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Judicial Watch • US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss flag CC11

US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss flag CC11

US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss flag CC11

Page 1: US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss flag CC11


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Date Created:February 24, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 28, 2017

Tags:flag, began, Roschmck, Ammcan, Ruscbmck, flags, fence, Rusebmck, Angela, rosebmck, rosebrock, Veterans, Dismiss, Ruben, notice, angeles, motion, Small, American, robert, ICE

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Law icss Ruben Patrick llcht Box 49457
Los Angeluu 9004?
Telephnne: (310)339-1991
Fucsilulle (310) 83071864
[mnll LORI S@vc /on
5151mm NORRIS lSBN 1140993)
mmcm Wan-11.1m-
25411 11111111119121: 171m, Sum;
San 1mm, 91103
Telephone, (626)257-4540
Facumulc: (5251237721103 Enml: jw-Wcsl@]udlcmlwatchnrg
Almmcys for Delbmlum,
Ruben Ruscbmck
111mm) AMERICA CVB No; 4910201, 9920202.
6593951, 559372 /CC1
DefvndanL AUTHORITIES maxing Dale: Mmh 2017
Hemng Tlme 311 Counmum 341 (Rnybnl) How Steve Kim ALL INTERLSTED PARTIES. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE 11m Tuesday, Mach 21117, 5:30 11., soon [hzrea 1;:
counsel heard, hctnrc Hnnm able Slave Kim Umted Slam Magmatc Judge, cmmmum 341 Raybnl Federal Bulldmg and Courthouse, healed 31255 Temple 51.. Lns/mgulcs, CA,
defsndanl ROBERT ROSFEROCK, 111: attorneys, Robert Patrick slicln and Slclling Nanm
wlll move, and dms hardly mow, ulvdw Rule 12(b)(2) chrml Rulrs oan minal Pmctdure, and
pumumt rm, aim. the First Amendment ofthe Umud 5mm Comllmum 0me dxsxmssmg Mamet-13 my, May :0, 10m displaying plasmas pcshng malmnls chug: agams hun This mnuon isbmu upun the aucompmying memuxmdum ufpoims and aulhon lhc and rocurds this we, and any argument and mdence 11m Court may How, 1mm! February 24,2017 Respecv submmd,
JUDICHL WATCH, LNG LAW omcps Roam PAmcK Hour Anumm Dmdaur
Ruben Rmebmck
MEMORANDUM inrs AND 411111011 INTRODUCTION Rozelnuck been charged with ukmg plmmgmplls Mammal Day, May 30, 20111, the Veterans Admmisnadon mm, 11301 Wilth: 120mm 1.1 Angela:
Calslomi21( Vl nanny) 11111111011 12111111011111 same day displaymg
plamvds posling 111316112115 mnglwu small (411 (1)Amcncan Flag 11w exlcrlor few; Facility Mthom aulhonzanon ill vmlalmn 11118 DER. l8(n)( ?). See Exhlbll (Unlted
Slam: Dmnm Com leinlun Nam; Number 4920201 and Nun-1111:! 4920202), 59c 31511 Gmmmem
1:111 Munmndum (Gov 11-111 Memo). led Nnvamba 30. 2016 112. Rmebmds has boevl
1111mm chmgcd wilh remamg mica June 1220151111. Sony camcorder 111m 11.: Facilny 11.1
1101111011 11131 c1: 12. 1211121101 See E1411, (01.11011 Slmes Dismal Com 1110111110.] N11110:
Number 6593951 Govemment Tnal Mama 1.1:
11, BACKGROLND staked, 11111017101111 chargal Wth 1905111111 1110 mob mmaan Flag Lhu fence
oltllc lelty Thc fence lhe Grant Lawn Gme entrance L05 Angela: Natinnnl Park, pulvllcpmk 11.: nonhemt comer ofwnshirc and San V1nccnte 111a Brcmwwd areal 11:15:19, 111 [mm Great Lawn Gate1s puhhc, nmmular plaza 11.241 abuls pubhc
