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OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-03

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 31-03

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mentioned him, although previously have testified over the Senate, and said the Senate, not sure how would have known about that job. Did you have more than one conversation with Mr. Livingstone about jobs the White House obtaining job the White House? don't know. mean, talked him several times when were working this project, don't know. don't remember. you recall whether Mr. Livingstone told you that had wanted the job the Director the Office Personnel Security? You know, really don't --I had own office that was trying set and hire people and, you know, fight get more resources for office, and was very focused office. know talked Craig. know talked number people. just can't recall whether specifically knew about this job and wanted this job and only talked about once whether was looking number jobs and asked about this one. mean, know talked him about working the White House, but can't recall with any specificity whether initiated the conversation did, whether knew about the job did, whether was one job bunch jobs. just don't know. Okay. you recall whether you recommended him anyone for that position? recall that Vince Foster talked about Craig for job the Counsel's Office. recall the job described me, was nowhere near what has subsequently been reported be. recall the job, was administrative paper-pushing kind job, someone who knew most the new Clinton employees, sit them make sure they got their paperwork done. The paperwork would then all the places needed go, including the FBI. 
And impression conclusion assumption was, you know, the FBI did the paperwork, talked the Secret Service, gave the Secret Service the clearance denial ahead and issue the pass. there was problem, would the Counsers Office. 

When Vince talked about that job and asked 
whether not Craig could that job, most likely would 
have said, sure. was presented very, you know, can get the --can sit top people until they get their 
paperwork done? 
Would intimidated people who were White House higher-ups? Would afraid them and say, you have your paperwork? 
And said, no, think would fine get them get their paperwork done. going ask you make distinction again. you recall Mr. Foster already had Craig Livingstone's name really don't. don't know. Again, seems unlikely that would have gone Vince and said, here you have got this 
how would have known about the job. 
------- was trying set own office, and had number people that wanted help them get jobs, particularly the people that worked directly for the campaign and the Inaugural. would unlikely that would have gone Vince and said, have this person for this job. you know whether you discussed the possibility hiring Craig Livingstone for any position the White House with anyone else? Not that recall, although could --somebody else who may have been thinking about hiring him could have checked his reference with me, but don't recall it. you recall discussing the possibility hiring Craig Livingstone for this Director Personnel Security position 
with anyone else besides Vince Foster? Yes. Subsequently Bill Kennedy discussed with me. you recall any that conversation? 

--o-....... - _..,,.

--r----------__ ...,_ ......... - Yeah. recall it, was very brief conversation where recollection sense that Craig was being put the position permanently and Bill was verifying that had, indeed, given Vince recommendation. Did ask you any questions about Mr. Livingstone? Not that recall. just going show you this document, CGE 046218 and 219. Have you ever seen document like that before, not necessarily with this --Mr. Livingstone's name Mr. Segal's name it? don't believe have ever seen one those. No, not that aware of. you wouldn't know this how they moved resumes around? No. Did you ever receive resumes from resume bank 
filling positions your staff? Not that recall. Okay. you want look the second page? Sure. No. Huh-uh. 
Ms. Remington. And also --let just make this 
Deposition Exhibit That was CGE 046218 and 219. 

[Varney Deposition Exhibit No. 
was marked for identification.] 
Mr. Pinkus. Can look it? 
Ms. Remington. Yes. 


--------. ---J MS. REMINGTON: This CGE 46225 through 229. This the resume David Craig Livingstone. 
Have you ever seen that before? Not that recall. No, don1t think so. Mine not this long. Has ever given you copy any resume his? Not that recall, no. No. Going back Deposition Exhibit Mr. Livingstone, appears, filled out this form December '92. Does that help refresh your recollection when you might have talked him about finding job? would very difficult for imagine that had any conversation with him during the Inaugural about finding job the White House. such time-compressed, 

undertaking-te-put-an-lnaugura{-on;-1-mean; there are side-bar conversations. mean, everybody focused trying get the Inaugural done that inconceivable that would have talked him about White House job during this time. your best recollection would sometime during that planning the Cabinet meeting? Yeah. And here Deposition Exhibit had checked off job preference, "advance." Uh-huh. Did ever talk you about trying find advance job the Clinton administration? Probably. mean, that would most likely. mean, experience with him was advance guy. But you don't recall any specific conversation? don't. And here the "from" section the top Deposition 

Exhibit says Eli Segal. Would that the sponsor, 
you have any idea? don't know. While you were working PIC and getting the Inaugural 

ready, did you have day-to-day contact with him? With? Craig Livingstone. No, would not have been day-to-day. Would you see him weekly? Probably weekly, yeah. 

---Q-Let-me-go-eaGkte Mr-.bivingstens-resl:fm.-.Y:eu said that you had worked the Clinton/Gore Campaign. Right. Were you aware position something called counter
event operations? No. Had you ever heard counter-event operations? No. That's probably not the kind thing they would tell 

lawyer about. No, didn't know about that one. you have any idea what that position was, 
consultant counter-event operations? Only what described here. No, mean, don't 

know anything about it. You had previously testified that Mr. Foster had explained 
this position Director Personnel Security you and 
asked you whether Livingstone was capable doing that 

1..Jt:.[JU::SlllUll ..,illl::Sllllt: i:ll.L!CJ 

job; did you think that that was political position that 

was describing? Well, couple things. One is, don't think anybody ever 
called Director Personnel Security. Just for the record, did have different name. did have title. 

Ms. Rem ington. was Assistant the Counsel the 

President for Security? 
Ms. Taylor. think so. MS. REMINGTON: Something like that. was described me, best can recall it, one 

the support positions the Counsel's Office that they didn't 

want lawyer fill. mean, was described sort 

who would know good number the new people coming help them get their paperwork done and get done timely way. was described not political not political but simply opening, you know, one the many openings that you try and fill the beginning. Had you ever met Jane Dannenhauer? may have met her the very beginning, right before. don't specifically recall, but conceivable that could have met her. the time, not now, but back '93, did you know what position Ms. Dannenhauer held the White House? Again, mean, obviously know now, but can't sort out knew then didn't. believe could have met her sort one the early walk-throughs and looking all the different operations and who did what. Just this refreshes your recollection, you filled out your 
paperwork early