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Judicial Watch • Patti B. Saris – 2009

Patti B. Saris – 2009

Patti B. Saris – 2009

Page 1: Patti B. Saris – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:79

Date Created:September 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 13, 2014

Tags:Patti B Saris, Distributed, municipal, Gross, trust, 2009, assets, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Xcpo,-,i. ~o,,e,,,,.~.,R~qir~anc,b;t~otl97gE~ics 
Rev. 1/2010 
(.5 ,,pp. tdt-ttt~ Person R~por ing (lasz name, first, rtziddle inihal) Cm~r Organization l)a~e Repor~ RIS, PA]~rl l ASSACI [USERS 
05,13/2010 Title {A~icle Ill judges indicate active senior sla~s; 5a. Rep~r~ )pc [cheek appropriate type~ Reporlin~ Period 
magistrme judges indicale full- pan lime) t~omination. Date 01;01/2009DISTRICT COURT JUDGE (ACTIV~) hfitial Annual Final 
12/31 z2009 
5b. Amended Report Chambers Office AddPess lhe basis the informalion conlained Ibis Report and any MOA~EY U.S. COURTHOUSE with applicable la~s and regulalions. C()IJRIHOUSE WAY, SUITE 8ll0 
BOSI ON. 02210 
Revie~ing Officer 
IMPORTANT NOTES: TI, instructions acvompanying, must beJbllo red. Gmtptete all parts, checking the NO,.VE bo.r fi)r each part where y~u rei,ortable it!formation. Sign last page. NONE (No reportable positions.) 
P()S1TI( ~1 ()F ()R(;A IZATI()N/ENTITY 
((.bTRI JSTt~[~ rST 
Bottom l,inc Inc.. Boston+ 
Oflqcer..Clerk Isl (entut) Ftmd, Brookline Ili~h School, Brookline, ~IA 
Saris, Patti 
FINANCIAl, DISCLOSURE REPORT Person Reporting Da,eofRepor, 
05/13,,2010 S.,RS, PA[~[I 
IIl. NON-INV.ESTMENT INCOME. (Reportln~,, i,nlivid, taland ...... se pp. 17-24 offilit.g instructi ,,,.,., Fliers Non-Investment Income 
NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
{}Our.;, nol Spouses) Spotlses Nol-lllvestm~21 lllCOlllt~ -I[!,,,n were married during ataj, l,ttrlh,n the reporting year. tonrpte thi.s acctit,n. NONE (No r~7~ort~tbic non-inv~.rtt~rent DATE SOUR(E AND TYPE 2009 
IIIGtlVISTA ATE(lIES LLC, MA. Advisory 1,51 NIS ....... ........ i,,,,. ,,a.t.i,,~. I,,, ......... ........ 
~(.)1 !R(I...: I)ATIS~ I.()CAI ION 
SAmS, PATTI 0513,2t310 NONE (No reportable gifis.) SOURCE NON (No r~7~ortable liabilities.) CREDITOR 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --,-. .......... 
NONE (No reportable income, ~.ssets, transactions.) 
Dcscriptio~ Assc~s Income during Gross value end Transactions during reporting period (including I~sl assets) 
reporting period repofling period 
(I) 12) (I) (2) (I) 12) 13) (4) (5) 
Place ~X) after each asscl Amount Type leg., Value 
cxempl from prior disclosure Code 
div., tent, Code (A-H) 
(Q-W) Mass. Pofl Authority, Muni Bonds Inlerest 
Mass. G/O Cons Series, Muni Bonds Inlerest 
University Mass Bldg, Municipal Bonds Interest Matured 05/01/09 Mass. Bay Trans Authority. Municipal lnlerest TBonds 
Strips TNT, Public Security (IRA) hde~est Inveslors Fund, I.P 
Rank America (tbrmerly Fleet Natl Inleresl 
Bank), Bank Accounts Amc6ca, PCA Acct Interesl WellsFargo A~lg Gov Sec Dividend 
Sold 12~0409 fi~erlyS~rongGovlSec) Mutual 
10. General Oblig Series, Municipal None 
[~onds See Part Viii Realty Assoc fund Corp Dixidcnd 
12. Really Assoc Fund IV, LI.C 
No,c lt+ckcr Anthony Privalc Equily Fund I+P Di~t+lbt~litn~ Buy 03/261)9 (addl) Nlas~ Tpk ,,kuth. Municipal Bond I,lc~cst 
15. (onlb~encc LL( 
N~ne Really Associales Fund LLC ffi Distrdmlion Tucker Atdhony Priate Equity Fund Distrtbution 
F.INANCIAL DISCLOSURE I~EPORT ,N~inc Person Reporting sa~os, e~~ Page 0~.,~ NONE (No r~portable income, assets, transactions.) 
[)cscnp0on Assels Income dtlrirlg Gross vllue end Transaclions du~ing re.fling period 
Place aacr each asset exempt t?om prior disclosure Amount Code  [A-tt) >pc (e.g, di~., toni, orint} Value Code (J-P) Value Meth(~ C~c3 T)pc g., buy, sell. tcdemptio~l) Date nmvFyy Value Code [J-ll Gain Code (A-H) , Identity buyer/sellc~ (ifpri~a~e transaction) Mass [nl Fin Agy Municipal Bo~ds Tucker Anthony Private Equily Fund III Tucker Anthony Private Equity Technology Trust 3 Interest I)is~rihutmn None lli~idcnd SoM fpar Buy add~ 0701/09 
22. Bauposl Value Partners t.P 
23. Kcus~co Oftsho~e Ltd 
24. 26. PIMCO dJtv Real Return, Global Fixed Inc Brandy~ine Inv Mulutal Marisco flro~qh Fd, Mutual Fund Sold Sold 0309q)9 03/10/09 
27. Vau Eck Inll hwest Go[d-A Mutual 
28. Dodge Cox Inci~lne mutual 
2t~. (~ihon (;Iobal Na~ Rc~ Intl BVI lri~ale -LIS I~casuD, B~IIs Matured 02.05,09 Soid OI/20/O9  cderatcd lca~ Cash money market (cash cqui~ Buy 020509 [hO(addl IH:2~F09 
(addl) Buy 
-tage SaR,S, Pxrrj INVESTMENTS and STS --~ ......... ............ .,i.., ~.~,,~, ...... ,~ ........ ~.,,.~,.,~,..: 
NONE (Vo r~7)orlabje income, as.~ets, transactio~ts.) 
