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Judicial Watch • US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss photography CC11

US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss photography CC11

US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss photography CC11

Page 1: US v Rosebrock motion to dismiss photography CC11


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Date Created:February 24, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 28, 2017

Tags:photography, seizure, Amendmem, Rusebmck, STICHT, Sunset, Angela, rosebmck, rosebrock, policies, Dismiss, Ruben, police, amendment, Ralph, trial, motion, order, robert, united, ICE

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ROBERT mmcx STICHT (any 138586)
Law ces Rabsn Pamck Sucht Box 49457
111: Angela. 901149
Telephane. (3101339719511
Facmmlc 1311)) 889-1864
511111111 LORPS ijvcnzon 11e1
5151mm; NORRIS (saw 1140913)
11mm warn, INC
25411 Hun ngmn Dnve, $1111: 201
51m Manna.
Telephone: ((126) 287-4540
Facsimile (52111 257-2003
5111111. 11.111251111111111cia1m1m111g
Anumeys {or 0512111111111,
Rnbml Rusebmck
UNITED STATES AMERICA, CVB Nos. 4920201, 4920202,
6591951, 659372 CCll
11111111111, NUTILE MOTION AND 111011011
1315111155 ALL 1211010011: APHY
Defmdnm. AUTHORIHFS Heanngfmcz M41111 2017
Hem-111g 11mg. 311 1111,
Counmam 341 11911111111)
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE 1111 Tuesday, March 7,2017,:11x;311 11,111,111 goon 111mm
counsel may 11cm, 1mm 110111113111: Seve K1111? United States Mnglsnnt: ludgc, 111 cnu mum 341
aHIIe Rayhal 1121111111 11111111111g 111111 us. Cuunlmuse, 1111111311 255 Temple hos Angela. CA,
11e1m11=11111 ROBERT ROSEEROCK, 111; x11wmeys,RuherY Pamck Sticht and Skerlmg N17111:. move. and does hemhy 11101:, 11111121 Rm: 12(hx2101111c Fedm1 Rule: 11f Cnmma. Procedure. and
pursuant :0, rug: Amundmtm ofthe Emma sum unslmnmn, massing phomgmphy mwrdmg charges agaum him mam: hum! upDnIhe {Accompanymg memorandum puims and authorium the
and records lhls case, and any oral mgumm and mama the Com mom
Dam: Fawn/14,2017 Respccuully submitted,
LAW nmcas Roam PATRICK 3mm @(M
Amrneys for Durex-Adam
Rnbm Roseluack
MEMORANDUM AND IHORITHLS INTRODUCTION Rwebruck has been chm god Hiking phulogsuphs Manama] Day, May 3n, 2m,
unthm lho Volomns Admimsuallon Facllity locdlod lam wilshno Boulovum Angalcs,
chllfnmlu lelly) ylnlonon af18 luxloxlo), the ssmo day dlmlaymg
plnconls posuhg matmalv xmg two small Amsnuoh Fug; lho exlcnor rodeo
the Fnclllty wiLhoul mthnril len vlolu cm. 1.218000). See Fyhsbll lllnued
Slslco Dlsmu Conn Vinlmmn Nmice. Numhn 4920201 Add Numhu 4920202); soc dlsu Govemmcm
Trial Msmomndum (my Trial Memo), Vovcmber 10, Rosohmck has boon
humor ohongdd will: recording video .luuc l2, 2015, Son camcuma wllhill lho Faculty
wolshnn 218(nX10) SIB Exlubit (Umled Slulos Dlsmcl Com viulohun lulled
Number 659195 I); Govcmmcnl Tnol Mama
Tho Smcment omohahlo muss fur the May 2015 cilollou lssucd Velomns Arms VA) roucc omen: Ralph Gum slows pcmncm pun:
Whllc checking the gvesl lawn gala, [observed Ruben Rossbmck lhe great Lawn
lakmg phalagmuhs Rosebwuk was mung pholugdphs ag: Much lam
odmmod posung fence well lho gmunds ofd pmpc Rosehmck was
mum that lho mung ofphnloglavhs properly Mthout nll lonzannn for
uso uulhonzod. sosod pool ankles, kmm phalus would nsod In! main
purposes (see anhed mlcle) Undclsmndlnglhls, askcd Rusehrook what was
going she phomgmphs Roscbmk slows, Put them wchsho nnl ploslos
you guys nll the wab news slonos you culled roodom oflh: mossy
advised Rosebrock wmmued Like photognphs would and did nol
haw aulhonulmn. Roscbmck began sming lnlonds lake vhnlns media blag
ancc ngam hnd smted freedom dune yress sooond tlmc lunhcr cxplalncll lhak
wul wnumw lake pholos odd Vidms dosooy cen 011 lns medla
wohsAo explained Rnsebmck would cued the phologrsdhs mum-o.
