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USDA Cultural Transformation

USDA Cultural Transformation

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Date Created:January 14, 2013

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Price Schedule 

Description and Objectives 

The three hour training session ill designed in-depth diversity awareness sessions aimed establishing common ground knowledge and understanding about tire issues and challenges impacting the USDA/APHJS, their mission and their goals. The fonnat will consist interactive facilitation and experiential learning along with small group exercises. Each session will e1ahlish familiarity the basicconcepts regarding diversity and now inclusive, diverse teams can improve the bottom-Une and increase productivity and mission effectiveness. The training sessions will tailored and customized the specific des.ires and challenges the USDA/ APHIS. The participants will learn: 
How identifying biases and respecting differences can benefit the workplace 
Practical skills for increasing sensitivity including racial sensitivity 
Skills successfully build relationships with people diverse backgrounds 
Methods conflict management 
When Participants have completed this training they will have greater understanding diversity and racial cultural differences. Participants will have obtained and i.ncreased the skills necessary perfonn their jobs more emotionally intelligent and sensitive way including the ability manage oonilict. 

FOIA 12-02657 PT-2 (final) pg. 109