I)cscriplion As~s Income during Grnss yahoo end Tnnxactions durin~ rcpom~ period 
tinch,ding trust asse~s) rcpomng period ..... 
~e~.orling period ....... 
Place (X) alter cazh as~l Amount r>p~ {e.g. Value 
VaIu Ty~ (e.g. Date ~ Value Gain Identity 
excmp~ from p~i~r d~sclosure (rode div., rent. Code Method buy, sell, ~mm.dd..yy Code Code buycl.scllcr 
{A-It) ~rinl.} Code3 rcdcmption} (J-P) tA-II) {ifprivalc (Q-W) 
Buy (M122.09 (addl) 
Buy 05;04,09 (addl) 
Buy 02/09 (addl) 38. 
Buy 06,29. t)9 (addl) 39. Buy 07,08~0~ (addl) 
Buy 08,0.1,09 (addl) 
Bt,y 09.02.~9 (addl) 
Buy 0923.09 (addl) 
Buy 0929:09 (addl) 
Buy f1,02/09 (addl) 
Buy I..~03,09 
I]uy 12:0209 (addl) Huv 2.23.~9 
Buy 12:24.09 (addll 
49. Sold 01, 2,09 
Sold .2%,11o 
51. Sold 02lO.Oq 
V!1.1 NVE NONE LVo r~7~ortable income, assets, transactions.) 
Descrip6on Assets 0ncluding t~st assets) Inc,me during reposing period Gross x;altld end reposing pcn~gl Frans~cfions during rtpu~ing pcfit~d 
P~ace XXt after each asset exempt from prior disclosure Amount 7ype g..: Code div. rent, (A-tt) int Vah~c Code ~J.P) Value Method Codc iQ-W) Type (eg, buy, stlL redemption) Date ~mmzddiyy Value Uodc (J-P) Gain C~Ie iA-tll Idctmb. Nqcr/scl transaclion) 
52. 53. Sold (patti 0~q 1/09 (part) SolJ (p:trl) 04 13~0o 
56. Sold 05:13.,09 Sold Obq q)09 59. 5U. il. Sold S.Id ~parl) Sold (paH) 5old 06,25/09 07.01:09 07/10.:09 O~,l I~09 
Sold 09/04 09 5~Hd 09, I009 
SoM 09,15/0~} Sold {pall} 00,29q)0 
Pa~e 	SAmS. ~xrT~ 
05/13/2010 VESTMENTS and TRUSTS i,,. ....... ~,,~. ........ ,,~,,., (Inch,des ...... ,]sp ........ dependent children: see pp. 34-60 ~ling ira ...... i,,ns.) 
NONE (No reportabh income, assets, tran.vactitms.) (including t~st assel~) reposing period of~epo~ing period (lace (X) after each assc~ Amoun~ ypc le.g. Value Value ly~ (e.g, Date Value Gain 
cxcmpt from prior disclosure Code di~.., rent. Code Method 	bu~ sell. ~m~d~)~ Code Code buycr.:sclLer 	 A-II~ int.~ (J-P) Code r~dcmplion) (J-P) tg-tl; fifpmate transaction) 
Sold I!11J/09 
Sold ]21H~.09 
73. 	Sold 12,14,.o9 
Sold 12/30,1~9 
s~. Vanguart S,ff west lnv IMulual 1~1~ 
[Itly 03.10..09 I1 
Sold 07/t)7,09 lpartl 
Sold 0803:09 (pmi) 
Sold 0922,09 (part) 
79. Trust Int...D~ 	See Pall VIII -MA C~nnulonweallh Muni lids Dislrdmlcd I1),.27/09 
(formerl) MASt GnI 
81. (ommon~eahh M~mi Fds 
Di~hibuted 1027..09 
~2. {hilmark Municipal lid I)isilibuled ll)27/119 
-MA I!cahh Municipal lid 
M:llured 0o01.09 
FINANCIAl, DISCLOSURE REPORT ~ ......fP ...... ,~pur,i,,~ D~,eo~po,-, I.l. STM ENTS TRUSTS i,,. ....... ............ .dons (Inelt,des those ef~p ....... dep~ttden, children; see pp. 34-60 offili,,A in,tructionx.) 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
l)cscr~ptmn Assets Income during (iro:;s value end Fransacfi~ms dur{ng reporting period 
P[ace (X) al~cr each assel exempt from prior disclosure Amount Code ~A-H) T)pc dlv. r~nl. ,~r inl.) Value Code O-P) V~].c Mclhod {h)de Type tog., buy. sell, redempli~m) Dale Value :mm,dd y~, Code ~J-P) Gain Code AdD Identity bu>er,sellcr ill p~vate 
S6. Water Po}lulion Municipal Dislribmcd 10127/09 
87. 88. No[w~{~d blunicipal Uni~ersily Bldg Aulh Municipal Bond I)islfibuted Nhm.ed (pard Distributed 10i27/09 05.01,09 10t27/U9 
911 91. Dc~ .A~y Municipal Bond P~r~ Auth Municipal Sold l)isl~bulcd 11701 { 10,.27,0~) 
92. Tpk Aluth Municipal IJislribu~ed ~0,27.09 
93. 96. UBS RMA l~.*~rce cash mutual BoslorL Municipal Bu). (addl} (parO So~d Dlslribuled 07/02t~9 0).28.09 10~27.09 
~7. Fedm,~ed Govl t)hl~c m(mey mrkl 
~9. laddl) ~oht G.0~) 
I01 }~u) 0o,09()9 
103. NONE (No rt~ortabA income, assets, transactions.) -{including trus~ assets) re~mg period Place {X) after each a~se= Amounl Type ~cg. cxcmpl from prior di~losure Code di~., rent, (A-H) int) Trust#8 lnt!Di~. -(. ........................ repomng period Value Vab~c Type {eg Code Method buy, sell, [J.P) Code redemption) (Q-W) ....... Dale Value Gain ~Vd~)3 Code Code {J-P) (A-H~ buycr~se (if private ~ransadion} 
104. Commonwealth Muni Bds (formerly MAS~ Gnl Ob[igJ 105 Commonwealth Mum Fds (l~er[y Oran~ Antic) 106. -Chihnark, MAMunicipaIBd ~107 -MA Bay [rangAulhMumcipalBd 
10~. -MA~(Hcatth EdMunkipal Ma~u~ed ()6q)1i09 Nor~ood, Municipal 
I11. -UmvcrsilyMABldgAulhMunicipaIBds 12. -MA De. Fin Auth Municipal Bds Port Aulh Municipal Bds Matured {parO Sold 05:01109 )TOIII)9 15.  t.:IIS RM., f~xFict.- ca~;l i.-ct mtllliill i-d lh:,s Oli. ,~,.-% MuniciF,:ll I~.1 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS .-i,,. ...... .,t ............. ,i,,,, (Includes ..... (,po,,,e and depenaent children; ,ee pp. 14-60 filing inxtrurtions.) 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets (including trust assets) Income during reposing period Gross value end repomng period Transactions during reposing period 
(It 12) (I) (2) (I) (2) (3) (4) (5) 
exempt from prior disclosure Code (A-H) div, rent, int Code (J-P) Mclhod Code (Q-W) buy, sell. redemption) ~mn~d{b)3 Code (J-P) Code (A-lit bnyerzseller (ifpri~alc transaction) 
120. Sold 06103/09 Federaled Treas Cash Rsv money mrkl Buy 06/04/09 K(mutual fd) (x) 
Buy 06/09/fl9 (addIt 
Buy 07/I 6,09 (addIt 
Buy 092~09 (addIt 
~uy 09~30, (addIt 
Buy 12/3 I,I)9 (addIt 
Sold 06/I 9/09 
Sold 06/22/09 (part) 
Sold 0~/2709 
130. 	Trust Inl./Di~. [via Commonwealth Muni Bds (fi3rt))cd.,, .,lASt Gnt Oblig) 
132. (.o)nmon,.~,callh Muni Fds (lur)ncrl~ (Jralll Antic) [Thihnark. ,MA ,Mtl)licipal 
13,1 l:~ay Fran:; Aulh Municipal 13(t 
135 Ft..::,ld~ [!d Municipal 
),lalurcd ()6/IH0~ Ipart) 
-MA ~,;llt! Pt)llt)lion Municipal 
NONE (No report~tt,le income. ~tssets. transactions.) 
