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Judicial Watch • Thomas L. Ambro – 2003

Thomas L. Ambro – 2003

Thomas L. Ambro – 2003

Page 1: Thomas L. Ambro – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 8, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 20, 2014

Tags:Delaware, Ambro, Thomas L Ambro, partial, thomas, lodging, DOJ, university, Gross, trust, 2003, TRUSTS, Codes, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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Ambrn, Thomas 5n212C04 !r.c.:_1:e; :::.1r:r.g Gross va11e :J.: end T::im:;:,c11ct:r. dci:-ig ;ep:::r::.r.g }:e:-iod D$Cn;::icn .:;sets rtpcr.! Ynlue Value Identity i1oount Type (e,g Value Gain from prier disclosure !vl,onthw Code2 hfothod Corle div. rnnt buyedsdler Code2 Ccdel merger. Dav Oxk3 {ifprivate 
(AH) lnt) 
Legg Mason Opportunity Trust Divide!Od Buy 4/3 
 147. 148, 149, 150, Fairholme Fund Dividend Buy Buy Buy Buy 5!6 5/27 3127 515 5124 
ISL Aegis Value Fund Inc None Buy 12131 :::0 ::::= i11 r less Sl5,C01$50/JOO $50,001-SIOO,OOO $100,001$25GJKlO (50C.Cdum::,. 0!1:.D.) ;f S250.COUS5lO,OOO S5{lo,oo i-Sl .oor1J1ou ,000,;:o: S:;:,orm,OVI} 
ss,nil:J,oo:S2s, f,, $.?.5.CD0,00 lS.50,000,000 .-ore Ll1!:l $50.00lfJOU V:iltre .fo:tho:>e:;sucnt 
Cruivf.{rtrke fCnlanm l2} ,,,_ 8o:L Vatue 011:;J l/ c-J::s:irr::n.:, Vu)ues and income assets listed Part VU, page3, .i:1es 37, 38, l.fld Page line 131 previous rei::oc: ;rnve 
dec;n:ed below reporting value. Asset line this report .vas inadvertently omitt.ed from the previous report, was corrected the 
previcus report separate letter ad   ..., 
TERMS .:0 
Ct:! :;i: 
o.i: rj..,,, 
Ambro, Thomas: 
51121200 ... 
ill. NON-INVESTME:Ni INCONIB. (Reporting individual ond spouse: see pp. i724 51ing insuuctions) 
Filers Non-Investment Income NONE -;_!:,) repo:tab!e non-investment income.) SOURCE AND TYPE lNCOME (ymus,nct spouses) 
Spouses Non-Investn1ent Income (If you were married during any portion ofthe reporting year, please complete 
this section. (dollaramount not required exi:ept for honoraria) NONE -(No reortable non-investment income.) 
2003 State Delaware 
IV. REIMBURSE:IYIENTS -frallllportation, lodging. food, ei:lertain:nent 
(Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 oftL1>truct.ions.) 
NONE (No such reportable reimbUISements.) 
American Bar Association January 912, Beach. FL, Section ofBusinesS Law f1idwinter Meeting 
(Transportation, Lodgi.g Menls) 
American Bar Associaition February 6-10, Seattle, Washington, Section Business Law representativeat ABA kiidyear Meeting (Transportlltion, Lodging Meals) 
Comdl Law School February 21-23, Ithaca, NY. Judge Moot Court Competition (Transpor;ation, Lodging Meals) Johns University t.1arch New YorkCity, NY, Judge Moo Court Competition {Transportation, Lodging; Mea!S) 
 Amerfoun Bur Association Apn.l 26, Los Angeles. CA, Section Business L:::w Spring Meeting rnnsportation, Lodging Meais) FLfANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT l:une cr;>crson Rc;i,rting Ambra, Thomns 5112/2004 
IV. REJlv1Bl:R.SEMENTS tra11sp0rtat1or., ladgi11g. :bod, entertainment. (Ind tides those pouse and depender.t children. See pp, 25-27 instructions,) NONt {!io uch reportable rein:burs:emnts,) 
Imerican Bur Association May 17, Vashington DC, Represented ABA Stian ofBusiness Ltlw atNationa1 Asian Pacific ABA Dinner (Transportation Meul) 
Amertcan Bur Association August 7-12, San Francisco, CA, ABA Annual Meeting(Transportation, Lodging Meals) 
 New Ycrk liniversity ;_.nv School Septe:nber 3-4, New York City, NY, Panell advancd bankruptcy seml:1ar program (::ransportation, Lodging Meals) Page of9 An:brc, Thon1:::rn 5i121:ZC04 --im:cme., valu.!, transr:ntioos (includes llm:.e th.: s;xmse and deycndent children.. See pp. ]J.57 tiling i11sL.1ction,;_) Vil. J}.;vESTMENTS and TRUSTS 
Dcscnp!ion ;sets (in.:;uding trust assets} ?lace tXr afterench w;::1 exetnpt from prior disdo:mrc []NONE fNo repnrtahle mcomenssets, ortrnnstic!ions) Wilmingtort Trust Account Wilmington Trust Account 
Wilmington Tax Exempt Investor 
Gabelll Asset Fund 
Defu:wnre State Bond Ji% 
Delaware State Bond 6.1% 
Glasgow Professional Properties: lnc 
Longwood Corporate Center South L.P. (1989  $50,000) Lynhaven Partners (1983  $23,500) 
Nantucket Island Associates Pa.inership (1984 
12. PB/Fogelmnn Harbour Town Partnership (1988  $30,300) 
JJ, Salem Plaza Associates Prutntnhip (1984 -$23,.581) 
14. Trust Account 
-Evergreen Municlpnl Money Market (crush equivalent} 
16. DEL HSG MFM Quaker Hill 7.55% 
!I, -Detawnre EDA Poilunt Cntl 
18. -Delaware Riv Bay Auth hlc-011S25,0D0Jl0C $More 1h:n. 
$50.llUii.G:::i Co1 (Rnl 3;,imc Only) AsseliS!ntT.: ,,.. Cashi!vbrkct Other ,,, Rs1irm.:cd .,, $.5,00 I-$ 
15,0CO Sl5,001-.S:50,000 FLIA:CIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT 0-iamc of?crson Reporting Dtc Rc;>::i:t 
VII. VES 1-:rvrnNlS and TRUSTS -income, v::lne., lranscr1tious (indudes these oflile spouse iilild ::.e1-oer:ltif!I; 
children. Setl