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Judicial Watch • The International Program – People’s Republic of China

The International Program – People’s Republic of China

The International Program – People’s Republic of China

Page 1: The International Program – People’s Republic of China

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Date Created:November 15, 2013

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The International Program People Republic China
The U.S. Department States for the People Republic China reports that
 the United States seeks build positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship
with China expanding areas cooperation and addressing areas disagreement. 
Two the targeted areas the U.S. Assistance programs China are advancing the rule law and human rights.
The State Departments for China states that the U.S. approach its economic
relations with China has two main elements: The United States seeks fully integrate
China into the global, rules-based economic and trading system and seeks expand U.S.
exporters and investors access the Chinese market. Most notably, the report indicates
that two-way trade between China and the United States has grown from $33 billion
1992 over $536 billion goods 2012. China currently the third largest export
market for U.S. goods (after Canada and Mexico), and the United States Chinas largest
export market. behalf the visiting Chinese dignitaries, meeting was requested with Judicial Watch
president Tom Fitton through the auspices the U.S-China Business Training Center. The
dignitaries were participating overseas program topics related government anti-
corruption and were keenly interested learning about the role and responsibilities
government watchdog, well the role that media plays promoting government
The China Business Training Center was established 1992 and designated
China State Administration Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) certified provider
professional training programs for Chinese officials. The training center heps arrange
exchanges with institutions, universities and speakers across the facilitate academic,
business and cultural discussions. the China country page indicates, such meetings are
The International Program PeopIe Republic China keeping with the United States emphasis the need enhance bilateral trust thr
increased high-level exchanges, formal dialogues, and expanded people-t -people ties.
Judicial Watch president Torn Fitton met with the Chinese delegation headquarters Washington, DC, September 2013, and discussed the organizations mission the
promotion transparency, integrity and accountability government, politics, and the law. emphasized the fact that corruption not ideological. told the delegates that
members both major political parties the U.S. have been investigated Judicial
Watch~and members both parties have been found guilty.
Further, Mr. Fitton told the officials that holds conservative values, but not
affiliated with any itical party, and does not support any candidate for public office. independent the government and supported the donations over 300,000
Americans who believe its mission. JWs focus keeping government open and
transparent and accountable the people, without regard party affiliation.
accomplishes its mission through the use open records laws: the Freedom Information
Act (FOIA), which allows public access government records the federal level, well other sunshine laws enacted the state and local levels. set forth its Mission Statement, through its educational endeavors, Judicial Watch
advocates high standards ethics and morality the nations public life and seeks
ensure that political and judicial officials not abuse the powers entrusted them the
American people. fulfills its educational mission through litigation, investigations, and
public outreach. tern Qua Prorm integral part its educational program.