Dcsc~iptio~ As~cts including trust agscl5~ Place a[Icr each as.;el exempt from prior disclusurc Income during reporting period Amounl )pc fc~ ode div., rcnl, (A-H} int.) (;n~ ah~c end re~nmg period Value Vak~c Cod,- Melhod (J.P) Code Type (c.g bu~. ~1t. redemption) during rcponi~ period Date Vahrc Gain mmidd,yy Code Code [J-P) [A-H} Identity buyer:seller (ifprivnlc 
137. No,rood. ~ltmicipal 
138. University i]ldg Aulb Municipal Lids 139. l)ev Fin Agy ~lur~icipal Bd~ I,I0. Porl Auth Mtmicipal Ih]s Matured (part) Sold 05101/09 07/01;09 
I:11. XIA l-pI, Aulh Municipal lid:; 
1,12. New Bedford G.T! Nlttlficipal Bds 
143. I}B5 RMA TaxFree cash mu!u~d 
144. -Bosl,:~n, Mu~icipal 
NONE (No reportable im:ome, assets, transacti~ ns.) 
Place (X) after each asset cxernp~ #ore prior dlsclosu~c tl) [2i Amount lypc [c.g,C~dc div, rct~t. (A-H) t~r inL) Value Ct~de (J-P} (;h Value Mczhod I~r,,I,: il) 1) g.. buy,, sell, rcdcmp6on} (2) Date ~m~,tM.yy  ~31 ~4) Value Gain Code  Code (J-P) (441) Idc.tity 
154. 155 156 157. 15~. Trusl If) None Buy [addt} .Sold (pan) Sold [par[} Sold {parO 12/31.09 06/19.09 06..22,09 0~,27,09 
]59. I~a~ cle~s l_ifi: .a.nnuib, Ins Co. universal life insurance 
161) Trust Div~lc.nd V 
161. -Manulffe Fml Cmp (Ibrmerly Jltancock I:inl Svcs). common 
162. Sml LI{~ ..~ssurance, universal life 
163. 164. -Manulhc{urers Lfl~ ins, universal life kmcock) Fedc~aled US]reas Cash Rs~ cash mumlal I~t 
le~5 UllS Ikmk/C]ar~ada) bmancia] lnsrilurion Inle~cb~ Redeemed 01/22,09 
167 Redeemed {part) 
1,8 IJl~S A(L [mancial lnslilull/m closed Inlcrcsl Redeemed 
FINANCIAL ISCLOSURE REPORT .....fPerson Reporting Dale R~por~ INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ............ ............ 
.,i~,,~ (Include.~ ..... ~sp ........d dependent ,hitd~en: ~eepp. 34-60 ~filing in~tructit,n~.l 
NONE (No reportable incotne, assets, transactions.) Description Assets (including lrusl assets) Income during rt:~rtmg period Gross raise end reposing period ...... Transactions during reposing period  
Place (X) after each assel exemp~ rrom prior dlsclosure .moun~ Code (A-H)~ >pc (e.g., di~ toni, int) Value Code (J-P) Value Melhod ode (Q-W) Ty~ (e.g.. buy, sell, redcmplion)  Date Value mm;dd.yv Code (J-P) Gain Code (A-H) ]dcnti (ifpri~ale 
171. MAWalcrPo emMun~cipalBond~ lnteresl 
172. 173. Tucker Anlhony Private Equity Fund IRA Rollover Dislnbution Buy (addl) 09/29.09 