Foolsbmuk pul hzs camera and was told the wall nthe fence while!
conunucn investigdlc.
The smmml thm doscnbns how cer 6min lssucd clu M1. Roseblock for pusllug
two Amencan May fulcc nonnho Gram Lam-l Gale wunuuos.
Rosohmok muk hls mom and slated, asking plclule aflhis nydn
unsumod kosohwok lfhe mnk pholngmph would cued Ike otfemc,
Rosuhmck snlod, ahead. Tho, will dmp because they chm hays dosl mlh mew Rnsebrbck began raking phutogmphs advlsed Rnsebmek lie iynilln now
receiving eirniion for iinanilienzeil pliarugnipliy and wniinnen, liir camera would scwl for use cvidcilce com Exhibii Mr. Rosebwck was nut pwbidisdl and ibere dues rial nppearrn be, Simement omebllbl: for [we 7.016 cimlmn, issued Police Sergwlt Michael Perez, but [he cimliun ilselfslates. While full police Lu-iifunrl pinpmyl ubba vesl Robert ilesebmek video recording pmperty and punk ameers while pmpeny milsnul pennissinii authority SEC Enliibii llie Invesugalive Regan prepared Sgl. Perez for June 12, 2016, slates pmlnentparl: liine lz, 20m Whll: palml aiibe Wesi Les Angela Vmernii Afrnirs (Sergeanl Michael Perez) received radio call omeer Damn: advising ilial lie was golng
make nrresi Veierans Parkway. larnvsd Veierans Parkway and observed cer ordering male black iicliili mks down lIni red Slams that placed the Vcicraris Affain [We line. llie mall: black arm was wearing areil while and blue
shin, pants, and hat (same ruler and design ilie Uniled wiles ling) alsn nhscrved Kobc Rosebibck mica recording pvmpe and puller claim- Federal
pmpelly williniii nmlioi-iry urpmnisiilbn, ibeii mad-2 cniiincr wiili rlilrmnil siibil-m cqumt siinilny prmesinr), Rnben Rnsdlmck wlin mirvcm dlng properly and Federal cers deaal Veimns
Affain properly wiibnm Wmissim (Violation nile ofFederbl Regulaiion (cm 1.2m (10}T1klng yhulogllph: iyiiliniii permissiun) ilien nilvised llie subiea [hill lie inking VAdBO weanling Federal property milioiir permission and con scated lns
camera (Black color Sony, l-laiiiiycnni. HDK .xzzo, Sin-ml number advising liosebreek ilini was not nllebleil recon] and con rmed Vydcn record
(Vidal) camera was planed inio evidence locker rm. 41le bosebmek iliai lie Wire being Chained nnel rliai will issuing him eiiaiinn Rnsebmck began walk away anil again advised him Ihal belng damned and thI [is] n01 free lcliire because iwm issuing him eileiibn. See EVhihl! ARGUMENT Tlie regiilaiinn iii quesnnn, 1}18(a)(0),smcs Pholographs for advc lsmg commercial purposes ram mily wiIh zlie wriiien ounsenl ufthehead ilie inniiiy dcsignee, hvlugzph; news purposes may liken enlranccs, lobbies. foycrs, oibcr places (luslglaled ibe head 111: lbeiliry designee,