xidcwalk Police cer Ralph (imi :Iatemcnt probable cause memes llut Rnscbmck xed1he small Flags fence near 11.: rm: um. Galcw1th 11m casilyrmomblc
plan 1105, S211 9411171111. 01: Mcmonnl 2015, Rmubmqmok rally he, {allow
vmmns, and 011m swarm 11m 1.2111 nearly mery Sunday and Memonnl Day :Incc March 2001 .shuw meinuppon fur Veterans and pmlesl leybelleve 151111: v.15 [31mm 11, 1118111: use
the West In: Angeles pvmptmy 170119111 and care {or vamp-1m. pnmculmy [10111de vumns
Th: bcyand 1he (mm Lawn Gate open 111: public and used {01 ninety 0111111111:
and commercial purposes. 11111111111110 Lns Angela Nanoual Wm: mm. the pmperty maudcs lhv
Veterans Hom West Lon Anselm, Velemn GalfCounc, stamum for the UCLA baseball lmn,
3:111:11: mums for Ermtwmd Schnol, 130nm Ikcihue< fur nemby Man-10H 10101, 111a melwwd Thea sow ptachee anti malch iieiiis rat pnch grls meet eiuh, ting nntit. farmer make, and leavt thtee iatgeiy acam hniititnga. does not inchide the theme Angeiee 1-1ea1th Cate Calm, which scpnmte .nteei ihe appetite side wiiahne Bouleviiid. Any nuiion than the Medbeyiind ihe uteai Lawn ttnvnte. aheiieteti place int veteiana heai incorrecL netiye, buay piane hntiietihia yeat. the Liiy Les Angeien annuunenii ngteenteni wtih the vnetant Admin txmim ihat niiowa mnslmchnii cut thinugh 1he aiea dullng eanshnehqn ptoyeei the irhy irwwd Scheoi, epanng the rcsl [or ihe nmghhmheed] the inapam cfwiistnwtiiin traf Sunset 501116413111 Iuid nth: local sirens When Rnaehtneit hegan homing hia tniiiee Ihe Great Lawn one 2003. anhce
ll) initiaiiy mitihnn iheie was excemion Section 1X[.1)(9)fm ihi: Amenuiln Fiag and POW/MIA Sec garir ral!) Rabcri ROJEbnM Danna Beiler 171, Cane IOemieO mesm, Centrai District nictthrotnia Aewniingiy. Rnaehtnck and hls teiinw supporicrs hung tnany full- SMU America hing the ienee nnee, nithaui incidenl WhenMa Rusebmck began hanging ihe American ~nninn side down ten-named shawl nrutgent thenesa about Jun: 2009, the ordcrcd hlm eithcr hang the Antennin Ping union sideiip mfnnove i1. was nniy whm Rusenbmck mined hang the Amnienn Hag unlon aide down in! the police henan cite inn. tat allegedly violating Section 218mm), Id. charges wete dropped. hmvcvcr, and MI. Reset-ruck dism nunl 114051 the American Flag union mic down. Rnwbmck sued he far newnnini tiiseehninatinn advising him eauiii hang the Amenenn Flag Citing him when wk- hung the Anaenean F1izg uniu side down. The lmvum was tieeiateti tnnot 201 when pnscnied ihat would begin crifoi mng intet-pteiaiien ofSixlimi 1,21 100(9) that tiiti nnt allow the posting oinny ags the ience. sine/e 1hat thne. Mt, Kuaehmeit has mnrinued hang the Ametican Hag hniim side up, hns been cited 011 ieast nmnstnna since 0e1ehet zs_ 2015. int pum ediy yiniaiing Section 1.218(i1](9), hut rim plenisely enhsisientiy lanlil the Mennvnai 2016 ciiahnnst the clings itnve aiwaya heen (lumped when mttaennhve activist Ted Hayes was amused nfhanging iatge Aanen can ring the fence June 12, 1016 Hayes. teguiat pnttinittant Mt. Rnsehinehs stintiny taihes, was deiained 11nd hmdcumd, intt net Mt. Roaehmek was deminn (Mn and eiied, Viowcvei,
Allegedly fol unnuth pholuLn-Aphy Fxhih
III. lmGInlEVr
nle legallllllll lrl qllcslloll miss.