17:1. Federaled USTreas (.ash Rsv cash mutual Dividend 
175 Zoom Information Inc closely held Nt3ne ~.. 
176. 177. Vanguard lnflat thotecl mulual Dividend Bu2, addl! Buy 03.,26,09 11203;09 
178. Battery Ventures L.P. Distnbulion See P,ltl VIII 
179. 180. -Finisar Corp ~:t)t~mon stock i~-kind distribution ~x) None Spinoff (film~ line 178) Sold 09/15/09 09/21/09 Brookside Cap Parlners LP. None Dislrihutcd 01/05/09 See Part Vlll 
182. Friends I.itt:e Rock I.. Dislribution b.1 
IN3 ~4. 185. 1~6 Park (apl Ni:tura[ I,c--. F,I I..F. Patron Capilal L.I. Fidcnzzl Lit Dislribulium None None [~Ll~ iaddl) Buy [addl) [Juy latld 0.}130/(]9 06;25/~9 07/17;09 
87. Wcrtheim LI.( None ...... ..... ~po~,i~: 
VII. INVESTMENTS anti TRUSTS --i .......... .,~,,., ......tion, tInclud,s thme o],p .......d dependent child ........ 34-60 4filing in.,tructions.I NON (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) ri~ 
Place after ead~ asset ~xempl llom prior disclosure (I~ (2) Amou~l type [e.~. Code div rent, (A-H} inl.i ~I) Value Code (J-P) (2) Value Mlhod L~,de3 IQ-W) ~I) rype g., buy. sell, r~dzmplion) (2) (3} ~4)  Dale Valuu Gain .mmd~)Y Code Code O-P) (A-HI Id-mi~ 
188. MFB Nor0~em Trus~ Funds Muni cash equiv. 189. Nonhn Univ Revs Municipal Bund Dividend Interest Se~ Pall VIII 
190. Phoenix Ci,ic Impl Municipal Bm~d lnlerest 
191 Trust Distribution (.) Scc Partr VIII 
192. Rldg Bds Municipal Bonds Malurcd Ol.iI)l 
103. Spl t)blig Municipal Bond Dislributcd 09.31).o9 
194. c/5. 196 Wlr Pollum Municipal Bond Sold (part) SoM parl) Dislribulcd 08I)1109 09110.:09 0r~130/I19 
197. Wes~nr~ Municipal Bond l)islribuled 09!304~9 
198. Pur~ Aulh Municipal Bond I)istribuled 0~.30 
190 (:{ms (}O Municipal Bond Sold U5,0t 
200. l)islributed I~9.~O.119 
2111. XVeMIord Munic,pM Bond [)]stribuled 1)9.3(F09 
21)2 -OrleansMAGOMuniclpall]ond l)islributed 09/!0,09 
203 Stunehmn Municipal Bond [)~smbmcd ~.i I0~) 
~204. -MASI [pkAuthMum~ipalIId Sold INVESTMENTS TRUSTS ........ ~,,,, ........ tions anchtdes ,ho~e ........ dependent children: see pp. 34-60 filing instructionx) 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) ........ 
Description Assets Income during Gross value end Transactions du~ing reporting peliod 
(including trust asscls) rcporttng period report period 
Place (X) al)cr each assel Amount Ty~ Value Value Ty~ {e.g., Date Value Gain 1Ocnlib 
exempl from prior disclosure Code div.. rent, Codc Method buy, sell, mm/d~ Code Code buycr/se IQ-W) (A-H) inL~ (J-P) Code redemplion) [J-P) (A-H) 0fpfivale 
Dislfibuled 09/30/09 
206. University Bldg Auth Municipal Bds Sold 05/01/09 
207. Hllh Edl Mutficipal Bds 
Dis~ribulcd 09/30/09 
208. Genl Oblig Municipal Distributed 09130/0q 
209. Federated USTreas Cash Rs~ cash 
Buy 01/23/09 
Buy 02/05/09 [addl) 
Sold 02/27/09 Ipart) 
212. Buy 04/03/09 
Buy 06/09/09 (addl) 
Sold 06/22/09 (part) 
Buy 07/109 laddl) 
Sold 08/27/09 (parl) 
Buy 09Q 8/09 (addl) 
Sold 09/29/09 {parll 
219. I_I~S RMA qa~Fccc cash mtlltla] Suld 09/25/09 
220. -US Treason Bills ~laltJrcd 02~051)9 Boston, momcipal bonds 
Oislribuled 09/301)9 
VII. VESTMENTS and TRUSTS .......... t,,., tr.nsactiun. lnch, de.~ those t~[sp ........ dependent chitdr ........ 34-60 filing ittstrt, ctiu..,.) 
NONE (No r~wortable income, assets, tr~msactions.) .......... ..... ........ 
I)csctiphon ASSetS ~ncluding l~sl assets) Income during rcpomng period Gross ~aluc cad reporting period ~ransaclions during reposing 
Place (X) alter each asset e~cmp~ from prior disch~sore (i). ~2) Amounl [ype (c... Code div.. ~n~. (A-II) orml) ~I) Value Code J-P) ~2) V~luc Method Co,It ~i) ]ype buy, sell, redemption) (2) OafC mn~ddyy (3~ ~aloe Code J-P) (4) [lain Code (-H) (5) Idcnti~. buycr,tscllcr (il private transaction) 
222. -SPDR [)old m~aual fired []t~y 06,q 9;09 1 
223. Distribuled 09/30,0~ 
224. lshares MSCI Brazil ]nde~ fmulual Buy I~S2~09 
225. l)i~lrib.led 09G0 
--~ let MECM Investments [LC[closely held) Buy 09/3U09 See P:=tl Vlll 
227 Tru~ Distribul~un SccPartVlll 
22~ G(.) Rl~lg Bds Municipal Bond Matured 0t,0109 
229. Sp] Oblig Municipal Bond I)~;ribuled 09/30,09 
236. Wtt P(~lluln Municipal Bond Sold 0W0109 
(patti Dislribuletl 09~30.09 
233 Wcslon (10 Mu.icipal Bond Dislributcd 09/30:09 
231 -KIA Port Al~th Municip;fl IIond [)~Mribuled 09G0q)9 
237 k%c~lford Mt,nicipa~ Bo~d I)i>t~bt,tcd 09$(1+1)Q ~g. -()rlcan~ Mumcq~al I~ond [)isHibul~d STM ENTS TRU STS i,e ........ ~,,,. ...... tions (tmluae~ tnose ofsp ....... dependent children; see pp. 34-60 flUng 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, trattsactions.) 
