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Judicial Watch • Paul G Rosenblatt Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Paul G Rosenblatt Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Paul G Rosenblatt Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Page 1: Paul G Rosenblatt Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:December 13, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Rosenblatt, Paul G Rosenblatt, trust, 2004, transactions, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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A0-10 Rev. 1/2004 Government Act 1978  
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2004 U.S.C. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (Last name, First name, Middle initial) Rosenblatt, Paul Court Organization U.S. District Court, Arizona Date Report 5/12/2005 Title (Article Judges indicate active senior status; magistrate judges indicate full-or part-time) U.S. District Judge -Senior ReportType (check appropriate type) Nomination, Date Initial @Annual Final Reporting Period 1/1/2004 12/31/2004 Chambers Oftice Address U.S. Courthouse, Suite 621 Washington St., SPC Phoenix,AZ 85003-2156 the basis the information contained this Report and any modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Reviewing Otlicer Date  

OTES: The instructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part POSITIONS.  (Reporting individual hnly; see pp. 9-13 filing instructions) NONE  -(No rep'ortable positions.)  
POSITION  NAME ORGANIZATION/ENTITY  Successor Co-Trustee (with beneficial interest)  Trust  

II. AGREEME. NTS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 14-16 offiling instructions) '11 
:o "'"""" 
t.n :..  :: """'. 
2.. Value Codes: ts6coHim1;sC.l and.
DJ)  :  	1::: 
-P4 =$More.than $50,000,0QO 
.P3 =$25,000,001-$50,000,000 Value Metho. Codes =Appraisal (SeColn1n C2) =Book Value 
Date Report
Name Person Reporting 
Rosenblatt, Paul 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, value, transcations (includes those the spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-57 offiling instructions.) Description .4.ssets (including trust assets) Pla"e '"(X)" aler ouch asset exempt from prior disclosure Income during reponing period (I) (2) Amow1t Type (e.g. Code div. rent. (A-H) int.) Gross value end reporting period (I) (2) Value Value Code Method (J-P) Code3 (Q-W) Transactions during reporting period (I) not exempt from disclosure (2) (3) Type (e.g. Date: Value buy, sell, MonthCode2 merger, Day (J-P}redemption) (4} (5) Gain Identity Code buyer/sellerI (A(if private H' transaction)  
19.  Centennial Money Market Trust Interest  
20.  Pima Co. 6.4% 4-1-07 Hosp Rev. TMC Interest  

21. Maricopa Co. 12-1-19 !DA Hos. Fae Rev Interest 
22. Lillbt:rt, :i.25'o 7-1-17 Interest 
Maricopa Co. lndl Hlth Interest 

Phoe.nix, 5.2% Ind! Dev Auth Multi-Family Hsg Interest 

FRB-Treasury Direct Acct: 
25. 1/2 Note Interest

27. Note Interest 

28. Tax Fre Trust ol'AZ -Trust Dividend 
Rental Property #1, Prescott, AZ, July 1994 Rent
Delaware Investments Arizona Dividend
Verizon Dividend

Comcast Corp. New Class 	None 

33. State 7-1-24 Dividend 

Phoenix, 5.25% 7-1-27 Civic lmprov Dividend 
Phoenix, 5.25% 7-1-32 Dividend 

Puerto Rico 8-1-31 Dividend 

 1 ;.'llidilie/dairicodes: S(QOO odess 
iS.;e Colwmi, unJ  $50,001-S 100,000 $100,001-$l,OOQ,OOO_ =.$ LOQ0.10 J-$,OOQ,OQO ,;=.More.. tllan $5,Q00,001. Value Codes: $15,000 orless =$15,001-$50,000    ,,;$50,00!-SlO;oof , ::''  (Se Clwiins cl"and D3) $250,000-$500,000 ;.,"; $5bo;o'i:s(oob;6oo. "'$i)ioo;oo;1.:$5;oobifoO", :;_;:$5'.6o'. o'io$2:.s;OOO,OOO

, .. ..:	
3.Value Method Codes 
 ;:;;1-$so.,ooo,:;-, i,::7f.s,