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Judicial Watch • Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418_2-2 23-24

Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418_2-2 23-24

Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418_2-2 23-24

Page 1: Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418_2-2 23-24


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:March 15, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 15, 2018

Tags:wnzsz, uzasa, wagner, 031418, wanna, Broward, shooting, Salary, bureau, PAGES, department, FOIA

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DATE: September 20l
T0: SheriffSculilsi-acl #44924
FROM: Mnjurlhailwlck Wagner. Dircclor
Bureau Human Resourcex/K
SUBJECT: Salary Adjustment Fiscal 2017/18 will pmcesslng the increase your pay stipulated county charm and state law (see
altachcd). This dues not include the ceni cation program salary supplement for FY2017/l8.
Effective Octaber 2017, yuui new annual salary 5186.631. This adjusrment will ecied your pay check October 2017.
Should you have any questions require additional information. please advise.
0941:. 853447
561724.441 Ala, yawn
cc: General Counsel Ronald Gunzburger, General Cnunscl
Cnlunel John Dale, Exeuulive Director, Department Professional Standards
Colonel Thomas Harrington, Department Administration
Director Heather Milchell, Bureau ofl indnce
Director Dufne Perez. Management and Budget
Employee Personnel File
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