The disuipuling ollllmnals Snell pslllpmels, llallllllllls. and/m llyers, and Ike
alsplsylllg placards pesllllg ufllllllemls bullellll pulses lll elsewhere llll pmpeny probib clL excepl aulharlzod ale head ale facllny sleslgllee when such
alslnllllllells alsplays culllllllled allulllllmed Governmml selivillcs, l.218(a)(9) llllllsl Section 2l8(a)lvl llues not refersnce llle pusllllg ellplessly, and
reading use regulation mminahzc posung the American Flag rmscs lhe legal lsslle wuslimilomll
vaguelms. Wagumess maylmplidllre cnmlllal law to: slum onwu llldepmlsm masons. rim,
may fell pmvid: kllld llfllllllce Ihn Will mahle eldlllllly people undemand wlm conduct
pmlslllils, KmndT nnthurlze and evell alcourage lkary and dlxc mmawry cufmoemem Cir,
efC/llmga Mar-01m, 527 56(1999). uan (lulled States winger. 753 .3ll 939. 945
(am CE. lllllli gounds (pl unmns muonal vagueness lllse exisls avoid any cblllillg
clIccl onille exams: First Amendmem esdoms almglxr, 753 F,3J
For slalllles lllvelullg
enmlllm superiells, llleleqllllemelll for clnnly ellllsllced. 945.
Tlle wegllelless peemlle lolllecl lll ills Ymccas uat nmle lull Fullneelllll
Ammldlmms sll llle us. asllslllllllell Papaelmlau Jrlcluonville. 405 lsrl. 162(19723. lllll
lllllilell laws [ay nllng speeell, M1! applies with speelll emllmlle vhcxc law illlpillpe all rlm
Amemllllelll Freedoms, See Gruymd (110/ UfRuEk/i 403 lm. 109 (1972),
Scckiun 1.218(n](9) unwnsllmpanelly vague because Its use llnlle lel-lll Vnmmals
pmblgullus. rlle leplllllllmls rllsl elsllse prmhibvts distribu malcmls, Whmh ale cxpressly
identi all lllcllldlllg -p.slllplllczs, lllllsllyills, elllvlsl yels, 11(th lle mine pl-lnlell malenale.
Nona the American Flag The legllllpnll lllcll retels pllcmlsr Whlch gill; lypleslly describes
Wllllell orpnnled mlllellals sllell slgps, llllllces, ppslels. The Amaium Flsgplslnlyls lllll
plamn Tile Ngulahnn lllll clause lepesls llle wun 1ha pllslillg lll Nepal,
bulleml homls lll elsewhere pmpmy plolllllllesl. Typically, lepellllpll lira wulll ill simple
slpluls that lllc welll lllcelldesl have llle same lnesllllllg llle ellllel llsllge Sec. g., lull/lam
{Twp Br, 447 L1: m7, 320 (1118111 (applying presumntiun cans1s1en1 usage). the :25:
Semen 218(nxn1,1he swam! 1141-1111111 1110 word malmals shamd rend refer 111a same type
ofwntten printed mmennls expressly used describe the 15m i1m1io11. wntten 11111111111 materials
sum asp1mphlt:ts. hannhme mum yas even 111mm 111111111111 not new 11. wfcr 111 111:
Ayncrlcnn Flag, The colallnry makes 1111: men Gleam Lh: mgulatiun plmnly dees ne1 111111111111
dismburicn DfAmencan Hays. The 1M1; appmls have been cow-mud about 111e pmpa reading the word mandala Seclmn 1.21smw). innmh. 111111 Rosehmeh that 11111111111151 1111111
1h: Ammcan Flag and POW/MIA Flag the fence durmg 1111 n1111ee W11: only
Ruscbmck swayed 111a AmcncanFlag -11nionsi11c dawn and led e111: 1111 cwpmm d1scrmlnnl1on
11111 the began (c1 1am 1e911n11nne use word mammals nmh1h11 pnslmg oflhe
Amman Flag The VAs cnn1e1y nppoxll: reading: onhe 1eg111111ion only Mix-111115 vagueness.
111 addmun. goes 11111111111 saying 11w 1he Alum-man 1101A: very pce1a1p1m ofhonur
111: Uuiwd 51122:. emit: ehap1e1 111 Stakes (3111127 11m Hag Code Art-Atrium
Flag. Sec s.c, 1:. 17m Anal cval day ufcormnemmalloll Flag Day 11.11 hcen 1c1ns1de
Act 111 oungss honor Ihc nnnnmury ofits adoption 1mlunc14, 1777. See 1115.0 110.