[)cscnp~mn ,/Assets Income during Gross ~aluc end Transactions during reposing period (2} Ill 12) [I) (2) (3~ (4) Place (X) after each assel Amounl Type (e.g., Value Value T)pc {e.g., Date Value Gain  Idcmity ~1exempl from prior disclosure (7t)dc div., rent. Code Method buy sell, 
mm/d~ Code Cod,.: buye=iscllc~ 
orint) O-P) 	Code3 redemption) (J-P) (A-I() 0fpr=vate {QWI lransa~clion) 
239. Stoneham Municipal Bond 
Distribuled 09130,.09 
2~0 Tpk Auth Municipal Distribuled 09/30109 
241. ~uiversily Auth Municipal Bds 
Sold 05/01/09 
242. tlth Edl Municipal Hds Distributed 0%30:09 
243. Gcnl Oblig Murficipal Distributed 09!30.09 
244 Federated USTreas Cash Rs~ cash 
Buy i~.H!23!09 
mu~d fil 
2,15. 	l/tl), 2~1 5i09 
Sold ~2,2709 (part) 
Buy 04,03/09 l 
Buy 06109109 (addl) 
Sold 06.22.09 
[]uy 07!161~9 (addl) 
SohJ )8.27;09 (parl} 
252. 	Buy 09!2g;0~ 
Staid 09129,09 (par0 
254. I.IBS RMA l:ixFicc cash mUltlal ftl 
BU~. 09111i09 
Vll. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS i.,. ...... ~,,,., ....... ,i,,,,~ attclude.~ those .[nV ........ depenaent children; s,e pp. 34-60 off!ling instr.ctions.) NONE (,Vo reportable income, resets, transactions.) including trust assets} rc~t~ing period rq~ning period 
Place iX) al~er each asscl exempt from prior disclosure ~Amom~t T)pe pe (~- buy. sell. redemplionl Date VaLue mt~d~:y) Code (J-P) Gain (+ode II) Identity buyet:setler lifprivale transa~hnn) 
341. 342. Plymouth Rock ln common stock Municipal Bds [)ivid~nd Interest []uy ~(Id 05!15/09 
343. Texas Mun Pwr Municipal Bds Interest 
344 Buenos Aires Residential LI.C Distributior 
345. ~46. 347. Friends Irene R,ack Ill [.[ IlighfiehlsCapitalllLP NOne None Buy addt) Buy [addl) 115/ 8/39 7..3( .00 
348 Millgale Farmers II. I.P Ntme 
349. WMD, None 
350. 352. 353. 354. Park Natural Resource Fund (umbined! Pri, ale Equit., Distributhm [Itt} 1)O~2t) Ol~ Buy addl) [~uy addll Buy (add[I Buy (addl) 0227.~09 104/0 I,09J 05,18/09 06.,25O9 
355. BtDladd 07:10/09 
357 ~addl -(addl 
HNANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT INVESTSIENTS and TRUSTS i,,,. ...... .,a ........... .ao,,.~ (Inch,des ......*f spo,,,, rm,l dependem child ........ 34-60 filing instructio.~3 NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) ....... ..... 
(mchMing trust assc~ reporting period rcpomng period 
Place iX) after each a~sct Amotml Iype (g, Value Value lype Dale Value Gain ldcnti~ ~empl from prior disclosure Code div.. rcnL Ct~dc Method buy. soil. m~dd.,y) Code  Code buycrisclbr {A-HI int I.P) Code rcdcmp~ic~n) lid} IA-tl) lil privale 
358. Park Slreel Capital (Pri~ale Equity Fd) Dish-ibtdion Buy 03/27/09 
l]uy 06/23.09 
Buy 07/01.09 (afldl) 
[h~y 12:2909 (addIt 
3fi3. Park Slrcci Cap Nalural Resource AIV 
None Se~ Parl VIII 
I[h iv;de[q) 
764. Patron Capital I.P None ltu3 02.[g.O9 
Buy 07,130o {addlj 
llu} 10113/09 
367 Buy 11009 (addIt 
368. Orion Etuopean Real Estate II. C.V., Distribution [lu} (16.,;23.(19 (addl) 
369 Dublin L.L.(2 
371) Europa Fund I.q l.)islributi, Buy 13:Dq taddl} 
:;71 ~.,v,~lon Presidio 1,1 
Nt>.e I.I Bus 013D09 laddl) 
llu~ 12,2a09 
NONE ()Vo rt~ortg~bA inconw, ttssets, tru.sactiotts. 
l)cscriptioB Asgct~ Income during Gros~ ~aluc e~d Tran~aclions during rcpollmg period including IrusI assets) reporling period olrepoaing period 
Place (XY after each asset 	Amoum Type (e.g.. Value Valne Type {eg. Date Value Gai~ Idcnliry of(7~c 
exC,tlpt lrom prior disclosure 	v. rent. Code Method buy. sell m~dgyT Code Code buyer/seller 
375. Dev Aulh Municipal Odx Interest 
Trus~,# I,~ Distribulion 	Se~ Par! 
377 Norlhhampton. Unltd Tax Dislnbuted 0900/09 Nhmic~pal Bds }7~. Vesdbrd, Lid Tax Municipal Bds Distributed 09/3009 
379. Chelm,,fi,rd, Municipal Bds Dislribuled 09/30/09 
380. Wit iullulion Municipal Bds Distribulcd 09.30.O9 
381. Orleans. Genl Obtig Municipal Bds Dislributcd 09,30.119 
382. Llni.,ersity Bltlg Aulh .Municipal t~-.Js 
Matured ()2/03/09 
383. Veston, Genl Oblig Municipal Fds 
Dislribntcd 09.~O/09 384 Genl Oblig Municipal FId 
Dis~ribuled 09/30/09 
385. UBS RMA TaxFr-ce cash mutual Sold 09/28.01~ 386 Fedcralcd I.ISTreas (ash Rsv cash e,q 
Buy 01/0509 
3Sx. 	ltuy I}2,IIXi00 
330 	BHy 
~)2/05/09 C~ddt) 
~90. 	BHy Ij3(}3709 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, tranattctions.) 
Place (X) after each asset exempt from prior disclosure Amount C~e (A-II) Type (e.g., div., rent. int) Value Code IJ-t}  Value Melht,d Code3 (Q-W) Type g., buy, scl~, rcdcmplio~) Date kaltte mmdd.~.y Code (J-I) Code (A-II) buycr,.scllcr private Iransaction] 
392. 393. 39,1. ~95 Buy {addl) Buy laddl) Buy laddl) Buy 04/U2.Oq 0,10309 05~4.00 06.02,09 
306. 3q7. Bu) laddl) 07.02:09 07I 609 
399. dl)f). 402 {addl) Buy laddl} Bll). (addl) Buy (addl) Sold O9,02i09 00.28/09 0:02.q)9 0227,09 
403. Sold ~L~ 0.0 ~,I S,dd 090909 
~ ......fP .....Reporting 	Dalr Rrporl 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --i,,,. NONE (No r~Tmrtable income, asset.~, transactions.) 
