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Judicial Watch • Sandra L Lynch Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Sandra L Lynch Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Sandra L Lynch Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Sandra L Lynch Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:35

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Sandra L Lynch, sandra, Lynch, ATF, Fidelity, vanguard, Gross, trust, 2003, EPA, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Executor Estate See note, Section VUI. 
Trustee Trust of:X. Resigned Trustee i0127/03, effective end ofday 10/3 t.'03. 2003 
IV. 	REIMBURSE!>1ENTS -transportation, lodging, food, entertainment (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 2527 instructions.) NONE  (Nosuchreportablereimbursements.) 

Cotombia La School 	April 2003) New York, NY, Judged Moot Court Competition rehnbursed travel expenses 

(includes those spOuse and dependent children. Sec pp. 32-34 instructions.) 
Fleet Bank Mortgage rental property 

Ji!.te Re;:ior.. 
Name Person Reporting 
Lynch. Sandra 
--income, value, transcations (includes !hose the spmts:: ar:d dcpentle1: chiki:e:i. See pp. 34-5':> fi:i rog Jnsrruc!1ar.s.)
VIL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS Income durins Grvss v;1li:eat end 
Description Assets 
reporting ;ieriQd repcrti:ig pe:icIT PLAN TRUST (See note Section Viii) -American Centwy-20th Century Ultra  Dividend  
-Brand)ine Fund  
-CGM Mutual Fund  
-CGM Mutual Fund  
-Fidelity Asset Manager  -Fidelity Capital Appreciation  
to.  -Fidelity Cash Res..."'?'Ve5  
11.  -Fidelity Emerging Mrukets  
[2.  -Fidelity Equity Income  
13.   Fidelity Magellan FUnd  
14.  -Credit Suisse Com  

Rolled over 
S.[()[)  1'4 Si"rfr:mi5(J,fr}: (fl  

Lynch, Samlra 
--i11come, v;iluc, 1r11riscatKms (includes !l:ose the SJX'!Cse and depc:1de111 children, See p;:t 34.57 :ili'>g Instructions.) 
l:ocmne during  GrO!.S vauc i> end  7;-ansatio11s dming, reporting ?cried  
Description Assets.  reporting period  cepor:ir:g period  

(including trust assets)  
Place "(Xr .after each .asset exempt from prior disclosure  Arrt9U;;t Code (A-H)  
235.   Pimco High Yield Admin  
236.   Pimco Total Return Admin  
237.  -Pimoo Real Rctun1  
238. Rowe Price Hi,gh YieJd Advi:sor  

'":'ype (e-.g.div. rent 
Value Cc)de {JPl  (2) V2J11e fv1elh6C Code3 (QW) 'Type {e.g. buy, scll, merger. redemptkm}  lfn:X exempt from d.sdosure Dale: Vnhtc: Gain Ideritity Month-C'.m:l.e Code buyerfseller o,, (J.P) (AH) (ifpr:iv11te trnnsi:!c Columnr,.  aril'. D4J  ""'S:SO.DUi mi.out :..:r::  

Date Rcpo:t 
VIT. Il'VESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, va!ue, :ra:rJlcatiuns (ind"Jd!s those tbe spouse_anrl dependent chib;lren. S:::e p>J. J457 offi!ing ;ns1ructions) Inc-0me .du.rl.1g Gross value end Transactions du:i;1g re.crtintr ct'iorl 
Description Aw:ts 
reporting period reporting period 
(incloding trust assets) .-iol exe:nf}I d!sdm.i:1r.:
(1} (2) (l) (2) (I) 
Place ''(Xt after each asset e.':e:npt Ar.1unt Type (e.g. Value Value T;t;Je {e.g. Date: Value Gain Identity from prior dfaciosurc Oxfo  div. rent. Code2 1-klhod bu)', sell, Mo:1th.. Code2 Code buyer/seller
rger, Dey  =S,OUl-$2,50J  
('.:>i."t: 1.1nnr.t D4/  ""'S50JJ0!-5J{>:'.;_i):.J  ee$lKtC01-S:JlfJl,f01 ,02D,.OQ1S,'..Jl'.)0,00U =More tnzr ::,1mn,1_1;w 'v.:.ic-:,::: .:  ""$'15J)'.J'.  "'Sl5,0Di-S5l.fJOO  =-S:50.(101.S::;;Jli)(>  ;.  =:'illlJJ1G:-_::5;.;,;;:.  J,50'..._0(1;.s1.llJZ:.GJl :.::JJOD,00 ;.-:,::.oou.nn SS,ti}:L.'./.i .;:::::. [ ',l1'J!  """;t.Jv'it1:-lh3r. S!J,lOJ,(}(Jc>  