Ganeml Sen/Ice: Admi slratian Issuss specme g11111e11nes 111e Flag Pnlicy ymg the
Amelia-an 1111; The Ammcan Fin-151s 11111 same nandmcripl material comparable gum
pamphm, 11nndbi11.17yer, 1111511111. 111111111, rulc, rcgulrmon 1:111:11ch cnminnli/c 110111111;
the Amencan 1111,; then should 11y expressly. Abscm such e1en1 expressiun 1mm. 111w.
n11; mguhuon 511011111 read 111 criminahz: American ags 1115.11 11m ex1en1usc nme
1111111 mama 111 Seulion 218mm refers W115 11.1mm rct 111: Amcncan Flag [ha
wgulation nnconslmxlionally vague because {ans pmwde sul ci-t nn111-e 1113111111111
Amenuul Hug 011 p1npeny1s nmnnmcm 11111111111111 and enwumges arbinary nnd
dssmmlnnmry enfoxcment, 1nd chins v1r11An1cnd1-nenz cnw1ns
M1. Ruachmck docs 11m concede 111:1: fence the Cnen: Lawn 51m n11: apubhc 1111.
11m11c11 pnbuc forum. Sea UnmaiSmla Gracia-161 171) 177 (19331, P111711: 111111-1115 hislnncnlly
moaned the exermse otexprcssive mmes, such SMELL $i1lewalks. 11n11 puke are
mnsIdCrcd, w11ho1n1nm,1n pnhhc foxums. [(1. The plaza MI. Rosetnnck holds 111:: 1a111e1 abms pubhu srdewunr may miezsemon. The p1nzu ihse Virtually Indis ngumhable from pubhc nae n1k, 21m] Lhc Grunt Lawn ante. which nbun the pmu sen/cs the cnmmm nuhhe pmk Aem.11.ng1y,rhe suiewuur, mm, and park are all puhhc fora. adv-Mug MI. Roscbmdt 11m; wuld pour 1he Ameneuumg and POW/MIA ags anthefencc,1hcn unowurg numerous nccnsmns and only objecting when peered rhe American Hug union sid: down, the; bcuvr opened 111:; name cxprcsaive whim mmkvng 1eesr hnured purpose rnrurn See arvyEdumtion Am. 1LocalEdummu Axsm, 3745(19331 e111. aux, Lhn; gevemmcms ahuuym psnmss xlyxesmm expresswe conduct very hmued. Grace, 4121 us. 177 (fm pubhu rum and lumml puhhu fora, the gmuumcnt may enturcc runwnume time.p1w, and manner regulations long rhe reslncuons ~uru wntenleneurml. arc narrowly Iuilmed have sly-115mm gove mxucm micrest, and Ian: open ample alxemmwe channels nfccmmunimtlon (quatmg Perry Education Assn 450115. 45)), aesurnrng Ibc fence IbeGwa1Lm~n Gnld anunpubhc forum, any [cm-1mm expm sw: conduct mus1be reusannme hghr nnhe purpose uflhe folum and 1111 1he surrounding cvrcuvusmnccs, 51mm: v.1 MACP 199,104. Educ Fxmd,~173 L15. 7811, x09 (1985);1 v0minguv, Pea/re, 552 757, 75555 (M: Cu. 7.008). ~~The musr pmffer mom dun] mum basis far are m1r1cueu; the ichon mus1 msunably 1egrnrnure necd, rcm1 r1gal, 55. 765m (quomgg Sammumma Firs! ludicial D151 Cote/17 303 F.3d 967 (9H1 CW. 2001 The mimetic need not eunuinue 111a least reumuvc uhmmwe mm: 755. The has yLt pmflm uuyrununnI basis legiumme need fer mslncuon 011th apmasivc conduu Muchcna 3151111113th eas1ly remnvnme inch Ammcan Flags the fence
rear Luwu Gate Memannl Day 2015. There suggesuou 11m, xing 1h: unuu American Flag fence with nun, plastic has. Mr. Ruseluock allegedly obsmmed L11: vldcwu 1he pmu, rbe (5mm Lawn G310, Lou Angcles Von-1.711: Nuuonu Park nny wny See Gran 451 11212. There 121% 15110 suggcmon that. pas mere twnsvna Anna-Jean Elngaon rhe1 ence..1r Rosenbmck unegedIy hhshuchxi Cums inlvrfered wuh are orderly adlmmsmunn rhe Vmcrnlls Home any nmer huildmg than rhe gnu mum, hneehuu sudium, school
21; 311115140 facmuex, soccer elds. dog park. farmm muxkcl, commercial hundry fmlmes unheune also suggcsuon mews hi: two small Amman Flag- Injured dlrcalmed injury any person bothered mammal anyone. plopc was damaged harmed
way men mmmu wnh damage harm. unnumalmues. Mr. Kaszbrocks alleged
pasting ofthe two small Americnn Flags the fence Memminv Day 2M5 wax protected against msunl charges he AmendmrmL CONCLUSION
Fnr the fuxcgmngxeasons. the Com should dismiss the American Flag charge Mammal Day
May 30, 2015.
