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Judicial Watch • Vanessa D. Gilmore – 2003

Vanessa D. Gilmore – 2003

Vanessa D. Gilmore – 2003

Page 1: Vanessa D. Gilmore – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:February 3, 2005

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Tags:Gilmore, Vanessa D Gilmore, vanessa, Incom, barney, Global, Fidelity, Growth, office, 2003, spouse, dividend, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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FINAiCIAL DISCLOSURE RE:PORT Govennnent Act 1978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  101-111) Date ofReport Persor,,Reporting (Last name, first name, Middle initial) Court Organization 
Gilmore, Vanessa Southern Di1rict Texas 
7/14/04 Reporting Period 
magislrate judges indicate full-or part-time) Title (Article Judges indicate ac:tive senior status; ReportType (check appropriate type) Nominaticm, Date 111/03 
U.S. Disbic:t Judge -active 
-to Jnilial FJnal 
12!31/03 Chambers Office Addna; 8_ the basis ofthe infonnation contained this Report and modificatiorlS pmaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance 
515 Rusk Ave. 
with applicable laws and regulat:icms. Houston, 77002 Reviewing Officer Date 
NOTES: Tlr. imtructions accompanyingthis form mustbe followed. Complete allparts, checking the NONE box for each part have reportabfo infonnation. Sign last page. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 9-13 filing instructions) NONE -(No reportali>lle pc>Sitions.) 
 NONE -(No reportable apments.) 
U>Z I..) 
:::0 :z:: ,-J 
Ill. NON-INVESThlBIT INCOME. (Reporting individ!nal. and spouse; see pp. 17-24 offiling instructions) Fih:rs Non-Investment Incom [;21 NONE -(No reportalblle mm-investment income.) 
DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 	GROSS (youis, notspouses) Sp(l1Uses Non-Investo11e11tt Incom6fyou were married during any portion the reporting year, please completethis section. (dollar amount nat requimhxcept for honoraria) 
 NONE -(Noreportall>lle111m-inveslmentincome.) 
(Includesthose spouse and dependentchildren. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) NONE -(No such reilOltable reimbursemcn1s..) 
SOURCE AIPLA-American lntcril!ldi.aMl Property Law Association Hotel, Aidilre 
vrr. lJrvESrMENTs and TR.USTs -income, value, transcatiocs (includes those the spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 34-57 filing inslruaions.) 
A.-Description Assets (including lnlst assets) Income during reportiagperiod Gros. value cod reporting p:riad Transactions during reporting pciiod 
Place (X) after ass...-t eii:empt fi:om prior disclCJSUtc (I) (2)-Amoullt Type (e.g.Codel div. rent. (A-H) int) (1) (2) Value ValueCade2 Method(1-P) Code3  (Q-W) (I) Type (e.g buy.sell. mCip,redemption) not exempt (2) (4)Dale: ValueMonlhCode2 Cade Day (J-P) (AH) (5)Idcntirof buyer/IJC!lc:r(ifprivatelion) 
DNONE (No reportable incoa:1c, insets, ornnsac:tions) Sa1om0n smith Barney Fllloo Jntea-est Ai:m European Growth F11Iid Dividend  TIDVesco Technology FlUld Clbmierly Aim Global Sci None 
Tec:h) Aii:n Health Can: Fund None Invesco Tc:clmology Fund (fomooy Aim Global Sci None Tech) Smith Barney Apprec:iatiool Fiilcm Nane Fidelity Advisor Growth Fund Dividend 
So111thwest Airlines Co. Stock Dividend 10. So111thwest BancCorp Fid1elity Advisory Small Cai? Ftmd None None T-J 
11. 12. Baines Noble Com Inc. Fidelity Advisor TechnoloE Fim.d None None 
13. Masotech None 
14. Xerox None - 
IS. Briigbt Start Interest 
: .:::