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Judicial Watch • Sandra D. OConnor – 2009

Sandra D. OConnor – 2009

Sandra D. OConnor – 2009

Page 1: Sandra D. OConnor – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Gocrnment .1ct of1978 
Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app.  101-11 Person Reporting (l/ befi1/lowed. Complete all parts, checkillg the NONE box for each part where you !rave110 reportable information. Sign last page. PQSITI NS, (Reporting inJfridua/ only; see pp. 9-IJ /filing instructions.) NONE (No reportable positions.) Ooard Member The National Consritution Center Member The Rockefeller Foundation, Uoard Trustees Member, Advisory Board Smithsonian National Museum Natural History Board Member Al.IA Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative Council Member Advisory Commission ADA Standing Committee ihe Law Library Congress Board Member ASA Museum Law Co-Chair, National Advisory Council Campaign for lhc Civ:c lfosion Schools Member Center for Strategic International Studies (CS!S), Commission Smart 
Power Chancellor College William and Mary 
10. /.!ember, Advisory Board The Henry Clay Center for Statemanship 
II. Special Advisor ASA Ruic Law Initiative 
12. !onorary Chairperson 
Honorary Chair 
Honorary Ifoard Chair 
15. Board Member 
16. Ilonor:u-y Ooard Memher 
MacArthur Foundation. Neuroscience and Law Program 
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, National Advisory Committee 
People America Foundation 
Randall Lineback Oreed Association 
Smithsonian Associates Advisory Council 
OConner, Sandra 
Dte Report 
Name Person Reporting 
04/0912010OCONNOR, SANDRA 
17. Member Americans for Generational Equity, Board Trustees 
18. Board Member William Rehnquist Center 
19. Chair Emeritus the Judicial Advisory Board Counselor Exec. American Society International Law 
20. Advisor Aspen lnstitutes Justice and Society Program 
21. Commissioner National Parks Second Century Commission 
22. Member Alzheimers Study Group 
Bill Lane Center for the Study the North American West Stanford 
Stanford University, Center Ethics 
Citizenship Counts 
Sandra Day OConnor Project the State the Judiciary 
Our Courts Project 
OConnm HoU5e Project 
Chair the Advisor Committee OConnor Judicial Selection lnitiati,e 
Advisory Board Member Lloyd Curt Center for the Rule Law the Salzburg Global Seminar 
Honorary Chair the Centennial Exhibit Arizona Womens Heritage Trail 
Honorary t.lembcr 
II. REE NTS. (Reporting individual only: supp. U-16 filing ilwructions.) 
NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
Name Person Reporting 
Dte Report 
III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting individual and >pou>i.001 -SI S.01.>0 -Sl5.UOI. $50,fHl() .lore 1hJ11 ss.ono.o:io :SIOO,OtJI  S25U.UUIJ P::! =S5,t!IW.OOI. >25.000,000 Ca-.hM:i.rl.:et 
Name Person Reporting 
VII. INVESTlVIENTS and TRUSTS -U.come, va/ue, tra11sactions (foc/u1/es those 11/>pouse anti dependent cililrfren; Stepp. Jl-60 offilingimtructionr.) NONE (No reportable income, ussels. transactions.) 