CERTIFICATE SERVICE Ruben arndn Stichl. declare
111m cluzen ohho 1mm 5mm and mam cmployed the County ofLos Angeles,
Conform busmcss addvcss Law ces MRnhm Pmmk Sud Box 49457, Los Angeles, 9mm the 3g: ofuighlccn yams. 11018 parry the abovocmided omen.
Tnmmmlly (or named manually med] foxcgmng NOTICE MOTION
MOTION DISMISS MEMORIAL DAY 20% AMERICAN FLAG CHARGE, MFMOKANDK POL AND [HURIIIES duo- Clerk uflhe Court the Umlsd 51:11:: D1suicx Cuun for Cmuod Dun-1a unmonuo. callscd cnpy ome same dacumcnt Wood sealed
memo: and vervcd hyU Mail,pos1agu prepaid, Lbc ordinary wume ofomnm and/ormm
dohvmd, Irmn following persons
Rohcn Rowbmck, 575 Buningmn Ave, #410, Low Angeles, 90049;
Sharon MCCJsLuI 11nd Adam Schle Assxslam Ululcd Sum: Arron-my 1300 US. Counhmxse,
312 Nonh Spnng Street, Angela. 90012.
Excouw February 24. 2017 Los Angeles, Confomm dedm under penahy nfpmjury 1.1131111: forcgoing two and Conant
1111135111 RICK sncm-
$9551} =2:
icvascmuimjma 1314
unimd Smns msmm Com Vidnllm We: 492mm
Sun-man! Probable Cum (Forknmncaufanmeslwmammsummms)
ImEMMMyM.w16v/h umymxuahw .nmwzumm mama
suma any Immunwhmruud-M(rum-a;unuwhhm-uiwn qwmm munu
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hahlwumbMmkon mn-mmkamli I(Mahmud-din
Any-umuntil-mvunlwulnpmu- luu auwxn-anwuvmhmmw
(VI-nulls mam:t aow! mlmsmeMIIMM- Iml uw- .mwwugui my... pum mbn ynm xix-um!
Ami-u ennui-mag;max-dumy muhmlwmmn mm.
Vmun. Va-henna ;vA-umvmmnmw ywdnmlumm
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.4..meunmw....umkamwu .~xi_a ,m.amsm MM.
Th: foregoing mmm isbmed pm: personnl nhsu personal Investigation information supplied fellaw omms nhsmnlion aha (explgin above)
1mm: mummy hfomla Whych have sat rum: have and LI): Lhis violmun mine (we and mnccl haw/13413:.
Bum-1mm) lurssignam
numb]: Cans: has beensmni fanheiuunnue afa wamm.
