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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-01

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-01

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-01

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Contents "'mr:ne. 

---------------x the matter of: 
Tuesday, July 23, 1996 

Washington, D.C. 
The deposition the above matter was held Room 2203, Rayburn House Office Building, commencing 1O:10 a.m. 
Staff Present for the Government Reform and Oversight Committee: Kristi Remington, Investigator; Laurie Taylor, Investigator; Matt Pinkus, Professional Minority Staff. 

Oldaker, Ryan, Phillips Utrecht, ESQ. 
818 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Suite 1100 
Washington, D.C. 20006 
Ms. Remington. Good morning. are the record this morning for the deposition Ms. Christine Varney, which will administered under oath. 
Let identify the people who are present the room. name Kristi Remington. Assistant Counsel for the Majority; Laurie Taylor, Assistant Counsel for the Majority. 
Mr. Pinkus. Matt Pinkus, Minority Professional Staff. 
Ms. Remington. Ms. Lyn Utrecht here this morning represent the witness, Ms. Christine Varney. 
Before you are sworn in, would like provide you with some background information concerning this investigation and your appearance here. you know, pursuant its authority under Rules and the House Representatives, the Government Reform and Oversight Committee investigating the White House Travel Office matter. 
This matter refers all events leading the May 19th, 1993 firings the White House Travel Office employees and includes all information provided about the White House Travel Office and any employees the White House Travel Office any time from January 1993, the present. 
Our investigation also encompasses the activities Harry Thomason, Darnell Martens and Penny Sample the White House, well all allegations wrongdoing concerning the Travel Office employees. 
The committee investigation reviewing all actions taken 

... -CJ--....... - --.. 
any division field office the FBI and the Department Justice, both prior and after the firings, well issues relating the White House's receipt background 
investigations prior administration officials. 
The investigation includes but not limited the 
investigation and prosecution the U.S. Billy Ray Dale 
and all investigations and subsequent reviews the Travel 
Office firings any agency, including but not limited the 
White House Management Review, all FBI and Justice 
Department reviews, the IRS and Treasury Department 
internal reviews and reports, the GAO review, well the 
proposed U.S. House Representatives 11Resolution Inquiry" considered and voted the House Judiciary 
Committee July 1993. you understand that your answers should not exclude any information which you have these subjects? 
Ms. Varney. Yes, do. 
Ms. Remington. The committee has been granted specific 
authorization conduct this deposition pursuant House 
Resolution 369, which was passed the House 
Representatives March 7th, 1996. Pursuant Committee 
Rule 19, which believe has been provided your counsel, 
both Majority Counsel and Minority Counsel will afforded equal opportunity pose questions each witness. 
Committee counsels will proceed with equal rounds questioning, each lasting one hour, until both counsel have completed their questioning. The only exception this rule Member this committee present and wishes pose questions the witness. so, the Member will afforded immediate opportunity pose questions and committee counsel will resume questioning once the Member has completed his questions. 
You are here today voluntarily and not subpoena, that correct? 
Ms. Varney. Yes, that is. 
Ms. Remington. This deposition administered under 
oath. You will allowed confer with your attorney. you not understand the question, please let know and 

will rephrase the question. 
All objections raised your attorney should stated for the record with the reason for the objection clearly stated. Once objection raised, committee Majority Counsel will review whether the objection proper the context this deposition. counsel does not agree that the objection 
properly before this panel, will confer with Minority Counsel and ask that they express their views the record. the objection remains, ultimately may presented the Chairman this committee his designee for resolution. The Chairman has agreed consult with the Ranking Minority Member before his final decision the objection. 
You will given 5-day time frame which you and your attorney may review your deposition transcript and correct any technical problems that you perceive the transcription. After that review period, you will asked sign the transcript. you understand that? 
Ms. Varney. Yes, do. 
Ms. Remington. Just matter course, have been getting the depositions back pretty quickly. Usually they are the next day. 
Ms. Utrecht. Okay. 
Ms. Remington. You are accompanied your counsel this morning and ask that you sworn this time. 
CHRISTINE VARNEY, witness, was called for examination Counsel, and after having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified follows: 
EXAMINATION MS. REMINGTON: Could you just give brief work history from college graduate school forward? Sure. From graduate school, was presidential 

management intern the General Accounting Office here Washington. then went work for the United Farm Workers California for couple years. came back here. went law school night and worked variety jobs during the day law firms and restaurants. graduated from law school '85. went work Surrey and Morris, law firm here Washington, D.C. then went couple other law firms and eventually, '89, went the Democratic National Committee where served General Counsel, and 1990 joined Hogan Hartson, where was through July 1992, when was the General Counsel the Clinton Campaign and then during the general election actually left the firm and went the campaign payroll July '92. 
And then January '93, went into the White House 
Cabinet Secretary. was there until October '94 which 
time was appointed the President and confirmed the Senate Commissioner the Federal Trade Commission where currently serve. That's more less Okay. --the rough outline. And you were Cabinet Secretary? Yes, was. Were you associate Hogan Hartson? Yes, was. And you said you worked --you had paid position with the Clinton Campaign? did. was associate Hogan Hartson and was 
serving the Chief Counsel the Clinton Campaign. During the campaign season when went through the 
convention and went the general, actually left Hogan and 
was put the campaign payroll starting probably July 
August '92. 
http :// gov/reform/ oversight/finance/ depolist/vamey.htm While you were working the campaign, who did you 
report to? Eli Segal and Mickey Kantor. What positions did they hold during that time? Eli was the Chief Staff the Campaign and Mickey was 
the Chairman the Campaign. And who did you have under your direct supervision? also reported Tony Harrington, who was the General 
Counsel the Campaign. was partner Hogan 
Hartson back here Washington, but was primarily Little 

Rock, and day-to-day working relationships were with Eli 
and Mickey. sorry. Who did have reporting me? 
QYes. the staff, Phil Friedman was the Deputy General 

Counsel. There were variety volunteer lawyers around the country that worked different projects that coordinated. worked closely with the accounting department, which was headed different person and they didn't report me, but did work closely with the accounting department. What kind functions did you perform Chief Counsel? Generally attempting ensure compliance with all 

applicable State, local and Federal laws, particularly election 
law and campaign financing. Did you work the transition? No, did not. Did you work the Inaugural Committee? Yes, did. was General Counsel the Inaugural. And what kind duties did you have General