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Judicial Watch • Roberts Jr John G – 2004

Roberts Jr John G – 2004

Roberts Jr John G – 2004

Page 1: Roberts Jr John G – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:10

Date Created:July 27, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 23, 2015

Tags:INANCIAL, Plans, dividmd, Roberts, Fidelity, Gross, 2004, assets, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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R.eqair.:dby the Ethics 
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i-:-:2 ....: 
:::;;: AGRBBMENTS. (Rcpodhriiadividaal. cal)t sec pp. 14-16 otfiling iDslrm:tions> 
Ii!! NONE c..n 
Daic Report 
Roberts, Ir.. John 
S/1212.00S FilersNon-Investment Income NONE -(No rcpoxtshlcnoo-luinlvidmd Nooe Dividend Dividend DlWk84 M r.: 
16. lmcl (O:immam.) 17. Nea> hfancl Pad 18. JN! {C.a:aman) Dividand -Dmdmd DmdeDd DiW:lllld ..S,l,mllrlea S:l.ll0l..$2..50C ... $2,50>-SSJIQO $SJIOl-$l.5.CIOO 
(See Oolumis llld D4} $50,otll..SJOO.OOO =$100,001;ool-s:stuGJ,IDO MIR lbm ts.000.000 
!l. Value Cadi:r;: S:!S.OOOorleai Sls..DOl..;so,GOO l.$1CIO.OOO 1CIQ,001..s::?:50,D00 
(See Cimms llJld D3) r,; :$2SQ OOl-$1.000,000 S>l.000.001-4:5,000.000 P:i: =-s::!S.tlOO.OOl-tS0,000.000 !.: :;Mare tilaci S:SO.OOO.llOO Vl!.lu:: MetiJod. Cocieo Q:i C$t (baJ Blllllll Ontyj !:; .Aaseuzmm CahfMllrli:cl --- ..t...i. Vi= 
age2of5   Robc:cts. .Jr-.. 
, DcsctipliOllof Assets (mcltediug IMt usca) llaco (X) llftcrcdnd.Cllel:qlt frocn pdar ctisdosole lnoomcdaring pe:iod (l) {2) Amount rypc (e.g.Oidcl div. ri:at. (A-B) a.) Grou valuc Cll4 period (1) (2) Value Valua Codc2 Methild (1-Pl Code3 Transac!ioM dmilig reporting pcda4 (1) not ClCCl?:pt irom disclo.>urc (4)  Type (c.r;. Dale: Valae Id::atity buy,aeU, MOll!hCodc2 Code merger, (J-P) (-B) (lfpd.miedcq:ltioJI) 
19. 20. 21. 22. ,23. %1. 29. 31. I.m:ent(Common) Mcn:k {Commoil) Microsoft: (Common) NoYdlus (Caam:loa) Plin:r(Ownmon) Scimlific AtlaDta (Ccm111m) S1ltcStreet IMO (Commoll) XMSR (Commaa.) WambigtcnJ.U:UT Cmt Davis Ser Real Bit Pmid None Divideml DMdcnd NOllC Dmdcn4 DiWiend DiWll:ad Dividt:Dd None Dividmd Dividmd DividcDd 
P.idditJ Panel Dividmd 
34. 35. Fidelity fftcdcm 2010 PDd PUlclity Low Priced SIOCt PaDd Fidelity MapllD. Pimd Dividmd DMdrmd Divici=d 
l.Cods: Sl,000 $1,001.:;J..500 $2.,SOJ..SS,000 cSS,001 SlS.001 ..5fi.000 
1:1. Lord Abbcttl>cY Pmid Ncac 
Pm:um New Opp Fund Naac 
49. Pm:um Vf71111,fZ Pall4 
Seligman Oommall.-A Pma4 Ncme 
Sl. 52. 53. 54. lnmt)r Fmd Price Emo S1iOCk Pmad Tit Price Sci ilk Tech Pimd Vangurd int1 Fad Dividcad NOiie llay 1/S 
l.CAJds: c:.S:lJJQO leis c:: S:::,SOl.SS.000 ES,OOl..SlS,000 =SlS.001 
CSee Colmmi:i llllllD4) t50,00l-$100.000 $10Q,fl0J.S:l.OOO.OOO Sl,OOO,OOl-SS,llOll.CDl Mme tlllll :S.000.000 Value Codes:: sis.coo lest $l.S,00l..:SO.OOO $;5{1,0(n.$1111.000 SIOO,OOl-s:!S!l.000 
CSe:: IW!l D3) =1!00 tstlll,OOl..Sl,000.000 ,..s;lJJOQ.OOl.:!5.000..000 P:: t!i.000.00 l-s::?S,OO!i,OOO ::.t:!S,000,001.:50,DOO.flll(i :SMmellzlirll 
... Vaiu:: Mefuotl C-lrlet Oi::. Cast (kcal Eme Oaly) 
Desa:iption Assets (ux:hufmg tnJst llSSCIS) 
Place oo eacll asset tiumpdorclilcloure .SS. Vanguard Cap Index Fand Jog Countries Pand SI. MT account MTB Moocy Mttm:caGDt 
59. 	CMA Money Plmd Schwab Money Mkt Fmul Schwab Muni PUDd 
ChcvyCiue Bmk9CCpllDll 
118 iDrcn:stin Coulge. Knoctloag. I.imc:rict, Ireland Shaw liumm l:D.eltm:I Fund -2000 I.LC 
ca:aa (ConnMI) f;/. P.mmoatBmls (Comman) 
68. PDccPrime Res Pimd 
.M. Lynch SOOCl Pad Midcap SPDR SCllics 
71. 	Fcrding CDN Coal Unit Trust Ships L1d. (Common) bcaaiclGain Cods 1:S:l.OOOorklfi 
ividmd 	Dividend 	Dividmd 	Dividmd $1.001..$2,500 SlOllJIOI-Sl,000.000 tl.SJIOl..SSU.000 tSOO,Oln-$lJJOO,OOO 
 Cast {I(mJ.l tale Only) 
Name Reporting 
Robeds. rr.. John 
Date Report S1121200S 	J). 
Gross; value end TllUISllctioos period i=mpt 
(l) (2) (1) Value Valw: Type {e.g. Dale:. 
Value ldclllitJof Codc2 buy, IC)), MOG12iOidc:2 lntyencler(l-P) merger. 
na, 	(1..f) ci..-m (dpd11a1e(Q-W) ticm) hnAdiou) c,.so; ..S:l.000,001..SS,DOO,OOO ... tsll,00l .$10Cl.llillll !;;1,CJ00,001-$5,llOll.DlW 
Jl>t, =SMJlle lhlm SS(l.ClOO.OOO Asll:eSSIDCnl 
bay 11123 llUy JI/23 
... s:s.e:n-tlS.900 =S.OCU.000 a:: More 111m ss.000.000 ...:;:J00,001-t250.000 l:.: =-Z:S.OO!l.00I.000.000 =Cashf ...  
Name Person Reporting Date Report 
Roberts, Ir., John 5112/200S 
Gross vallle atend : Income during 
Descdptioo Assets lnlStmcts) rqioiting period 
AOt trom 
(1) (2)