Desc/iptmn ol.~SSels lnc~IT~ du~ing Gt(,,~ vMue end Transaction.-; during ecw~rtmg periled 
(I) (2) 12) ~1) 12) (3~ (4) (5) 
Place (X) after cach assct exempt from prior disclosure Amoum Ci}tlc Type div_ rcnL Code Mcthod buy. sell. mrndyy Code Code  buycr.scllcr 
{A-It) ~nl iJ-P) Code redemption) (J-Pl  (A-II) (ifpnvalc 
IQ-W~ ~ransacfion} 
409. PIMCO Foreign mutual 	Distributed 09/30/09 
410. SPDR Guld (fumaerly Strcettruck,,, Gold 	Buy 06;15;09 Tr) mutual fund ladttl) 	Dishibutcd 09;3fF09 
412. Treasury Bills Matured 02., )5/()t) 
413. lk~stoa. municipal bds 
Distributed 0913(.t09 
-Vanguard Inllal Protected mutual tund 03.;26:09 (part) 
Di:~tribuled 09/3!t/09 
416. [1S Treas TIPS Bds (x) 	Bu. 03/25/09 
Distributed 09;3009 lnt MECM Investments LLC Iclosely 
Buy 09130.09 See Pan VIII held) 
419. Trust Dismbution 	See Pan Viii 
42[). Nt)rthhampton, [nhd Tax Distributed 09,,.]U,09 Municipal Bds 421 Wt~ltord, t.ld Tax ti() Municipal gds I)i~tr~butcd I.)9. 3(.1~9 
423. 	-Orleans. Genl ()blig ML,Jcipal lkls 
L)ishit)utcd !)9/30,09 4..4. Urm,ersily Bldg ,.t~th Municipal Bds 
Mamtcd 20~ 
425. Veston. M., (icnl ()blig Mumcipal I(Is [)t~Iribuled 
~.m~orP .....Reporting NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) ....... 
(I) ~21 ~1) 12l ~1) 
Place (X) a/ler each assel 	Amotml Ty~ I Value Value [vpeCode 
cxempl from prior disclosure dlv.. rent. C~c Mclht~ buy, sell, (A-HI int.) I.I-P) Code 
426 Wtr Pollution Mtmicipal Bds Distributed 
427 Cons lform.erly lisled Genl 
Oblig) Muni 
1428 UBS RMA laxFree I-d cash mutual ;d Sold 
,129. Federated USTreas Cash Rsv cash 
Ruymulua[ (addh 
Buy faddl~ 
432 tty 
Buy laddl) 
435 ~uy laddl) 
436 Bu~ (addl) 
437 Ihly (addll 
4~t; 	tlu3 
Dale Report 
12/ 13) ~4) (5~ .... 
mm,dtF)y (;ode Code buyer.,scllcr 
01O5O9 23,09 
05:114 (1~) 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --i., ....... ............. i,,,,, ttnduae* ....... .~p ......... a,,,t tl, ita 
NONE (~Zo r~7~ortcthle ittcome, cts~ets, tt~tn.soctiotts.) 
Descriplio[I Assets Income durin~ Gross value end T~nsllctions during 0ncludin~ lrust a~scls) reporting pe~ud ol[epo~ing periled 
Place (X) alter each a:~scl Amount lypc (cg., Value Value 1)~ fe.g. Dale Value  Gain Code 
exempt from pfio~ disclosure div. rcnL Code Method buy. sell, 	Code buyct,seller mmtdd,)~ Code 
~3. Buy 09/28,09 
444 tluy 10112/09 (addIt 
Sold 02~27.09 I.. (pardi 
446. t,ld 03i30~09 
447. (406~09 
448 	Sold (~6.09,09 
Sold (162.2/09 
Sold  09.09i09 
Sokl 12/24,09 (pint) 
~52. PIMCO Foreign [-d mutual 	Distributed 09/30/09 
453 SPDR GoldYr (tb~merly StreethacKs Gold 	(h~y 06.q 5109 
45~. 	Dislribuled 1~9/30,09 
,13t~. IJoston, municip~tl bd:, 	Distrlbulcd 09,30,119 
457 Vanguard lnf]at Prot,cctod 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
(including trust ~sscls) Place ~X) after each asset exempt from prior disclosure reporting per Amounl [ypc (c.g, Code div., rcnL {A-tl) t~r int.) re~:~ning peri~3d Value Value Code Method (J-P) Code lyl~- (cg. buy, sell. rcdcmpt~,m) Date mm/dd:yy Va~oc C~dc (J-[) Gain Uotlc IA-H) Idcnti~y t,u)criscller 
460. Distributed 109..3009 
461. lnt MECM Investments Lt.C (closely held) (x) 462. Trust Distribution Buy 09/30/09 See Pint VIII See Parl 
4(i3. d()-I Norhh~mplun. Unlld (iO Municipal Bds ~Vestit,rd. Lid Tax Municip:d Btls Disltihuled Ilistribu~ed 0930.00 9,~i)139 
4e~5. ~.?hchns~brd..MA (~O Municipal Iqd~, l)islribuled 0930:()9 
466 0titans. Genl Oblig Municipal Bds 407 Uni, crsity MA~]Idg At~h Municipa! ~ds Distributed Sold 09/30/09 05O1:0~ 
468. Weshm, Gcnl Ohli~ Mutficipal lids Dismbuled 09.30/09 
409. -~]A Wit Pollln Municipal Bds Dislributed 09/30/09 
470. C~ns (brmerly lisled GeM Obhg~ Mum 471 ll~N RM,k TaxFree cash t:q mutual fil Distributed Sold 00:~0/()9 09~2R09 
474. 475 taddl) Buy laddl) !lu;, 02.03.09 0205.0~) 
NONE (z~)) reportable income, assets, trcmsttctions.) 