Then claim lbnl MI. Kusebrock look nlrnrngrnpbs male Video mornings For slimming, cmnmcmml purposes nnd lms suppnmng nny sum mam, Acmrdmgly. our locus the snmnu cnce nfthe mgmsuon, queauuu what- 56mm z1x(n1(1u)s pxovismn phomyaphs taken aws mlrylos pphcsw Russbmck. Them uoubx Rasebmck13alollg-sund1ng.Vigumlls advncate for 11:15! csnsss; Ihc pmmuon Vannns, cspccmn hamelms Warm. and 155an for use Amman Flag. Se. gmemlly Dockm No. (Order Summary magma, Robert Rossmck v.1)onna Bauer n1. 11m lfLm/VUIWXVSJO, cmm Dlsmcl Cnhfomia mgnn oocnswnally wmcs nmcles pubushod Veterans Tuday. (fanada Free Press, and The Page 01111ne,whcm wnlxibutol. However, Isa undeniable mat Mrs koscbmck does abnm new. but msmsd roams his wrmng 011 advocnzy for the veterans and Amcncan Flag ssucv ofymlicular wuccm 111m, 11: not new: mum news mgamzatimn engaged gathcnng and repnmng the nuvs. mlvocal: expressing his Fnst Amendmcru gm, swmn 11131111111111 nut npply him The news pulymsav nspeu ufthc regumuon essenual cinnem uflhe alleged means: 522 Gov Trial Mano 2114. cannul [rmvm Thcrcfarc, the pholuguphyr muording 1.113,ch should disnnssnd Even nssnne 11m Seaman 218(amuys pmvision phumgmphs taken fur-11m purposes applies 11; Rusehrock, avlolslmn cannot pmvm 0mm Gnmn mnde clear man was bicycle palml ducking d1: 01w awn Gate when ubsmud Roschmd: mkmg photognplls nm1ngs payed 111s fence 0mm Garvin 31m cleatl chainmg and 1ssmng Raschmuk ornesr the Gram ann Gntewh=nl1e nhscrved Rosebmck hey taking phmographs arm 11111ch scuwues Roisbmd: was Inldlo (he wan otlhc 1an M111: 001111an mwsugmc ssn 1>mz11kew1sc clearly mdicmsd 11: was 111 Veterans xkaay, e1, samelnwmn when uhsmsd Roscbmnk video rcwrdmg pahcc 11c m1: black Man and pmpmy annns Parkway. them Lawn Gang adjacem pubhc phi/4 and 1171.1: xpublic sidewalk Beyond Great Lawn 6412 ma: Les Angela Nnnona1 Vewran 111.11 In: bum open-1m he public smoe 2015 Thc (1rcaLLxwn 0111: smcs
2:1 entrance 11m pavkv Sentiun 1.2180000) expmnly pemms phncoynnhs for new; puqxne:
entrances, For reason .3: Ihe phatoyapby dmge 011Msy3l 2(1 5111111111 (harassed
The 11:11 11112511011 Whether the second smmncc ofsccuon l.218(a)(o) even pmhlbns
111141111111. 01115 me, 111: smxmceanlhorizc$pbo ~gynphy (1111:1111111111101257 ntrauce The
1115131111111 11, 1119 had 1mm 1119111111111 111519119 11mm mod1 oluer 111115311 11111 entrances.
1111171111, layers, 11: mdicmed the comma 111m foyers. 1115111111: 1211111111111 111111111 11:), 1191111111: 1ol111w111g place: when phomgrapl-m may 12111111 1111 news 111111111112. (1) mums.
(2) 111mm; (3) fnycts; (A) 1111191 planes designed 111: head 111111e 121:1] 1:;1 denymc The
seam-ma 11m 1111 say 111m 111: mly lmczmons 1w: phulogmphs 11km 111111 Iaking 11cm
phomglaphs 1111mm: c151 11111111171101 contrm, (he rst Sentence p111m1y says 11131 phmogaphs
mny mken {or 11111111111 commercial pal-pom 171111: w1111 111: wnncn 11112111111013 11111111
funny dwgnce The 11151 11121113 pmlubitmn. The second sentence 11111) amuse 11111111111;
11- pmhbncd bymc wwnd Sentencc, Rosehmck 121111111 have 1111121511 1mm omw.
