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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-29

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-28-29

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I've asked these almost every witness, just t's clear 
3 Did you ever witness anybody, any individual reviewing FBI background file that had official reason reviewing that file? MS. ANDERSON: MR. SCHANZER: Did you ever provide FBI file anyone that did not have official reason reviewing that file? 

MS. ANDERSON: .No. MR. SCHANZER: you know anyone, including Mr. Marceca Mr. Livingstone Ms. Wetzl did that7 MS. ANDERSON No. MR. SCHANZER: you know log was kept similar this one, kept during the Bush administration? MS. ANDERSON: have idea. MR. SCHANZER: Did you ever have any discussions with Nancy Gemmell about that? ANDERSON: understanding, th.e previous 
administration used the pink cards don know they kept log not. MR. SCHANZER: Okay. That's all have. MR. HIRSHLAND: have just couple follow-up questions. 
llLU!Jll M:POtlmNG  IHC. S07 Strm. N.E... 013261 Wuruarmn. o.c. 20002 l')f?  While  are  the  log  subject--and  we've  discussed,  there  appeared  gap  the  version  have the  log-7do  you  recall  specifi cal signing  out  some  Bis  during  that  period?  You  may  have  testified  this  earli  just  want  clarify  this.  you  recall  any  the  individuals  you  would  have checked  out  during  that  period?  MR.  SRERE:  You've  asked  that  question.  She  answered  it.  Ask nother  question,  please.  You  asKed  that  question;  it's  the  record.  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  you  have  any  basis  for  knowing--my  assumption  .i,s  you  don't  have  basis  for  knowing  the  totalityof the  files  that  would  have  been  checked  out  during  that  period  because  other.people presumably  were ecking  out  files  
addition  you;  is. that  corre ct:?  did  not  keep  arunning  number  how  many  files  had  been  checked  out.  you  can  tell  for  certain  which  files  would  would  not  have  been  taken  out  during  the  period  for  which  have  record?  MR.  SRERE:  And  we're  talking  about  background  investigations.  MR.  HIRSHLAND:  that  correct?  That  would  correct.  
IM.1..v. l'l90!n1HQ CO., IHC:. :SC7 Sum. N.E.  013262  
Wuhi.nrtan. O.C.  20002  

 Okay. When you I?ersonally made; trie .into the log, did you physically loo the name the individual who was being checked out and enter it? had to, because there was--the way that the logs--or, I'm sorry, the way that the Bis would given George stack Craig would giveGeorge  ack and would have physically look the name, write down, put aside, look the name, write down, and put aside. Before you actually gave Geo rge? A Before gave George. What was Bill Kennedy Beth Nolan Clarissa Cerda? Would they ever come in, take fil'e, and say, Mari, I'm taking John Doe's file, mak the log? The way that the files were given counsel's office was generally that a call would placed saying need the files these persons, these persons, these persons, need the investigat ion these persons, these persons, these persons. woul then pull the file, write down, and then take up. Okay. And you aware any exceptions that general practice? Not recollection, no. Earlier spo about the circumstances surrounding your departure from the office, and you had 
KlU,p IHC. 013263 Sttttt. .I::. IP:uhinrtoa, O.C. 20002 
l?ft?I "' 
lllLl.EI REl"OfmM CO,. Su=. N.. Won. D.C. 20002 (lal 
indicat that you were longer ii._2rested politics and wanted move on. 
Were there any other factors that you would say we:::e relevant your decision leave Office Personnel Security? Were there any other events, 
considerations, anything else- Other than the fact that longer wanted involved politics; no; other than the fact that didn't know what wanted do, no. Okay. mean I'm not real sure what you're asking, but the answer was no. understand it's open-ended question, but it's 
designed be, case there' anything that you didn't think that don't know particular. MR. SRERE: Well, she's answered several times now, let's on. HIRSHLAND: justdiscused some length what happened when you--when "the office, including yourself, discovered that certain Bis had been ordered prior administration officials who, fact, did not have.current passes. Did you ever-
MR. SRERE: Once again, want make sure the record reflects this clearly When the background 013 26.f 13  investig ion  the  FBI  file  was oraered the people  that office, their knowledge was that those people had  current active passes, and indeed that' what the Secret  Service told them.  Okay?  The basis your assumption-  MR.  E!RSHLAND:  Yqu've made that abundantly clear.  MR. SRERE:  Okay.  want make sure  agin- 
MR.  HIRSHLAND: not challege-  MR. SRERE:  --that you understand that  
MR. HIRSHLAND:  Certainly.  
J.O  MR.  SRERE:  Because the way you phrased the  question  was  that they made realization, oh, we're  'ordering things for people don't have passes:  Well,  they were orde7ing things for people who had passes, and  they found out later that they shouldn't have passes.  Okay?  And there's big distinction there, .and it's  important  distinction.  You may ask question.  MR.  HIRSH.LAND:  Were you ever  aware  that  Mr. Marceca  was  ordering  Bis from  the  FBI,  and the  time  was  making  these  orders, you understood that  the  individuals. whose  files  was  requesting  fact  did not  have  active  passes? time did  know that.  Just couple more questions. We've been talking all about this process when  
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Wintton. O.C.  200o2  

174 your office, the Office Personnel Security, .wou1d ake request the FBI. With respect National Security 
Council employees, would you make requests for background information someone other than the FBI? No. The FBI t;:he only government agncy that did our bacjyground investigations. There would instances where know the military office that the DDS, the Department Defense Security, had done investigations. don't remember requesting those investigatios for those military personnel. know tat any military personnel that -11 was the White House was reviewed Craig. Sergeant--I'm sorry, Sergeant Jones Major Croce--I can't remember how pronounce his last narne--would bring the files over. would review and would sent back. Other than that, don't remember requesting them. We've discussed length-17 MR. HIRSHLAND: Counsel, adopting for record your qualification that you've made several occasions with respect files that some point had been ordered Office Personnel Security and some point had been discovered that, fact, the individuals whose files had been ordered were not active passholders. MR. HIRSHLAND: Are you aware anyone outside your office, White House Counsel's Office, someone else .in the White 
lila..LBl INC. 'l1326r{ Srm;e. 'N.E.. Washlnrmn. D.C. 10002 12021