(including Irusl ~ssels) rc~ing pcriod rcpom~g period 
Place (X) after each asset exempt from prior disclosure AmOttlll Code T}pc div.. renL Value (:t~c Value Method ypc tc.g buy, ~fl, I)alc mm/d~yy Value Code Gain Idcmity ~rans:tction) 
477. 4!8. Buy ~addl) Huy 03~27/09, 04;02~09 
479 480. [~uy (addl) Buy ~addl) [hO 0,1/03109 (14.09 ff6/02i09 
482. [~uy (addl) 07:02/0q 
484.- atiUYddl 0g;04A~9 ~addh 486. 487. !addl) 13uy (:~ddl) lh~) (Y~/2 R,O~) 0,02,~09 
4~. 48,) Sold parl S,4d 0227,1)0 1~330 1}9 1492 par I)Sld /){,09 01~22,09 
FINANCIAL DISCLOS URE REPORT Page sa~us, ~,,xrn 0~~ ~o~o NONE (A,o rcp+..t~dde income, ttssvts, transactions.) mck~ding tru~l asset~) Place (X) ahcI each ilSSCl cxemp~ from prior d~sclosure reporting period {I1 (2) Amouql (e.g., Co~ div., rcnl, (A+t{) iltl.} repoaing pc6od t~1 -t2) Value Value Code Method Code (Q-W) 11) [)~: tc.g., buy. sell, icd+nlplit,n) t21 Dale mm.dd:yy ~31 Valu~ Code {J-P) ~4) Gain (;ode {A-H) t5t Idcnlity b~yer.~s!lcr [ifp+i+atc ~ransaclmn~ 
t494. 495~ PIMCO Foreign mutual Sold 12/24:09 (patti Distribuled 
4~6. 497 SPDR (;old ltbrmcrly Streetlracks Gold Trl mutual fund []uy 06~15;00 laddl) D~slribalcd 09~30~09 
1498. -LISFreasmyl~ills 
499. []f,5lOll, ~l.-~ municipal bds Distributed f)~~[) or1 
501 Van~uarcl Intlat lmteled mutua limd 5{!1 Staid (pz,rt) Di~tribt~tcd 032609 09;30;09 
502. Trcas 71PS Bds (x) ~]uy L25.09 
50t. Distributed 09;3yOn 
504. Int MECM Invcslmcms I..LC lclosely Bu~ 1~9..30,09 Sec Pao VIII 
505 Trusl ~121 Dislribution See Parl VIII 
511(~ 5{17 Nt~tll~han~p!on. NI.A I..J,l{ltl ~ax Nlmacipal l~tstturd. M..~ IJd Ia~ G() Municipal Bds i)islribuled Distributed 1~() 0~ {)~1~t1 0() helmslbtd, (i(.} Mtmicipal [lds 
510 Oile:lr,~. Nl-N (;unl I)bh~ Mumcipzd Bds ....... t~ ..... ~po,-,.,,.:. INVESTMENTS and USTS i.,. .......... ~,,,.. ......... ,i,,..~ a.~,,u~ a,o. .......... ~.,~ .... ~,.u ..... .~-~o ,~u.x ....... .,~,,,,,-.~ 
NONE (No rtTmrtabte incomv, ttssets, transactions.) t:. 
[)escripti~n A~scts Income duri~g Gross  aluc cot] Transactions durirlg reposing pc~od 
Place *(X) al~r each asset AinouI]l Type It.g,  a:uc Value Type {e.g. Date Value Gam Idcnli~ 
exempt from prior disclosure Code (A-Ill div, rent, int.) Code (J-P) Mefl~od Code buy. sell, tedemptionl mt~.d~~y C~M (J-P~ C~] (AH) buyer/seller (if private 
V~1~) Weston, Genl Oblig Municipal Bds Distributed 09,30/1)9 
512. Cons (~om~edy li~ted Genl 
Distribmed 09/30:09Oblig) Muni 
513. UBS RMA ]a~Free l:d ca~,h mutual 
Sold 09/28/09 
514. Federated USTreas Cash Rs~ c;~sh tq 
Buy 01,05,09 mutual 
t~u~ 1/23:(o 
I:hly 02I13,,09 (addl) 
517. 	Buy 
02.05/09 {addD 	Buy 03/09 
[]u~ 0~/~ 709 (addl) 
Buy ~/02,~9 
[ht) 04:03/09 (addt) 
Bu} ~)5 ()4/)9 [addl) 
Bu, 0602,~9 
(addl) addII 
lh,y 07/t0:09 
[hO (14/09 h~ddl~ 
Ind,ll) VESTMENTS TRUSTS ......... .,,i ............ ,i,,,,, a,,d,,~, ..... ~.,~ ........ d,~,,~,,,,.~,i~,.~: NONE (No r~ortab!e inco~ne, as.sez~, transactions.) .........~. 
(i~cluding I~st as~els) repor~iag period rep~ing 
Pk~cc iX) alie~ each ~sscl exeml, fium pHur disclosure  Amounl Code T~pc [e.g.. di~. rent. Value Cod,: Value Method Ivpe {~.g. buy. sell. 
(.A-II) ormt) 30~09 
940 E~s[ey, municipal bds D)sl~buled 09/30.09 
941. FIor)da St, municipal bds Sold 07122.00 
942. Illinois mumc)pal bds Distributed 09G0.09 I.. 
943. Inle)n)oumain Pw) Agy. {IT munkipal bds Sold )~.08..0o 
944. Lung Island, municipal b(l:~ Sold 51 I 
945. Maine mumcipat bds Dishibuled 0930.09 
946. Me~ grans Aulh. municioak bds Dislribuk~d 
o47. Mississippi municipal bds D~slribuled lJ9/]0[}~) 
~48 -Nc~ Yo)k Dorm ,,M)th municipal 13ds Sold (15 0g09 
949. DlshJbulcd 09.~009 
950 Regional rtan~ I)isl, (() municiapl hds Distributed 1)9.3009 
951. MF[~ No,hem Fds mumcipal money Disl~ibuled 09.30.09 
952. Re~ Associates LLC {y) See Par~ VIII N()N (No rclmrtahlc income, as,~e/s, oYm.s,zcti~m ~.) 
953. lnt M[~CM ha~estmcnts LLC (closely [~uy 093W(1 Scc Iafl VIII 
held) (x) 
954. T~st ~25 In~.~D:~. Scelmr~V[ll 
955 I)S Frea~u~ Hills Malurcd ~1205,09 
q56. SPDR G*~Id multml fired BtJ~ O6q 5R)~ 
957 Distrib:,red O9;3~1/09 
%8. Feder~led Tre~s Cash Rs~ mulual fund Buy O~z0c) 