[Gjavemmcm 11111111111153 msonable 1111mm 1111 1119 Aime, place, 111 11111111111111 ungag 111
pmwded speech pmvmm 11111 (hey 15111111er Jush 11111111111 1ctmnoc (11 contem 1111112
regulalod smack CInL m/lllli Runway VLIWDM, 507 410, 418 (993). cannol YESSOleYly;
challcnged 111111 phomguphy expmmw spbech pmioctcd 1211111: 11151 Amendmml Secuon 13mm) duremm 131105 ofpholugmphy ammuy. T111111 111111112111 Aypca orexpmaon are:
(1) phelvgaphy for 1111111111111; communal {name-sex; (2) phologmphy 1111111 purpmcs, 11111 (3)
1111 1111111 mm- phcmgmphy. apparently 1nclud1ng ammu. educanomd, 11-11111-111111111111, 11111 551mm
pmpmes 531.110 2112mm) wn1m111c111111r1eg111111u11 111 C1ncmnat1,lhe Cnurl 1111111111111
11111 gavmnmem 111111 newsmcks 51111711111111 111111111me mmmcrcynl advcmmncms, bul 1101
mwspape 11:11 Conth Icgulmon ofspetch, The Conn nnmd 11111111 previously 11111
cxpmssly rejeclcd the mgumcnt 1.1111 dmu-mmalory tremmmt suspeu 1111111: 2111: F1151
Ammdmmtnnly Mm. 111: 1cg1slmm 111941115 suppress cerium 1am. Id. a1429, Under 111: ciLy
unmask policy1whmhcr pnmanar vvcwsrack falls wnmn 111: 131.11 dmennzned camcnt
Lhc pub mliun leslmg maid: 11m mwsnck Thus, any commonsense unduslandlng 111a (arm, (11: thls case cnmmt hnsed.m Id. Likewise here, whellter any vhowgmph snhieel the
legulullon dependent whelher taken for ddvcrlmug enrnniercnl purpose. news purpose.
many ntherpnrpose. The regulation cement-hand,
Deierrnnnng what 91:111de upplie: caniemebased rcguldlion not mlilely Clem, hul the
gnuenunnn unuethehus niuatmehc shine Iypc showing ifile rcgnhuon survlvc scrullnye The
nuinuine hppeers depenli the lype utroruni issue public (mum, 11ml ted pnhhe fonlrn, nor
non-publlc inruln Say, Curnnllui NAACP LaglxlDaf Educ Fund, 473 lax (WESL
Section mutual pumnm cover lhc entire campus, ihe Campus itselris subwcl Wide
vii-rely ufuses. rhe innnn anuvsis turihe chzirgps nguinsr Mr, Rnsehrhek shnuld determined
has the empire nleged have viulnled the regulutinn rlwie, either the plaza lhc Grelll
anvn time rhe younds nilhe pmk ndjheenl the Grcal 1an one. would make loglml eense applylhe snne forum analyses ihe puhlic plan and public with ihe one hand, and nther
locallnns llteVA campm that hiwe entirely tliiiereni purpnieet such the nnide nFtIu; Velcrdm
home, the nther,
Sidewalks and path have undihnnhlly hum enmideral public inrh rnr FIN! Amaldmcm
purposes. United Stale: (1m:e.4l6 us. 171. 77.30 (1913) ((reallng pnhlie sidewalk; farming the
perimm ofm: Suprern: czhurt grounds public lhruni) For public rennin lute gnvelllmcnt
ability pnrrnsnhlv rrmllu expressive candum very limited U11. gnveminein enforce
remunhle nine phi HIM rrlnnner [ngnlnnnm long ihe nernuuhns are ehnrmt-neutml, are
nunuwly thtlnred serve srgniiirdnl gpvemmcnl inmt, und leeve 0pm uruple altenlmivc channel
hiervmmmneerinn. 1d. 177 1me quumions omitted) Addinunul rertnenens such
ahmlulc prnhihitiun pnrtlenln rype ofcxpmssinn will upheld hnlv ifnarmwly thhnn
mumphsh compelling gmemmenml interest
Secuon msmuol not content neuIml, and. result the governmcnr must show than
regulhnnn more marl nurmwly mlured serve Sign cnm gavemmcnl inlumsl and lenvem open
ample channels mmnnnnchuun llllinly. the guvmilnznt never going nlrle dernunsuene
thnt its interest regulallng phuuogrhpln Iakcn ihe plm lhc minceul pnk 2m: aim-1111
hignl cnm lhet Seninn z1x(u)(1a) nalmwly 1111101311 have dun inierest hull [em/e: upen ample
channels Ofexpresswi: speech. 111em1 o1c, 11: 113111111011 111111111111 applied mnsti utiunzlly M1,
Rnsgbmck: phowmphy focnrdmg mallei anaw, 11w 11111411111111 may unmm11m1inm11ymgus 1(11 1115151 111 pmvnle 1111 111111 11mm
111111111111111111: 1111mm 111111111: 111 undcrsmud 11111 mnduct p101111111s Oly n/L lumgu 1117111111,
527 41, 51111999). P11n11e1, 121w mguiaticn may unconsliLuiianally vague 1111 authonlci
mmllrnges mhitrary .11111 diwcnmimumy rmfarccmem. (d. also Kolemizr Lawsun. 451 ,s. 352,
355 (1933) 111: vmd- vagucncss dacmm 1611mm 11111 swine 1111- 11111111111 meme
111111 summm 111111112115; 11111 omiimy 11111111 111111111111 11111 comm 1111111111 11111 111
1111111111 1111111111 11111 c1cmn1ge 111111111111 11111 dwtnmmalury 11101111111111 11111111111 om1 11:111.
