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Judicial Watch • Robert B. Harwell – 2004

Robert B. Harwell – 2004

Robert B. Harwell – 2004

Page 1: Robert B. Harwell – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:10

Date Created:November 21, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 28, 2014

Tags:Robert B Harwell, office, 2004, spouse, Codes, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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fttport Rtquired lhf: Ethits Covtr111nen1 Act J978 
Rtv. 1/2004 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2004 Pason RcPontD.I (Last me, Firsc. name, Middle 1n1lJaJ) Coun Orgaruzacion Datt ofRcpon S/1112005 
maglSUattJUdJd 1nd1c full p11ttime) Article Ill d. Acuvc oDate Wn.i nn.i 11112004 Chambers Office Addrl!$S 401 V. Evon Strecl McMillan Federal Bldg. flon:occ. 29501 modifications pcrutining thereto, i.s, n1y opinion, compliance with applicable laws and rcgulntions. Reviewing Officer O:ue 
IMPORTANT NOTES The instructions accompanying thiJ form must folloN omoc:r/Oircctor 
Tnu1cc Trust 
Cu.stodian Custodial Account# 
Custodi Custod1aJ Accoun1 2 AGREEMENTS. (Reporting iodividuai ooly.soo pp. 1-16 orming instructions> NONE  (No rcp ol1llble>srccmen1s.) 
AND TERMS 719104 Ballenger, Barth Hoefer, LLP, former law tners and have agreed that will paid 25% the 
contingentfees gcner11.tcd spcclliealJy 
Name Pers.ori Reponing 
Date ofReport 
Harwell, Roben 
s11 inoos GIFTS. (lncludc:s those spouse and dependent childreo. See pp. 28-J inslructions.) 
 NONE (No such rcpon1>lc gifts.) 
VJ. LIABILITIES. (Includes moseor spouse and df A$5Ct.s 
(Including tru$l aS$cts) 
Pl1 (X) aft each aue1 exempt 
ftoot priOJdi$l;IOltC 
Income durmg 
iype. (t.. 
Orou a.Jue llt end reportins period 
Codt.. =$1,000 Jess  ,(X>l -S2.SOO -S2,.501-S5,000 ... SS,OOl-SlS,000 -SIS.OOJ.$50,IJlumnsBI lllld) ... SS0.001-SJOO,OOO -i100,oo,.$1,ooo, ooo  $l,