Dute Report 
Name Person Reporting 
61212004 i'.lcume, vttltte, tmnscations (includes those the spouse and deentexempt from disclosure 
(I) {2) (I) (2) (!) 
Place-(X)" afte ca::h atsei e1.empt Value Vn:ue Type (t!..g. Dnte: Typ< 	'htc Gain !,k,i..1: 
from prior ds::ksfll1  
(;,; C:::HJr'.m 1;:-i, D_-J  "'$50.0iJJ,SlOU.GO{I  =s:o:i,001-SLOOO,OX  :.1,00.uo; -s.o::ic.,ooo  t--;2 =Mon: itum s..s,o:.o.rn1t  
;>ut:-.:1u :;.15.00f;orl;;;,;,_  ;;:: :;_.:;_GJ!-:;5LG3f'  ""S 50::.-:J::::-; ,D-J::..Gc.  

VIL 11'.'VESTMENTS and TRUSTS 	ll. Income tiurini; Gross value end Tm;aciions d,1riag rcptw l1f )'Wti,d tn:s'criptlon Assets 
re;:orting:period reponing period 
(iocludin trtJSt assero) JncomtGair; Codes:  ""S.1,D{)'.'; O"kil'.'  =$2,Sfii..5,000 $5.0;)1-S.IS,OGO  =-l15.00l-S.:'OJ1(lf1  
!,".. Colurr'z and 04)  ""S5l!,0{'1-SJfl(.,Oi:Ji} $1.,0"Al.OO !-$iJJGC.00ti =Mon: fa.u, S5.fll0_iQ(J  
- '1:1i::'C'Odt,  ""Sl5.fKK1n!'ls1  "'-SSG0t1";.HJL,O::J:1  1v;  =-Slt1CtOJ'-'.::5fJ.IKtl1  

vII. Il'VESTM.ENTS and TRUSTS -income, value,. transcatitms{includes thos: oftht s,;c11se and dependent cbldren:. Seepp, 34-57 tiling ins:tnic,:ons..) JJt)[l less  ,.. s:,001...s::.son  
iSctc v'.Jmr,:. t;; aric D4J  ""50,00l-SiOO,O!X.'  ""S!UO,OfH-SLfr'}0/>2J ""s1,oo;J,Ofi;.:,s,  H:' ""1r": i'.'..r, 5'.J)n;;.u:11: ';.;,1f':c;;:-  ""$l5J)Oforkss :5J.OC'1-Sifl:.l'.S?fiJH1t1  
;,'y;:': ::;,1,..:'.';t1S ':':'tr')_'.,)  j,; 5250,(lf!j,.50,{)D(I  
P..i .f!)t 
A.pfJ:'.'..i.'.:': "'-boo.  
FINA.CIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT  Name Person Reporting Lynch, Sandra  61212004_  

-incorr.e, vlu-::,, ls-.,,.tions fir.eludes thoSt oftbe sptiuseand dependent ch;ld-ren. See pp, 34-57 filing instructions) 
VII. lNVESTh1ENTS and IRUSTS L,OU S2,50'. S5JX11-S !5.Dlllf ""lOG.OOi$'..OUL1.0t..1 ""S, .0'.iJ,0'.l ;.s:s,OGG,-OOU ""Mon: ttrar, :15.DOL'Jf.{! 

""'!!:,GG1-S5Ll!0( !... "':;sv.00:'0.UJ(' "":S!OOfHl!-S'.::'..l.!J:J:; (_ ,,. 50[;,fl0 :-s: ,l.l:.J[J.Q.Qi} 

VIL INVESTl:1R1!TS lllld TRUSTS -Income, Vl'ilue. tnmscarlons (inc;udes those ofthesp::n.:se and dependent children. See pp. 34-51 JiHcs, .inseucLia11.s.) 
lr;oome during Oross vah.:i:: end Trnns.1L"!lUUi> Jun11!! Xj1Pt1l!I,