Secnon L2 S(11)(10) unwashmuonxlly vague 111111011 mamas 11150121: is: does I10!
summmily 11111111111 11111 conduct 11111111111111 wish the 1111:1111; 1110111111111: 1111 news
purposes. ambiguous the 111-111 muss 111 1111111111111 new: 1111111111 11111 newspapen, news
nugazmcs, 211111 televisions 111111111: 1141 cover 1111 news genera for 1111111111111. W111: 111111111111 171011111 1111mm, 1112 1191111111111 1111:: 1111111 111 1c11s1 caily 11s 1915, 11111; npp1y (:1 Mega: pawns w1111 websnzs 1-1 dammsv so, haw many persons 111 11:11 blag 11111 11111111- have
111111110 quniify hnvlng mews purpose? Does apply 111 activists who sawed 111 111111111 111111111
111 1.111151111110111 1111; disclosures 1111 1111111111 1111yo11: w1111 :mnrlphone 111111 Faubonk
page 11111111111115; 111m 17111111111111 icy 11111 apholagxaph 111 pmpertW Ordinary people 111
11111115111 111 know 11111111111 5mm 213111110) applies 111 1111111 111 anly 111111111111111=ws 11151111 1ke
KTLA 111111: L0: Angeles Tunes. Because the 1m. nzwg purpms hupelessly Vague 111111 111s 11m
hem 1111111111, 311111111 121311110) alsn nlILhnrves and moomgcs arhm-nry and 111su-111111111a1y
mforcemml, such nmm 11m The 1119111111111 unwnstilutianallyvsguc
lhc 1119111111111 facmlly 1111111101111 1mm 111 51111111111111 Vccp 1.11m 11111111111111;
1111mm 1111 deems ncw purpcsc 111111112 111 111111 1111111111 1111111111111 11111111111 own-ILL EXPICS HV: athvlly. Sr? Bruaduc/n Oklahoma, [7.5. 601, 51511073) arcsull,
unconsumnomi Semnn 2111111) 11111 unc11ns111uuom11y 111311110111 11111111111 Mr. Rosehmcks
mnsutuhnnallyrploiected phamgraphmg 11111 mmding See 111131111- Virgmm, 421 111111, 129 (1975) (leversmg mnwchnn because mum mpplmd defendanl was uncensnmhmw new don 11131 1ndi mum have Amendmem right record pol1c: aclwily earned out
111 public Sec, Genrlte gm. 753 Cir. Smxrh Cumming, 212 F.3d 1332,
1333 (11m 01122003);AE aim Fordycv qum1112.55 1-1311 436, 349 [9th Cir 1995) (recngnizmg ~an Ammdmam ugh: 131m mnum nrpnhhnmmesv Gama-lug Inarmalmn nbom
guvanmsm cials fonnlhm enn muddy dissemmxlod :erves enunmd Fusl Amendmem
memst pmtemmg and promoting the free discussion novemmenun an: Garlcbzn 753 5er
(1111mm mam: and qnnmumn nnnhed) The 11.5 qumnem QHushcg reuagmzed 1h1s rig
upxessw May IA, 201: gmde 1mm mwumgmg Ahe Balmnarc cny Feline Depnmncnt
den elup poluzies 11m nnnuvcly sat 1mm 1he 111.51 Amendment man record polic: nonvily,
Mr, Rnsehmeh charged wnh mm; Seem 1,21 W110) two omnsions: [econ hng his
nwn Luterachml wnh MGnrcia Memnninl Day, MAy3012016, whcn cer Gama ciled
Koschmck for [105mg 1w. mch Amcncnn Flags the fence ench 5m: nme-~Gnen1ann
time. and recording the pnhee intemcuan with Ted Haym June 12, 2016, when Mr, szts
was handcnhed 311:: mswd {nu-mm Ammcan Hag the same imce. Aga1n,1mponmlly,the
Great Lawn adyxctm public plnzn and abuts npuhhc ndcwnng. Hcyond (mt Lawn
611.2%: nnnk Lo: Ange1es Nzlmnnl Ven1ms Park 71111 hem 0pm (he nnhhe sinue
The Gm. Lawn GAR germs inn enhance the park. clan nude that Mr, Rosebmck dxd notr eve1y 119.1 the men, gait, the park 011 both occasions, 1hcpn1he minty
qumnn Wns nan-med vul pnbhe near Lhc 0m: Lawn enmnce. Rnsghrocks ramming of/
police pmecud bylhe Fusl Amendment
Lu. CONCLUSION the Lnrggoing masmm the Court should dismiss the nhomgmphy rwordmg Lhalges
Monmnnl Day Mny 30, 2016, and June 12, 2016.
