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Judicial Watch • Sidney H Stein Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Sidney H Stein Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Sidney H Stein Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Sidney H Stein Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:10

Date Created:November 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Sidney H Stein, Stein, Sidney, California, court, 2009, INVESTMENTS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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AOIO Gow:l"mrrent Act 1978 Rev. 112010 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app.  1111-1 /I) Dalt ofRcort Person Rcpor"ting (last name, fm'-l. middle mitmi) Court Or{?;eniztion 
8/16/20 0STEIN,, SJDNEY U.S. Fedcrni District Court Reporting Period Tille (Arriclc Ill judges indicalc active senior stams.; 511. Rcl>ort 1)pc check appropriate type) 
rnagislrntcjudgcs mdicatc foll-or part-lime) Nornimllll)ll. Dute 

U.S.D.C Judge -Active Status lnili;il [{] Annual Final 
12/31 .12009 Sh. Aincn1cd Rcporl Clrnmhcn; Oflkc Address the bt.isis the informutitui contained this Report and any moditicaliu1u pertaining thereto, is. opinion, compliance with ap1>lkahlC' laws anti rcgulalions.
U.S. Courthouse 
500 Pearl Street 
New York, New York 10007 1312 

I/VJ PORT ANT NOTES: The imlrut1iv11s 11ccom111111yi11g !hisfvrm mus/ fallowed. Complele all/'"'"'' 
checking the NONE hox for each ptut where yt1u lulJ'e 1rv report,IX)0,1)00 1'4 --:.t1irt !h:in $SO,l}!ifl.OUO -.'ssi.:!i1m:n( ""t'.tim:Hccl 
O='t5,0CI  $15.000 ..:S.S,tlOI. :i50.000 112 .,..Mm..: !hm $5,000,000 "'ln0.001  :S250,!)00 112 -t.r,mu>nt  l2.5.ll' 

VII. INVESTMENTS and l"RUSrrs --incmmt, value, lrtmSuctlJm. (/nducles those spou.-.e and depeHdtnt childre11; see Pl' 14-60 1>/filing instructimu.) NONE (No reporlable income, assets, transactions.) Description Assets Income during Gros$ vuluc cnJ Tr:insactiom: Juring reporting period (including 1ru:>t ns:>clS) reporting p:riod ofrcportiJg. pi.:1 ioorted wu.s withheld bccausc met applicable statutory provis ions pcrmjtting non-disclosure. futthe:r certify that earned Income from outside employment and houurarln and the :ncccptuncc g1fts whkh have been rcpQrted are compliance with the provisions ll.S.C app.  501 cq., U.S.C.  7353, nnd Judicial Conference regulations. 


!foil signed original and ndditional copies to: 
Committee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-30