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Judicial Watch • Richard B. Surrick – 2008

Richard B. Surrick – 2008

Richard B. Surrick – 2008

Page 1: Richard B. Surrick – 2008

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:December 4, 2009

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 24, 2014

Tags:Commonwealth, Richard B Surrick, complete, Richard, Retirement, district, filing, 2008, investment, spouse, reportable, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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Rport Re1111ired 1he Ethics 
A(l i11 Gn>umr1mt :let of/978 Rev ?003 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2008 app 101-n Person Rtporting (las 11a1ric. fl(!i, middle uu!lall Sunick, Richard Tirle (Article lll Judges indicJlc .ict1H senior stalu!I; m;ig1stralc judges 1r.dJC:itc full-or pJn-tunc) U.S. District Judge -Active Courr Or-ganization District Couri E.D. Sa. Report Type (chcd appropnatc type) Nomination, Daie [nitial Annuill Final Dale Repnrt 06/03/2009 Reporting Pc -Room 8614 601 Marker Snee! Phibdelphia. 19106 
Reviewing OfriCer D>le 
fft.f PORTANT NOTES: The i11stmctions acco111panyi11g this form must followed. Complete all parts, chec1i11g the /ONE box for each part whereyou have 110 reportable i11/ormatio11. Si:;111111 /ast page. PQSJTJ QNS. (Repurting ;,,di,.id11al only; se pp. 9-13 filing inSlructions.) 
[2J NONE (No reportable positions) 
JJ. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting indiidunl o1ly; pp. JJ-16 filing ins/ructions.) NONE (No reportable agreements) PARTIES AND TERMS 2000 Commonwealth SDte Employees Retirement System -No Cnntrui U)0 ,o::;: c.n -c:::-- :::0 rri0 oJ> _,.,, ,.._, ..:I c._ ...0 ):> ::0