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Judicial Watch • Robert F Kelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Robert F Kelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Robert F Kelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Robert F Kelly Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:reinvested, Robert F Kelly, Dividends, Union, SAVINGS, money, vanguard, DOJ, 2003, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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April 15, 2004 
=::r :
Committee Financial Disclosure r-"Tl
Administrative Office of the 	0- 
::> ;c-.


II. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; sec pp. 14-16 filing iDSlJUctions) 
 NONE -(No reportable agrccmcnts.) ..;c.. 

Dale Report ""' KElL ROBERT III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting individual and spOusc:; sec pp. 17-24 offiling instructions) Filer's Non-Investment Income NONE -(No reportable ooo-iovcstmcot iru:omc.) 

(yours, llClt spouse's) ANNUAL STATE PENNSYLVANIA-Pension.Annuity $18,222.60 Spouse's Non-Investment Income -(If you were married during any portion the reporting year, please complete this section. (dollar.amount not required exQqlt for honoraria) NONE -(No i:eportablc noo-iuvcstmcnt income.> ANNUAL CRAWFORD, WJUiON RYAN, (Law firm) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, lodging, food. entertainment. 
(Includesthose spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 25-27 instructions.) 
 NONE -(No sud! ieportablc 

VI. LIABILITIES. (lndudcs those spouse and dependent children. sec pp. 32-:u_orinstnu:tions.) 

Name ofPe Reporting 	Date ofReport ofl 
KELLY, ROBERTF 	3/19/l004 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transcaliODS (includes those the spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 34-S1 filing instructions.) 
Income clming Gross value end 
TnmsactiClllS during ieporting period Dcscriptioo Assets reporting period {including trust assets) 
bllt c:xcmpt fuJm diaclosuR 
(I) (2)" 	(2) 
(2) (3) 
Place "(X)" after each asset c:xcmpt from prior disclosure 
div. real. 
Value Value Type (c.1. Dale:Amolllll TJPC 
Method buy, scl1, Month
Code buycr/scllcr
(J-P) Codc3 merger, Day
(Q-W) iedemption) 
im.) (J-P) (A-H) 
(if private 
DNONE  (No reportable iDcome, assets, transactions)  First Union Bllllk Savings Acct.  .  First Union B8llk Savings A1:.1:t..  Intcrcst  VllDgU8ld Tax Ftce Money Market Fund Freeport Copper Gold Commoii. Sloclc.  Dividmd Dividend  Buy  Var.  Dividends  McDoJJald's Corp. Commm Stock  Dividend  U.S. Series Savinp Bonds  Jntaest  IRA-Vangud Star Fund  DiYidmd  Buy  Vfll.  
Vanguard Ins. Tax Free Fund Dividend Buy Vfll. 

VlllglllRI Intcmatianal OrowGi Fund D.ividcod Buy 12112 R.cimrcstcd 

VangDard Treasury Money Mm:et Fund Dividmd Buy Vfll. Reinvested Dividends 

Vanguard GNMAFund DiYiclmd Buy Var. 	Reinvested 

13. 	Vanguard Hj.. Ykl Coqi. BoodFund Dividend Buy Var. Reinvested Dividends 
Vanguard IDdc:x: SOO Fuod Dividend Buy Var. 	Reinvested Dividends 14. .lnc:omo/Gain Codes: Sl,OOOorJm  Sl,00lS2,SOO  S2.SD1"SS,OOO  55,001..SIS,OOO   $15,001-SSD,000 (See Columns llld D4)  SSO,OO.lSI00,000 s100,ooi.s1,ooo,ooo  n.000,,ooo;i>!>o  .Mlll'f than SS,000,000 

2.. Value Codec:  S15.000 las  SJS,001-SSO,OOO S5Q,OOl-Sl00,000 . $100,00J.;.$250,000 
(See CollllDlll and D3),ooo 
 SL,000,001 SS,OOD,OOO $5,000,001..$25,000.000 ""$2S,000,00l"S50,000,000  ... SMorc than $50,000,000  Value Method Codes Appraillll COii (Real Estate Only) "'Auessment .,. "' Cash/Mal1cet (See Cul1111111 Cl) Dlll!k Value K>Otber  Eltimatcd certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief: and that any information not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory prov_isions permitting non-disclosure. 

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