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Judicial Watch • Paul J. Barbadoro – 2009

Paul J. Barbadoro – 2009

Paul J. Barbadoro – 2009

Page 1: Paul J. Barbadoro – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:4

Date Created:September 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 17, 2014

Tags:Rtporl, Coral, Paul J Barbadoro, college, price, Fidelity, stock, 2009, investment, TRUSTS, dividend, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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01 (R,porting indfridual only; ser pp. 9-JJ offiling instruc1io11s.J [2J :JONE rNo reportahle positions.) 
FI:;ANCJAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page 1 Name reridua/ and spous; C-U filing 
Filers Non-Investment Income 
[{l NONE (1Vo reportable 11011-imestme11f income.} 
SOURCE .A.ID TYPE Spouses Non-Investment ncon1e -lfJUU Wtrt mnrritd clurinK ar.y portion ofrh reportin1: ye(/fJ cuniplete thic 
IV_ REil1BURSEi1ENTS --nr;.,,,, 1ot1/!;.,,.1,,,,if, 
:Jame orPnton Heportiu 
ll:llt Rtporl 
llnrbadorr., J3u) .t. 7 JFTS. (/ndud., tlrou rpou_,,, and dretuft!r1/ rltildrt11; si! pp. 183 offilmc instructiorr..) 
[ZJ !ONE (ho reportable gijts.) 
lJ. LlBJLJTIES. (Includes 1ltnu t..{spouse mrd depnJ1.nt chi!drtn; 31.H llf Jilin;: 
[2J N01.E (No reportable liabilities.) *IRA Fidelity Diersd.ied Jn1rn1ntionnl TIA CREF Stock Fund *TJAA CREF Glnhal Fund 
10. TIAA CREF Gro.,th Fund *TIA! Equity Index Fund *IR.- fidelity Low Price Stock 
13. IR.t Fidelity Ca.:;;h RecrYs (Accouni 
15. *Trust Real Ewtc Cape Coral. FL. account (lrmt con1111ued) Middlesex Snvings Bonk fidelity College fJ11estmcnt PIJn (fund 
Dividend Didrnd Di,idI 
[nteret Rent Diidend 
Duy Buy Buy Buy -- Buy 15[1 OLl 5.09 Oli! 50.l 01;15,09 01/05ll/QJ  Sl.000.000 Jll Sl,()l)l,COl l.l)(J{J.LQ.J !loie S.,f){M.i C,il)(l Vale (ode-> =Sl00 =1101  S.IG,000 =SOJjQJ  100.000 -I t