Lmued Sum Dmnu Tmm uomzoo )cuce 4920201
Swarm thuhle Cause
(For Assume orou wmom unwummls) noon Moy Ju, 201:: while :xen smg dunes ooeorcomom omm Cmtml
Umnc: swam Muy )0. oppmuuouuw hmln, Row. Gum, Wu: duly uod (on mnfurm usoguoo hvzyclz paw Chechng (he GIL-M ann gnu: ouu spakvng woo VM: and mom: WhHe
Chmklng gremlnwn observed Room Roxehmck gm! Mung phomgxnphs [pullm an: Rusebmck who bohevc duh-1: mmgmzc out lhc Inc Rouoomok was mixing phalagmphs
my; whvch [war Admmcd mum; fcncc xhe ground: ahhe pmvmy uus lune vmmlv xdm mysdfw Rosebmckna Pollu. Konhwck ndusgd the wkmg
photograph: pmpeny anmannuun fur mulm uic not oumoo/oa am: Raschmck: 1:chth phnm: would I1: uxcd mcdm purposes Lac: olwhgd mule, Unduhum
Hui mod Rooebrock won wot gmng wuu Ihe phnmgrnpm Rosebrook smed,
Mom and mom you gnysn oymuc wnh you called 615an 01th mom
ouyuco Ruscbrwk xfhn: conunucd Mr: pbologuph: waulA mind :24 not My: amhanmuon
Kosomck hcgmouuing hum: uumos (or his medm Hog with mud mud [Mn]
moon. om: p1a~ :cclmd moo funhcr uplamcd ennunu: aka pooou ouo yxdoou ummy 0mm .oul oi, websik. momma Ruxcbmck would cv5d ouomuoouus continue Rosebmck ou. biocamem and was Lhc won fmcc cunhlmz mvcmgmc Rmcbmck mud, Th: gum mo, Hash :vurywhm you oouo nmlnngw noon: How duo you luck um! You nwl shun ghtvww!
luxulouuod Romuockl wus room unforcnnml (mm [or Lin: Depumncmut Vacmm mmand such mules notincludz doing EMS dunno grounds, advised ouu Mum was
Waugh! an! uuouuou would gram-IAN beam: upw swung, Why cam [MC] you somethg
vmw hke nay: umsomg uud pfck expound Gleam-Ag Lmh Nwr (me noun uuu ngam cxphmed wnuhl bound grouucu speaking wuu rum, oxumu amber
suggcsuan uumu was wanted minimal sun: Clem {he and meuo would
vlrry nppmcvmlvc ufhvs um, Munosebmck declmed absanrd (2) :1qu ixcd fence mng
plume lits. Roxcbrock quuwmg
Gnrcu {Q7 was: yams
(Rombmcm (A) chi
10mm (u) you fmc
(Hammock) Yul ooou mmuko ogo. dcalmg wnh you, you my: far me. you
anxys have: like mmgmng yum McDouahk Iooymg you :anl my.
roamed Roschmck woo Ere: Wu. curren delmned for unmmoumu phomgnplly
wen muouymg rem chbmnk smlcd 39am ht: was leaving swppcd from
Kosehmck 1nd sumo. you uuuopu won: you onymuuy ouuouy, you noouzum, uudohoxgo you may mmmg uoo daYnymg uuou Luhfomm Pouuv rode 14x you
oookou Inbu L05 Angzles mmty Jan and you 10ml doom mecy anchr the ouogo chm now your; make thve :nymned umulmmnccs ymu [sic] fanng you: the
cunsequznbc furynuuvcumw Coopmu andsuy orheamsvzd, muoorook slaved. me, will
say Rogcbmm sat unmewa WW: odduioou ououms;
(comm (Q) you lb: ag: Ihe fencc
(nosoorocm (A7 Eccxlm: can and mung Mus Yuri: )rvu guyK ouo
(Cmer) (Q) Why you doing
(Mcbmdn [Immune you guys jam. you ouuom yuszomoy yanr: Immsxmg Aoday
You Dsl mcmm They anm nll ynurummnx human mcy dd: hmnssmem mll knw
posung ags fenc: rcgurdlts wnnlnm you guys becansn ddn can, alias! [or ll.
(Garcia) lQl pmsulzm oxdcml ng! halfslaff, named llelmel nnlmse are 3:113 ?st
nnd nccnnn you lmdarsmnd amxed pole own hula-121nm: now Mflymg comdly, half-sun, and )uu donlhm: 11mm: Lhcm lllc
rum: manner
(Rnscllmck)(A]Vv c1lIam 11m mkmg Lhm dawn ynn ch:
lnnlsnd manned: hand hAS llmlse recelvmg lllc lmn, Sgt lncl Hendelsnn amvzd
scene Rosebmck Imk cnnm and mini, and mkmg mum ugnm mslnlclad
Roschmck ll: mnk nnnlngnnpln would CHILI tux ml: Rnnnlnnnx 3mm. (:9 Thcy
Mll because Lhzy dou 11mm (1th mct Rusemek began mung phowgmphsJ
mill/lied Roscbmck wnnld now recewmg cummn cnr lmdmho zcd phnlngmnhy and ll:
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