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Judicial Watch • Richard A Paez Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Richard A Paez Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Richard A Paez Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Richard A Paez Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:14

Date Created:November 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Richard A Paez, money, Richard, Gross, 2009, EPA, transactions, TRUSTS, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Rev. //2010 
.FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 Person ne"porting lilst name. fin.t, middk Paez, Richard;. Cuur1 Organi1ation U.S. Court Appeals for the Ninth Circuit D3te R!!port 061)412010 Title (trtick III _1uJ.gcs illd1tatc active-ur cnior !illus. mOI  S50.001>.ono  1'4 =Mou  SS0.000.000 .1lm Ml1ht1d Cndts Appn.uI Cu::;1 (1-.0(JO "S!Of!l -S.50,000 '-$(1,111/  S.100,000 4100,!JOI -5'250.000  
'S..:t' C11lumn =$50,f)f) -SI (H)J)(JO J-$J5,000o< k:;s (Rt',tl b1a1t Only) 'A:>scssm1.:111 =(;.1,h Markel  
(S:t C:nh1mn Bouk V:llttt" :Q1ht1 :-:.-1:::::.1imah!d  

Name Person Reporting 	Date Report
Paez, Richard 	06/14/2010 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, value, transactions (Includes I/rose of..000 "Sl,001  $1.000 SI 5.001 50,0(Jll tSt:.._ Column!; 1:31 and lH) I ...,j,j1J,OOI -$1011.000 5100,IX)l -.$!,1>00,000 1,000.0tH -S5,00fl,000 ""More than 'i5.00U.OOO .'.1lll.._. Code ,-.$15.000 1Jr l..:s oS5.0ill -550,000 "')1),00! IOO,tl(JO =$100.tJOI -$250,000 
(Si.:1.: Colurnn anti Dl) =$2."0.fllll -:500.000 .... 500.001. Sl,000,000 '-$.1,000,001 -15,Ml1.0i)0 =.SS,()(10,001 -12),(1()0,l}t)O 1'3 '-)2S,J}()(J..flfil  $.:i0,000,iJOO --Morr.: d1:m 150,000,000 Valu..: .'lclhotl Clxks -Arp1;11..,.il =Co51 (Real bta1c Only) -A-.snsm1.111 T=C.1 ... h!l.ifarl.:ct Is,.  C"olwnn -l;hl(i!..: .-";11111: .'=Other W-t'.>1im8.  Royce Penn Mui  Dividend  Buy  08/07'09  

J:9. Fidelity PAS Core Income Fund Funds Dividend 
140. !-'rank lin and Precious Mctah Dividend 
141. Franklin (i,)lJ and Precious Me1als Dividend 142 Franklin Gold and Precious Mela Dividend 
143. Tcmpkwn Glubal Bond Class Dividend 
144. Temple1on Glohal Bond Class DividenJ 
Tcmple1on Glolrnl Bond Class DivlO.Ol)o -'l.50.001 -SJ(Hl.000  )100.tiU! -$250,liliO  
(S..:l Column a11UO,OUO --$){)(),!JOI  JJ00.000 ""'ld,OOfJ,UOI -15,000,000 -$5.000,001 -$2.S,OOO.fiO(l =:i.25JIOO,OO -$.!-0,000,00l) ""More-drnn $50,000.001) Vatul :vk1htdl">1.k-.  ()-Apprn1S