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Judicial Watch • Stafford Jr William H – 2009

Stafford Jr William H – 2009

Stafford Jr William H – 2009

Page 1: Stafford Jr William H – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 24, 2015

Tags:Stafford, Brokerage, william, Estate, Gross, 2009, assets, INVESTMENTS, Codes, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Repor/ Required the Ethics 1(1 Ciovemmrnt Act 1978 
Rev. 112010 
.FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (lasl name, first, middle initial) Stafford, Jr., William Court Organization U.S. District Cour1, NDFL Date ll.e11or1 05/0912010 Title (Article Ill judges indicate active senior status: magistralljudges indicate full-orparHimc) Senior U.S. District Judge Sa. Repotl Type (check appropriate type! Nomination. Date ,-.., Initial [{] Annual Fi11al Reporting Period 01/01/2009 1213112009 
Sb. Amended Report Chambers Office Address Courthouse 111 North Adams S1reet Tallahassee. 32301-7717 the basis the information contain-ed this Repurt and any mndifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Rfviewin-g Officer Date 
IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions 11cctm1pa11ying thi.vform must beJillowed. Complete all parts, checking tile NONE box for e11ch part where iltlve reponable information. Sign /us/ p11ge. P()SlTI ONS. (Reporllng individual on!r; see pp. 9-IJ filing i1is1r11ctio11s.) NONE (No reportable positions.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS --transportatio11, /odging,fi1od, e11tertai11menL (lnc:fodr..s those 1(1 spo11sc anJ dependent children: see pp. -17 ?f.filmg instn1c1ions.) NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) 
Date Report 
Stafford, Jr., William JI. 
1 JFrS. (l11cludes those 1a1c Report 
Stafford, Jr., William 
VII. INVESTMENTS and --i11come, value, transac/ion.t (lticludes those Sp()llSe and dependent cftildren; seepp. 34-60 offiling instructions.) NONE (No reportable income, assets. transactions.) 
Dcscrip1iun Assets Income during Gross value end Transactions during rcporLing period (including lmsl assets) rcportlng pcrio(l __J____ reporting period 
r--rn 12i 111 
Placl each asscl Amount Type {e.g.. Value Code 
exempt from prior disclosure div., rcnl, Code (A-ll) int.) (J-rJ 
Value Type (e.g., Date Value Gain Identity Method buy, sell, mm/ddlyy Code Code buycr/selk1 
Code redemption) (J-PI (A-HJ (if pnvatc (Q-W) 
----L.......: lncomc G01in CoJc:i: (Sec Columns and 04) 
Value Cudt:s {Sec Columns and 03} 
Value Mc1hod ClldC) (St.e Co!nmn C2) ...$1,000or ICSfl =S50,001. $100,000 $15.0IH)nr less =$250.001  $500,000 
P. S?S,000,00t -S50,00(J,00fl 
Q=-Apprniial =Book Value =Sl.001  S2,51Hl St00,001 Sl.000.000 K=St5.00I. $50,000 =$500,00t. St,l)(J{),000 cost (Reul Es1a1c Only) VO!hl.r $2,501 -15,000 =$1.lllH),001 -$5.000,000 =S50,00I -$100,000 =11,000,oot -ss,000,000 =More than S.S0,000,000 S-Asscssmcn1 =Etimatcd =S5,00t  $15,000 =$t5,00l  $50.000 112 =Mtirc than S.S,000,000 =$t00,0f>I. $250,000 .s.s,000.001 -$25,ooo,ono =Cash M$2501 -S5,0IJO 
S5.000,000 =$1.000,001 =$50.001 
-SIOO,Of)(lPl =$1;000,001 -$5,000,000 -More than $50,000,000S As:;css1ncnt =fa1imatcd =$5,001 :>15,000 -$50,000 
1-12 =Morl than $),000,000 =$I 5,00 4100,00 -$250,000 =$5,000,001 -$2).000,000 
1 .:::Cash Markel 
Dare Report 
Stafford, .Jr., William 
II. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income. va111e.1r1msac1iom anc111des 11tose ofsp11use and dependent children; see PP 34-60 vffiling insrr11c1iom.J NONE (No reportable income, assets. transactions.) 
Dcscriplion Assets Income during Gross value end Transaction