:_you-hav-any clean--ups,-any-thoughts ia-----14 the middle the night you woulp like 'share with .s, certaily through Maggie, have any thoughts, hope you don't mind you will. try reach back and clarify things both ways before. appreciate your time. are 
.18 trying merely get the bqttom what actually occurred 
----  here.  record  didn'  
:24 was pleasu+e meeting you. 
MR. HIRSHLAND: I1d like reit'erate for the 
that the exact same appreciation extended you. 
MR. SCHANZER: Let finish statement. 

man imply that didn't appreciate this witness. MR. HIRSHLAND: You did but do. MR. SCHANZER: What was trying imply that 

Ill l'VOfmHa liC. 507 Stre