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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 34

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 34

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 34

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Service Agent other appropriate government official fulltime position function the Director Security. Such person would a-non-partisan individual responsible for .overseeing all security-related functions within the Office Administration. The person filling this.position would professional provide the White House with broad security-related specialties, include but not limited to: knowledge investigative and adjudicative procedures; classified 
document handling procedures; cqmmunicatioh security procedures; and law 
enforcement background. This person would directly involved the 1 
The President 
August 11, 194 

decisiorunakiti. process for final adjudication White House acces passes and Top Secret security clearances. This person could provide the White House with institutional k!ciwledge that would ensure continuity across Administrations. office within the White House should coordinate all b..a_ckground 
inves tigations. Currently the Executive Ofice the President has two separate -Qffices .that initiate, track, .control, and process background investigations. One office 
---Processes political appointees and another processes career eployees. addition
-. these arrangements, the White House Counsel's Office processes the background investigations Presidential Appointees who require Senate confirmation. This practic gives the appearance c::i-n enormous amount redundancy and lack centralized control. These-offices should combined and headed senior security official (preferably too Director Security identified item #1) the White House. understanding that past A_dministrations functioned this manner. All secUiity cleararce/background investigation paperwork should comple ted and turned before the first day employment with the White House rather than the current procedure days. This would alleviate any delay initiating security background investigation and thus reduce .amount time, now approximately 120-days, that i.t takes process new employee for 
sensitive WhiteHouse access pass:-I Currently, new empl oyees are required undergo FBI full-field background investigatiqn for employment the Whlte House, regardless they have been the subject .of recent full-field investigation from another government i!gency. w,ould
suggest you that new employees .who have undergone FBI background investigation within years should not have undergo another full field background investi gation. The same background investigation that currently accepted throughout the government should satisfy White House requirements well. Implementing this recommendation alone would save the American taxpayers considerable amount: money. hope that these recommendations will use you and your Administration. 
Chairman Subcommittee Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government 024167' 

Defendant EOP's Response Plaintiffs' Second 
Set Document Requests 

August 22, 1994 
The Honorable.Dennis DeConcini United States Senate 
328 Senate Hart Office Building 
Washington, n-: 2os10-0302 
Dear Senator DeConcini: 
oilbehalf the President, let express our sincerest appreciation for-your recent correspondence concerning White House security procedures. very.much appreciated your willingness share the expertise Mr. Wolfe, the Director Security-for the Senate Select Committee Intelligence. was unfailingly courteous and helpful his review. are currently the process our .own examination and assessment White House security procedures. first glance, many your recommendations appear dovetail with the modifi
cations currently under consideration. any event, all 
your recommendations will given the most serious considera
tion: 	 When our review complete, would happy let you 
know any changes may make. the meanwhile, hope you 
would not mind our continuing call upon Mr. Wolfe 
Thank you again for your interest in-this matter. 
Special Counsel 
the President 024165