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Judicial Watch • Thomas D Schroeder Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Thomas D Schroeder Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Thomas D Schroeder Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Thomas D Schroeder Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 21, 2013

Tags:Valut, Thomas D Schroeder, SCHROEDER, ATF, thomas, vanguard, Gross, 2009, INVESTMENTS, transactions, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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JI> Gm1erm11ent IY78 
Hci. 112011! 
FOR CALElDAR YEAR 2009 US.C "PP - llJl-1 /I) Person Rtporting (last name, first. middle initial) SchroeJcr. Thomas Court Organization Middle DistrictofN Dair Hrporl 05i 3i20 Tillt. (Article 111 judges ind1c3re .ac:uve stnior starus, m.1gi-.1nHe JUdgt:s indicate full-or pa11-t11ne)  5a. Heporl Type (check arpropriJIO 1ype) Norni!'lrmation. Sign lu'1 pai:e. POSIT NS. (Reponing i11Jfritlua/ 11nlr; S.) NONE (No reportahle income, assels, 01 lransactions)  
Descnp11on Asse:s  Income dunng  Gross varue end  TransJcllon:; durrng rcprnting period  
(includrng lrLI!,l a!isels)  rt:portmg period reporting pe11od  

(I) (2) (I) (2) (2) (3) (4) I)) 
D1c ;ilue Gain ldcn11ty
(A-H) int) Code n:dernption) (1-P) IA-H) (1f privaic 
(Q-W) 1n.1.nsact1onJ 

ame Person Reporting 
Schroeder, Thomas INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --inwmt>, l'alue, lramadion> (/ndudes tliu>e tJf lptJu>e and Jependentchildren;>ce PP 34-6{) filing imtrul'liun>.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Di:scriptiun Assets Income during Gross. value end Transactions dunng reporting period (im.:JuJing lrust ascts) reporting period reporting pe1iod 
(I) (I) (2) (3) (5) 
Place "(X)" after each asse1 	Amount Code
n.empt from prior disclosure 
Value ype(e.g. Datt: Valut: Gain ldt:ntity d1.. 1ent. CoJe lype (e.g Valu 
McthoU buy, sell, mm1dd'yy Code Cude buyer'.::.ellcr (J.I') 
Code rcdcmp11un) (J-PI (Afll (1f p11"alt: 10-IVI 1ransJc1ion) Income Gain (odes (S.:c Column!> 81,ind04) Code:. l..::c l"t1!11n11h ('I .mt! O'h al:H.: '-k1h,,rl Code-. ,-, ,):1.1n1  "'.$ ,000 lcs =$50.0UI  $100.000 15,000 tcs =$250 001 -$50U.UUO "'$25.00U 001 -S50.0(J0.000 "-.l;1p1< u11J JeprnJm1..i.;1uren: ,,, ,.,. .i4-bo ,,11;1;,,i: ;"'""''"'"-'-1 NOE (/Vo reporrahlc inrome. asscrs. 1ransactio11sJ 
[)e:;;.:npoon Asst:, lncomt!' duri:-ig Gross value end Transactions Gurmg reporting perwd (n1dudmg trust assets) reponing penoJ rt:porting penud 
(Ii-j (l) (ll (I) (3) 14) (:'I 
.'mount Type (c.g, Valut: Value 
Typdc.g. Dale 
l'empl from pnor k1o;;u1c  Colk  div. rent,  Cod  !1cthud  buy. sell.  mm1tltl')')  C0:.1e:!  CoJe  hllvl."r sellt:i  
1A-H1  (flfll.)  1J-1'1  Cu<  rl'r.lcmr1a111)  tJ-Pi  IAH) p1ivlio  Interest  
54. Vangua1d 52 -Vanguard lnrcrC'st Accumulalion Portfolio 11\.'lll!l' ti:.J1:1(: ... dl'  'I Ot)!J 1.'T 1c-,  51.0lil -).:!}IHI  Sl. "inJ -'l.Oi'U  OOl -S15.PM  
(5.r 0!u1nrh !11 ..Lt.J !>4) -Sll.'Jlll  100.0H(J  'j;l(lU,001 -!.OUiJ.fJ(lJ  'j..1.ori11 urit  .ru.1u.i1Lx1  M111._ 1h,1n ltfJli.0011 ";1l..1..: CcJ Jf In' 5.0C.iJ S50.0(jlJ -'$51.C!l lljt) 111'11 Sf'.ll(IJ1il  ::.11rnm :!o.or.:1  5.SiJll.OOti  :i;;t10,llll tJ'.i!l.OficJ  11: =Sl.tfiU r;i_ll -">.fll11J.otlO  /')  s:.IJ(i(_I[.JI  .}2 .000,1)()(1 :..2L.OO