~62. S~ld 09/2909 
963 Auburndale. FI. municipal Disltibulcd 093U;09 
964. []crkcle~ Cry. n~unicipzd I)i~;tribulcd 09/30:09 
)65. E~sley, municipal bds Distribulcd 093009 
966. Flntida SI. municipal bds ~old O7,22z09 
967. Illinois n~unicipal bds l)islribulcd U~;30.09 
96~ Intern~otmlain Pwr Ag)., mtmlcipal bds So~d 
~69 l.un~ Island. municipal bds Sold 05;I I/O9 
Ila,:c {X) al~cr each asset Amounl lypc I ~.. Value Value Type tc~, I)al Value 
970. M~inc municipal bd~ l)iqJibuled 0930:119 
~r;:l. Me! Trans Aulh. N.v mumcioak bds Distrtbuled O9/30.09 
972. Mississippi munidlXd bds Di~lribulcd O9,30.0!) 
97.t. 974. Nm, York [)o~m Aufll municip:d [:kls Sold fl5.08.09 (pall} Dislribulcd {)9,3U.1~9 
975.  Regional Trans Disl, mtmiciapl bds tlistnhuled i(19/30.09 
976. 977. -MFH Northern Fds municipal mone.,, market Id Really ,a,s.,;oclalcs Ft:] I l.l.(_ I.xl Dismbuled 09~3(I.0a See Parl ,Ill 
978. -hll ME{TM In,,eslm~.a~s I_L{ (closely held) 9!9. lrustfi2+, Int.l)iv l:~tl.,, 0930,O9 I1 See Parl VIII S~c Part VIII 
980 LIS T~:asmT Bills Matured fl2/05.09 
9,t 9~;2. gg3 9S,l. 9g5, 996 SII)I~ Gold mutu,d ftm,.I I:ed~.~amd Tmas (:ash Rsx mtlhlal (hnd Buy (addl) [}istr=buled (r, arl} Bu,,, laddl) Buy ~addb Sold (pa~t) Sold (part) 06/I 5,09 1719/30.09 02O5,09 05:22/09 061609 0~Y2209 
Vii. VESTMENTS and TRUSTS ............. 
l-~Z_] NONE fNo r.~o,-tab/e me,roTe, asset~, 
(A-Ill irtt 
987. S~)ld ID,29,(19 
ogS Aubumdale, municipal Dislubuled 09,3009 
{.8~. Bakeley Cly, municipal [)istr~buled (J~! .09 
990 Eaxlev cpalb~s l)islt~bulcd ~9130/0 
991. Fkmda St. municipal bds Stdd (~7,22.09 
9~2. Illinois municipal bds Dlstnbulcd 09.30/O9 
9~3. Inlcrmounta~ Pw~ Agy, mumcipal bds Staid 116,08/09i 
99-1  [.~}ng Island, municipal bds Sold O5,1 I/Or}, 
995. Maine murucipal bds I)ismbutcd IItL3IY09 
99~* Met T~;ms Aulh, municioak bds Dtsltibulcd 09..30~D 
997 Mississippi municipal bds I)~stribuled 09~31}09 
9~aS New Yo~k I)tum Aulh mumcipal Bds Sold 05108:{19 
999. [)~sldbuled 093009 
[(]0(; Regional Tr~ns Dist, (..O mu.ici~pt bds Disttibuled 1)9~3009 
10( MFB Norlhem Fds municipal rno.ey Dixlribuled 
1002. Realb Associales I.I.C (),} See Parl VIII 
10().~ Inl MECM hweslmenls I.I.C lck~sely held) ~u) 119.3 .[19 Sec P~I VIII 
cXCml)[ from p~io~ discl,)surc L.)dc div. rent (ode Mc~hod bu~ sell. mmdd.yy (Sndc (~d I,.yer~llc~ 
1004. L.iveprucess Crop Set pl;J slock None 
IOUS. I.!eur,}phagc Ph~nmls Inc Series pfd 5k~tk 101)6. W;l~emark Inc Set pfd stock None None 
loft7. Vanguard [nflai Protected mutual fund IO0g. iJ09. lSll( In~eslor $reas money ~ilrkel mulual lurid Hill). Nlelidia Capital I1011 1012, Mcla,l (]ruup Lid Di;idemt Di~ idend None ~oile Ih+y (addl) Sold {part) Sold Buy (addl) [tu) (addl.I tH/07..09 05113.09 1>2 05,29i00 2;il I.09 
101 [lliull Associaics. ~t~ll{ 
1014 Ilom Capital Fund 2008 IlH5 None {kl Buy (addll 13uy (addl) I.,20/09 12:30.09 
lilT. [.inc Rock Partners I.P combined (addl) 
102!). (addl) taddl) 
FINANCIAl, I)ISCL()SI.JI~I~ REP()I(I ......... ....... r~p,,~: ..... 
Vii. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS--i,,,.,,,,-,, ~,< ..... .,..~a,,~,.h,.,,~ .... ,/~ ...... s~. .... ~i~,v. ;~.,~,~. ~o,t.i.~,,,-,..,~ ....... 
NONE (No reportable income, a.ssets, 
Ilac ~X) alter e~ch asset cxcmp~ from prior d~sclosurc Am~mnt (ode IA-tl) 15pc b:g d~. rr~t. inl aluc Codu !J- 1 V~iue Mc]h~d ]oJc [~pc bu), sell. [dcnlp~lo~li Dale mrn dd:2y Value C~,de (J-P} Gain Code IA-II) Identity buyc~ seller lif plisa!? Buy 07,3 Ise9 122 1023. ll)24 IO25. I.on glar Fund (Li~), $1libiJlion 1.1 tl) 4~ddl) Iltl) (addll Buy  10,;2 Is09 I..  1/10O9 123 I.0~) gcc Pall VIII 
1026. 10ne Star Europe lloldings (US). Nol~c 
1027. L~ne Star Real Estate Fund (1)S), l.P II12~. 11129. M~ddle East Noah Africa Opportunities Fd, IIIID. Ih)iiland (apital 1.1 None None None Buy l~ldd] ttuy Iziddlt Ihiv O3.O9,flg 1117 ],1)~ O2s05i09 
I1)] [really ILC IPER~ lY) 
lill Nll I-M Associates L[(_ closely held J~4 Abrams Pariner.~ None l>I 
1036. lIrooksitle C hem 1173 (MI:LM h+~csht~em+ LL(IILe,. I,I_C 
inl+(c~l conlribt)tions) 
Item 1094 arid tt)8 Ass~Is held ne+~ n~st #2g Id))omled dish ibuled cle o+(ltlibtl(iUtl~ II~m IM~{M In~cMmcrmls 1+(:) (~,~,. 
Ikn~ 173: h)s~)) held t_( (ll~m 173 h~ade~ rm~t Iblh>~cd itb ho)dm2A :rod 
I~cm 123~ Iosely h~hl LLC (llem 1238 h~adc~ ~o~) [~>ltm~d i1~ holdmg~ and t~ansac~mm~ ......fle .....Reporting ....tRcpor, SARIS, PAI-I 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) isaccurate, true, anti complete the best knowledge and belief, and that auy information not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory 
provisions permitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported are compliance with the provisions U.S.C. app.  501 et. seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Mail signed original and additional copies to: 
Committee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544