Description llf Assets lncumc during 
Gross 11alue end rransa,t1ons during rcportmg: pt:nod 
(including tmst assers) reporting period reporting period 
(I) (2) (l) (2) f--1 (2) (l) (S) 
Place (X) after t:u.:h asset Amount Type (cg., Value Va!uc Typo (cg, Date Value (fain Identity exempt from prior disclo$ure Ccxk div. ren[. Code Method buy. sell, rmn/dd/yy Code Code  buyer/seller 
(A-II) int.) (J-P) Code redemption) (J-r1 (AI!) (ifpriare 
tr.lns,1ction) [11i.;ome GJlnCodcs. :-:-S 1.0()0 kS3 =Sl .00 -S2,500 S2.50f -Sl.uOO 55.00I -S5.00U =1).U!JI  SJll.(lUU 
tSte :i.nd IJ4J ... S0,001  Sl0.!100 -:S!UO,t:KH. ,OJ0,01)() Ill S,000,l)i))  55,000.0UU fore than SS.0110.000 2.Vll!ueC.iJc:::i =-SI 5,000 less ::s-Sli.001 -S50,UOO -!50,001 -tiOO.UOO =.UOU,001  S250.00U (SO,OOI  S50.00U.1.lOU (fore thJn 550,t:ll!J,UJI .:Co:>I (Rtal fau1e Only) Ai.tHm:nt r-CashMarkct (Sec Column(:!) .,IJ.xik 1luc =-Othr =Es1111iltt:d 
Name rcnon Reporting 
vn. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -;,.come, value, transactions (lnc/u1les those spou>e and dependent children; S PP Jl-60of/iling instruction D-Sl.OOJ -12.500 ll,501 -SS,()()() 5.001 -SIS,000 F,-S1s.001-SS1).nuo So=t: Ci!umns S5,0GG,OOI -S::!S,OG0.000 -si 5,uoo,uo  t:G,000,000 :::More lhan SS0,000,000 Vllu.e Mc.hod Co1h.s Q-oA;;i;na1sJI =-lni.t (kcal Est1te Only) S=Assessment =Cash Mdrkel 
(See CJlumn C2J =C1ok V91thcr ,,..Enim3ed 
Name Person Reportin:::: 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, vatue, rran ...ctfons (1nc1ud those ofspous. and uepenu,ntc1oudren: PP 11-60 offilinc instructions.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 	lncom conver1ed stock Computcrshlre an closed following the death spouse. 
IX. CERTIFTCA TION. certify that all Information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any information not reported wa withhrld because met applicable statutory provlslom permitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported art compliance with the provisions U.S.C. app.  501 et. seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Mail signed original and additional copies to: 
IV. Reimbursements Transportation, Lodging, Food, Entertainment 
January New York, New York Interview taping (Transportation and meals for self) Jazz Lincoln Center 
January Phoenix, Arizona 
American Bar Association 
Participation and address the ABA Section Litigation Leadership Meeting (Transportation and meals for self) Section Litigation Leadership 
January -28. Yellowstone National Park Commission Participation Commission meetings (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
National Park Second Century 
National Cowboy Poetry 	January -30 Elko Nevada 
Address audience the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering; and address audience the Great Basin College (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) Gathering/Sally Searle 
February -3. New Orleans, Louisiana Circuit Court Appeals for the Fifth Sit with the Fifth Circuit Court Appeals Panel (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
February 6-8. Williamsburg, Virginia 
Participation Charter Day activities Chancellor 
(Transportation, lodging and meals for self) College William and Mary 
Annenberg Foundation 	February -11. Palm Springs, California Participation Annenberg Foundation Conference (Transportation, lodging, and meals for self) University Arizona, February -20. Tucson, Arizona 
 	Teach the University Arizona (Lodging and meals for self) Leaming Center University Missouri ,aw 
february 25. St. Louis, Missouri 
Reception and formal ribbon cutting ceremony Leaming Center 
Dinner remarks 
(Lodging and meals for self) 
february -27. Columbia, Missouri 
Visit with student groups, attend reception and deliver the Nelson 
Lecture the Lav.; Schools symposium. 
(Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
11. Rockefeller Foundation Board 	March -5. New York, New York 
 	Participation Board meetings (Transportation, meals, lodging for self) 
12. Abraham Lincoln Presidential 	March Chicago, Illinois 
Library Foundation 	Participation portrait unveiling. Brief remarks. 
(Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
National Park Second Century March -20. Gettysburg National Park 
Commission Participation Commission meetings 
(Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
Alzheimers Study Group March 24. Washington, Participation release Alzheimers Study Groups report release and testimony before the Senate Special Corrunittee Aging (Transportation for self) 
Pepperdine University 	March 27. Los Angeles, California Participation panel discussion for the William French Smith Lecture Series (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
United State Department State 	March -April Slovenia and Croatia Participation with Embassy staff visits the dignitaries Slovenia and Croatia 
16. (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
17. Florida Law Related Education 	April -7. Tallahassee, Florida 
Association Visit Florida State University College Law Address the Florida State Legislature 
Reception hosted Florida Bar Association Visit Deeklake Middle School (Lodging and meals for self) 
18. Coast Guard Academy April -10. New London, Connecticut Visit Academy and various student classes. Deliver the Hedrick Fellowship Address (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
19. St. Joseph County Bar April 21. South Bend, Indiana 	Association Deliver luncheon address (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
Indiana University-Purdue April 23-24. Fort Wayne, Indiana University Visit student class; deliver the Omnibus Lecture 
(Transportation and meals for self) 
April 28-30. Austin, Texas 
University Texas School 
Center for Women Law 
Participation Womens Power Summit Law Leadership, Law/Mike Myers 
give remarks (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
I--))  American Bar Association May 6-8. Charlotte, North Carolina 
Participation ABA Presidential Commission Fair and Impartial State Courts, give keynote address (Transportation, lodging and meals for selt) 
May 13-15. New Orleans, Louisiana Circuit Sit with the fourth Circuit Court Appeals Panel (Lodging and meals for self) 
Court Appeals for the Fourth May 15-17. Williamsburg, Virginia Participation Commencement activities Chancellor (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
24. College William and Mary 
May 21-22. Los Angeles, California Give luncheon remarks -receive the Person the Century Award Angeles Rotary Club 
(Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
National Park Second Century Commission 
Radcliff Institute 
Rancho Puerta, Mexico 
June 1-4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Participation Commission meetings (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
June Cambridge, Massachusetts Participation Radcliffe Commemorative Service, Awards Symposium and give alumni Luncheon remarks (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
June 13-15. Tecate, Mexico Participation discussions and give remarks 
Participate interviews and panel discussions 
(Transportation, meals and lodging for self) 
July -20, Sun Valley, Idaho 
Address Bar Association members 
(Transportation, meals and lodging for selt) 
September -6, Helsinki, Finland 
Participate Seminar sponsored State Department; 
Visit and address Finlands Supreme Administrative Court; 
Seminar Helsinki University. 
(Transportation, meals and lodging for self) 
West Virginia Independent Judicial Commission/State West Virginia 
Annenberg Foundation 
Joint Symposium the South Carolina and North Carolina Women La\ ers Association 
(Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
September 20-21. Morgantown, West Virginia 
Attend West Virginia Independent Judicial Commission meeting 
(Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
September 24, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Speaker the memorial service for Lenore Annenberg; 
(Transportation, meals, and lodging for self) 
September -Charleston, South Carolina 
Received the Bissell Award and participate symposium; 
(Transportation meals and Iod gino for sel 
39. College William Mary October 2-3, Williamsburg, Virginia Participate dedication ceremony, events surrounding judicial conference and address students (Transportation, meals and lodging for self) 
40. Sixth Circuit Court Appeals October 13-14. Cincinnati, Ohio Sit with the Sixth Circuit Court Appeals Panel (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
41. National Association Women Judges October 15, Memphis, Tennessee Annual Conference, participate luncheon speaker (Transportation and meals for self) 
42. Ninth Circuit Court Appeals October 19-20, Tempe and Tucson, Arizona Sit with the Ninth Circuit Court Appeals Panel (Transportation, lodging and meals for self) 
43. State University New York November New York City, New York Received honorary degree from Binghamton University 
address audience 
(Transportation, accommodations and meal for self) 
University Oxford 	November -December Oxford, England 
Brasenose College 	Participate lecture series, engaged exchanges with students and faculty classroom scttmgs (Transportation, accommodations and meals for selt)