CERTIFICATE SERVICE Robcll Paulck alrcln, declare,
lam unnen Ab: Unilcd Slam Icslrlcnt employed Counly Lin: Angela,
Call romln busnwss mam; Law ces Ruben rnnicl sum, 1-.0. Box My, Angela. 00049. lhc age nrmglnrm yrnrn prrryrn (h: above-mulled actiuu. mannnlly lnl (Dr cllusnd manually Elna) rlrc famglmgNOTICE MOHON
POINTS AND AlTllmurlns Clerk Conn llre Uuned smles Dull-i Courl rorllne
Cmual Dun-Kc! California. {cauwd copy nthe dawn-lent plwcd scaled urn/clap:
and served us. Mall, (mags prepaid. nrrlrnrry (mime ofhuninm. andorhsnd dellvu bd,
upon the rnllnwrng pasons
Ruben Roscbmck. 575 Baxnng onAu:.. mm, Lol Angelnn 90049;
shnmn McCaslin and Adam Schlelfu, Asuslnnl Unrrnd Slllles Almnreyr, 1300 ms. Cour louse. Norm Spring Sneel. lns Angelcs, 90012,
Executed Febmary 24, 2017 Los Angcles, Call nnja. declare under penalty ofpnjllxy llrn foreguing and norm-L
110%? 111ch STICHT
Unimd sums Dimim Conn vlnmm Notice mum
statement Pmbnhl: cum Eur issuance arms! wamml summons) [an May 50, whil: amp. uwnznl Emma mm.
a-Mvnml umnmhnl. when.ultimatum-mumullslepr-(lbu- h-ns- mmwuw m... mnwmpmmmwnmy
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lm-trimimmnmbmwwa umwmmmhmummmhwmm uwu-MMmanna anywammmmnmmMum-u...
mmuluvk V-rg mum-man mxmmhwmmmmw v.....m.,_.m.,u_a mummmuwmuh .4. mainly-nan
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.wummk mtxulmlnumm .nmp. kaumlhmahd
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hm;lrmh-i hlumxwwnXWan-gmtpmnulhAmalgam-manning
jug mivy-Wu ).knwudlhkdkm mkhw.mmmum
in: {ongoing mum based upon pemnnv obsuvmun pemnal invcsuga lnfamuxinn 5mm fmm cers ohwmion (expmn Ibuvc) mm: undgrpen ofpaqury mummmM which my: 5:: Lhr.
fan: ohms mum mu.- and knowladgc
MOM (ml dlyyyy) Ema. 513nm
Pmbath Cam: has hem 5mm fax the {swam of: wmmL
Exams] on. [Inm/ddlyyyy) us. nginnn Judge
bniml 13mm LourLVlolmemwe 492070! cmmu Probable Cans: 135mm: msr wax-mm mm!
[mmym Mny zmsmde nmlslug mm; mam-m drum Carnal
1mm orcmromm May 3a, appmunmldy hm. Ralph (1mm, WA: and mqu Inform magma mm: patml checking Great and speakmg wm. vmtms and Vulcan: Vth
chwkinz goal mm. gm: obsmd Ruben Ruscnmck great ukmg phungaphs pnllsd lemck wha magma :1: Kasebmck mung pholugrauhs Mm. pnsmvg mfcnlx aswcll the gxmulds (:1 ympmy wag .mm rinw
umuy mum mywli Rosrbmak Pom, the mm;
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